Δευτέρα 31 Αυγούστου 2015

Why you should never tell your kids to finish what's on their plate

Τhere is no way to beat about the bush around this one.

Dont force your kids to eat what they dont like, good people.\

Food is ,apart from necessary to sustain life, closely related to pleasure and love.

Can you think of anything else that is closely related to pleasure and love?

Right. Sex.

Teaching your kids to disregard their natural aversion to certain foods and forcing it down their stomach?
Same as teaching them that disregarding their natural instincts is ok if someone in authority tells them so. Also, that pleasure has nothing to do with food, but you have to gulp it down , no matter how disgusting it is.

Please, dont do that.

I am not judging anyone's parenting style here. Really , I am not. Strict or relaxed, that's another story.

But food, it's too important to teach discipline with. Let boundaries learning be done in other ways, there are countless of them.

Dont lay the foundations for a distorted, sick relationship with pleasure by forcing food down a very unwilling little stomack.

No, your kid is not doing it to spite you.
Have you ever tried swallowing something that doesnt agree with you?

Torture, right?
What makes you think then it is right to impose this on your child, out of a sense of 'respect for rules and how hard I've worked to prepare this'?

Nature gave us the perfect example of what our relationship with food should be like:

"Breastfeeding is an unsentimental metaphor for how love works, in a way. You don't decide how much to love — you respond to the beloved, and give with joy exactly as much as they want." ~Marni Jackson

Try making a baby suckle when they are full and not hungry..impossible. That's how love should work, never imposed, given freely and the beloved decides when, how and how much. The most pure and perfect model for love, given to us by God as a compass for later in life

Men, especially, who have breastfed to their heart's content, NEVER become rapists...because they model their sexual behavior after the fashion of how the first woman in their life gave them love: freely and as much and when they needed it.

Food = Pleasure+ Love

Let your kids decide how much and of what kind pleasure and love they need.

Their needs as individual as their fingerprint.

Don't spoil it for them

Pleas, dont

Because no big harm will come out of their not eating their greens.

But love and pleasure?

You bet they'll be needing to be able to enjoy that....

Τετάρτη 26 Αυγούστου 2015

How to Steal Like a Real Artist

The idea, of course, along with most of quote pictures here, comes from Austin Leon's popular book,

 Every artist is influenced by what has been done before their time. If not by direct exposure, the information the artist is exposed to through other people, media, etc. influences them. We are all a product of our times and have the benefit of those who have walked similar paths we are now on. 


Here are some photo interpretation of mine inspired by popular photos online:
(mine is on the left)

We all borrow because it has all been done before and we are not the originators. To merely copy is to take an existing interpretation and not run away with it. To steal an idea is to take something of value and make it yours. To make an artistic element yours you have to interpret it your way with your own approach.

This cannot be done when you are merely copying the idea. When copying the idea you are just doing everything exactly like it was previously done. When you have done it your way you have used the element and not simply duplicated it. 

It is not required that you advance the element. You can go sideways and even backwards with the idea and you can be stealing the element and not copying it. On the contrary, when merely copying the element you have failed if you do not match the original.

Here are the rules of the game:

Τετάρτη 19 Αυγούστου 2015

My recipe for staying and feeling hot and sexy

To me feeling sexy is the prerequisite for staying alive, passionate, juicy, happy

-So I like watching my figure and exercising
(or at least trying!  On a daily basis, I eat whatever I want, drink what i want,  but all with a degree of moderation)

-refuse to spend  time with people who complain about how old they feel, because they just pull me right down with them and make me feel old too

- take the time to plan wonderful things for the future instead of dwelling on what's missing from my life right now

-flirt with life- and men-,with all of what life has to offer. This makes me feel young, hopeful and desired and it shows in my face as well. 

- surround myself with lively, smart, fun and interesting people who adore being around me, and if they arent around offline, welcome them online
(that's you, guys! ;) )

- dress the way I feel MY real age to be, not what others tell   me about my 'age group'. If I feel 19, - and I regularly do, mind you- I keep that energy up and I feel like a teenager for as long as I feel like it.

- pay particular attention to teenagers, because their carefree energy of talking, moving and relating to life is exactly what I'm after on an energetic level. Whenever I'm around them, I soak in their energy and send them loving energy in exchange for it. Believe me, it works

-keep telling myself that I'm getting prettier and prettier
( even if I am not, it still makes me feel great about myself!) 

- treat myself regularly to wonderful little things, especially if they seem unnecessary and frivolous. This are my grounding and my stay young for eversecret, reall

-take time to make myself beautiful daily. I  can’t feel both haggard and worn down and fabulous at the same time. So I pose for selfies, because this makes me put in the extra effort. Guess what, it makes my day too

-Love. Lots and lots and lots.
Passionately, irrationaly and deliberately.
That's the greatest secret of them all

May you always feel the hottest commodity around!

Σάββατο 18 Ιουλίου 2015

On self love

I have a knack for selfies.

I mean, I can make my body and face look fantastic
by just striking the right pose (what works for me is leaning forward a bit and twisting my torso for the right angle, also having light directly above me in front of a mirror)

But the thing is, 

my body is not nearly as perfect as it looks in my selfies.

And that's ok.

I tend to put weight from the waist down and my hips have grown wider from childbearing, my breasts are the breasts of a middle-aged woman that has breastfed four babies (and loved it) and my mretabolism has acquired the pace of a snail ever since I hit 40.

And that's ok.

I never pretend I had the perfect body

Then why do I pose for selfies?

I'll tell you why.

The sparkly eyes pics you see and the cute poses that make you smile (or not) are my way of letting go. We hold so much resentment about our bodies emotionally. Posing for selfies, then picking up the best to put up is releasing resentment. I no longer resent my body for not looking perfect and a cute selfie is my way to do that. It's my way of getting rid of the fears and judgement ( from myself mostly, but from others as well) that I have about my body buried deep inside. It's feeling cute and pretty and letting that radiate to the world (proof of that is that when I dont feel well, no matter what pose I strike or how many pics I take from all possible ankles, I still look like shit)

This is my way of self-love.

Maybe yours is different.

And that's ok.
For both of us, you and me.

The world thrives on diversity.

Another thing, too.
Yes, I do get positive comments and feedback when posing such pics-this is good, who doesnt like that?

But that's just the bonus.

The real thing, self fove, is never dependent on other people's opinion about our body ( anorexics are proof of that).

A beautiful self portrait is connecting to what I love about my body.

As I look cute in a pic, I learn to accept my feminine, sweet side.

As I pose for the camera, I learn to fearlessly express myself, not just through words, as most people do after a certain age, but through my body truth as well.

As I release tension for what I should look like, I release fear, frustration, sadness for not looking magazine-perfect. I learnt to surrender to what is AND love what is AND make the most of it through said selfies.

Can you think of a more perfect tool for self love?

It's accessible to everyone and this is one of my ways of feeling good about myself.

( My favorite, though, is lovemaking. When I open up to the one I love, to be filled by his love, strength and adoration of me and of what I am and give back the same. But that's another blogpost topic.)

Today is a beautiful day to feel beautiful.

Παρασκευή 29 Μαΐου 2015

Seven secrets to looking younger and feeling better with each passing year

Lowering your biological age (how many days, weeks, months, years you’ve been on this planet) is not possible, but lowering the ‘relative’ age of your body or your physiological age) is easy and doable .

Why would you wonna do that?

Just because! No need to apologise for having a wish, a wish within you is all the reasons you need for doing it.
Feeling better?
Achieving goals?
All legit reasons for doing it.
No justification needed.

So you wonna look younger with each passing year?

Here are my tips, short, sweet and to the point:

1. Decide you're gonna be looking younger with each passing year

Yep, it's a decision, like any other you've ever taken. Somewhere along the way you decided that you're going to age (you've even decided on the exact rate of aging for you!) based on assumptions, prejudices, the media etc and now your body is following obediently that blueprint you're feeding to it. It's like a program running in a computer.

 You are the programmer. Not the computer itself. So change the program.

I keep affirming and reaffirming to myself;

''I am getting younger and fresher looking, 
physically, mentally and emotionally with each moon cycle''. 

For us women our period is a powerful rejuvenating mechanism. Take advantage of it. 

If you are not a woman, or past menopause, the same holds true for you. Your sexual organs hold an amazing rejuvenating power. They are the source of your life force, along with your heart. So they have the power to keep you young and rejuvenated and in perfect working order. Use them!

  2. Sleep more

No need for an explanation here. Even half an hour a day more sleep is going to make a great difference to how young you look. Cell growth and repair happens when you are asleep. So sleep more . Make it part of your self care routine. Dont feel guilty for being 'unproductive'. Sleep is cheaper, (actually, its frrreeeeee! ) than all those expensive treatments or supplements , procedures etc, so you're saving money in the long run!

 3. Do some weight training

The human body is meant to be symmetrical, and this is something we innately desire in the opposite sex. Over time, we tend to round our shoulders, hunch a bit, often in one side more than the other. This is one example of how an asymmetry can form, but there are many more. Since you are asking your body to look younger it’s always a good idea to re-align it with weight training. When your body posture becomes better through this, your body alignment changes as well ,and you look younger (among other health benefits you get!)

4. Change your attitude

Being younger is also an attitude. As people grow older they tend to become embittered, enraged, sarcastic and not at all flexible in their opinions. Believe me, it shows. And it's dead boring, aside from aging. Young people are playful, fun, relaxed and mostly great fun to be around. Drop sarcasm or bitterness, if only for a day. Voila! You got younger by a day!

Seriously, bitterness gives you fewer friends and harsh lines to your face. Just drop it whenever you remember. It's a habit like any other. And it can be changed with conscious effort.

5. Fall in love

Or fall back in love with your current partner. (Yes, its doable. Just wait for my upcoming book, Soulmate Manifestation). Love is the very same rejuvenating power that helps cell regrowth and even creates a human being, body and soul, from scratch. Love is real and palpable and visible in the physical as well as the spiritual realm. Use it to your advantage

6. Dont dress your age

Who decides on a dress appropriate code for each age???

Seriously, think about it.
Don't dress your age.

 Dress for your mood, dress for your love of life, dress for your inspiration, dress for your elation, dress for your celebration of life, dress for your uniqueness, dress for the sex you've just had or are about to have ( yes you will,eventually!), dress for your lust for more life. That's enough of guiding rules to set you on the right path. Do it for a day, dress for your mood and see what happens

7. Walk and move like a young person

What happened to your lust for life, to your brisk walk, to the spring in your step? Put it right back, consciously . Do it. It's like a smile that makes you instantly feel better. That youthful way of moving instantly alters your vibration to a feel-good vibe that is young and invigorating and instantly transforms your looks.

Here's to you getting younger with each passing day!

Δευτέρα 11 Μαΐου 2015

How to Manifest Moments of Fun and Relaxation with your Love

The Law of Attraction teaches ( well, I hate that term actually, it's Law of Life, really ) that we create every aspect of our reality, including attracting a specific person in our life  or healing a relationship that looks impossible.

Ιt is important to work on both the physical and the metapysical plane when you are summoning life force to manifest love or healing love in your life.

Α very powerful form of summoning force is writing, because it combines both the physical-the actual act of putting pen to paper and the metaphysical - ideas and feelings becomε formed and structured as they expressed in written form.

My upcoming book ''Soulmate Manifestation Book'' focuses on that: how vto commit your thoughts and emotions to paper in such a well-structured and magical way that life/universe/ your higher self etc hears your CLEAR call and responds accordingly.

One of my favorite writing activities when I've been teaching for endless hours and I'm in dire need of mind relaxation is to begin to summon the energy of beautiful shared moments with my love, be it holidays or just fun, relaxing times together.

I often feel amazed at how , after calling such moments forth through the act of writing, these moments turnup exactly the way I envisioned them in my life.

Here is a fun journaling activity to help you do the same:
Use the prompts below to manifest a specific holiday with someone you love.
Let the words flow, dont overthink anything or limit yourself, just write

''I 'm visiting...

''I'l m sharing this experience with ..(specific person or not)

''We're getting there by...

''Our accommodation is..

''We're spendind at least.. ( number of days) ..there

''Some of the things I'd really like to try there are ..''

''Some of the places I'd like to stop off include....

''One of the things I love most about being there is...''

''The things I have taken with me are ..''

''Some of the things I'll be taking back home with me are...

'' The best part of our time there is..

''By the end of our time there, I will...

Feel free to add to this, color it, decorate it, imbue it with your own energy.

Above all, have fun with it!

Σάββατο 9 Μαΐου 2015

12 Things You Should Do For The Woman You Love

12 Things You Should Do For The Woman You Love

1. Look at her across a room or table like she's magic and make every other woman present green with envy at her good luck.

2. Dont just give her an afterglow. Give her so many orgasms (in a row) that she'll be glowing like a fuckin Christmas tree afterwards.

3. Bring her wine and her favorite chocolate often. The wine goes before, the chocolate after the afterglow.

4. Don't tell her she's got a gorgeous body that you lust after. She won't believe you. Show her.

5. Listen to her complaining or venting. Even. if. it. drives. you. crazy.

6. Take away her pain. Especially her emotional pain.
For instructions on how to do that, see No #5.

7. Be a man she admires. I bet you know how.

8. Be romantic. And fuck hard. 

And be descerning as to when is the right time for either.
9. Include her happiness in your priorities.

10. Make her feel taken care of. Daily. 
Whatever care may mean individually for her.

11. Include her in your plans for the future, even if they're just plans for next weekend

12. Tell her she's beautiful. Right now

Κυριακή 3 Μαΐου 2015

Tell them

Start off the most beautiful month of the year right:
Tell your partner 5 things you appreciate about him/her

Me first:
-I like how you keep me practical and down to earth, how you help me stand on my own two feet and be strong and independent and get on in life
-I love how playful you are and how you give me magical experiences in bed
-I like how you protect me and our relationship from the mean world and other people's indiscreet eyes
-I love it how you are firm and strong and able to guide in a beautiful way whenever I need it
-I love it how you keep me on my toes about everything and give me things to anticipate combined with generous doses of love and tenderness

Now your turn
Go tell them!

Σάββατο 2 Μαΐου 2015

An old Pic-father and Daughter

That is a 33 year old polaroid pic of a 64 year old man and his 12 year old daughter
The man was my father John and he was to die 3 years after the pic was taken .
Ηe and I were very close. He was 52 when I was born and he could easily pass for my grandfather. I was a kind of an 'accident' in lovemaking, when all my 4 other siblings were already teenagers or preteens and my parents thought their family was complete. They were poor, working class people and they both worked two jobs each to take care of their big family and give to all their kids a good education their own parents hadn't been able to afford for their own kids.
When my mother found out she was pregnant, she announced to my father she'd be getting an abortion. He begged her to reconsider ,I was told, using all the tender words he could master to change her mind, but she was unmovable. ''I cant, no money, I'm too tired, too old (she was 40), I work too much to have yet another kid''. So he gave in, because he was extremely fond of her and he always respected her wishes.
So she was given an abortive injection- twice !- but with no success. Although she bled lightly, the stubborn fetus , me , hang on to life in her womb. So she was scheduled for a more aggressive procedure to terminate her pregnancy. On the actual day of the scheduled termination my oldest brother, a 16 year old boy who was one of the kindest and most loving boys a mother could have, I am told again, had a tragic accident. He died a very agonising death because of internal brain bleeding in the abulance in my father's arms, as he was being transferred to a nearby town. My father never ever talked about it. My mother decided to keep me, thinking her son's death was a punishment from God for wanting to have the abortion. She buried herself in grief and wore black for almost ten years in mourning.
As a child I would often come home and find my mum crying over my brother's photo almost daily, look at her and feel immensely guilty. Guilty for taking his place, the place of a brother who was obviously her favorite when I wasnt, guilty for being a 'difficult', quiet, opinionated, reserved child myself. I truly internalised that I was her punishment from God. And I hated her for that. I hated how she resented me, how she would never ever hug me or kiss me or be tender with me, how she wore black that made her look old and haggard and miserable. She loved me , I now know how much she did love me, but her pain and guilt wouldnt allow any of it to surface, except for acts of caring and overprotection towards me. It took me decades of soul searching and having my own kids to forgive her and realise what she'd been through, going through a pregnancy after such a tragic loss and how that changed her .
But my father, that was a different matter. He clearly showed it to me and to the world how he loved me. I was always perched up on his knee when very young and since he became a pensioner he'd take me with him everywhere. I was the apple of his eye. He was infinitely fond and proud of me, proud of how cute a little girl I was, how smart - I could read and write when I was three and was thought of a precautious child- and how wittily I could outsmart any adult in any kind of conversation. His love, and the love of my sister who practically raised me because my mother worked all day long, nourished my soul and made me more fond of adults than kids my own age.
On the day the picture was taken he took me for a very long hike in the nearby fields to pick flowers, as was customary on the 1st day of May. On our way there we stopped by at an old woman's house, as we did every year on that day. He called her 'my second mum' as she was a lady that nursed him to life when his own mother had a very hard labor of twins- his other twin died- and could not nurse him. ''I owe her my life '', he'd say, 63 years after this happened. ''Always be grateful to those you owe gratitute to, Eirini. This way you'll add more good things to your life''. Then he would take me to 'listen to the nightingales''.
Nightingales choose shady places with lots of water. And they love an audience, contrary to what people thing. ''Listen to them, Eirini'', he told me. ''They are not like other birds, they dont chirp the same old tune over and over again. Their repertoire constantly changes. Listen...'' And I would listen to this little bird singing blissfully hidden and when he was done my father would call out to him ''A different tune!'' and the bird would oblige, in fact seemed to be expecting his calling to resume singing! ''All singers enjoy a good audience'', he would say, being a canon in church himself and with a masculine, mellow voice I found as sweet as the nightingale's.
The year that pic was taken was the last one we went flower picking, he had a stroke the next year. His death was the first tragedy of my young life. First it devastated me. Then it taught me to be strong. Then it taught me to be spiritual. Then, to deeply appreciate the people I have in my life right now, knowing only too well I could all too easily lose them.
A few days ago I met this old lady whose husband was a close friend of my father's.''You will never know how much he loved you, your father, '' she told me. ''He said 'that girl gave me back my life after our son died' .
I miss him. Always have, always will. I miss his kindness and his unconditional love. And I realise, at the same time, how lucky I was to have such a loving father, a masculine figure, a paragon of a father really, that made me love, trust and appreciate men the way it is supposed to happen, the way God intended it to be between a father and a daughter. The way we were loved during our early childhood is the way we will tend to believe true love actually is.
Love you, father John.
I hope you are proud of the kind of woman I've turned into.
In deep gratitude
Your little lamb (as you used to call me)

Πέμπτη 23 Απριλίου 2015


Being emotionally abused regularly by someone is agonizing.

Here is what emotional abuse feels like:

-Monitors (or tries to monitor) what you're doing all the time
-Yells, swears at you, insults you or calls you names all the time
-Unfairly accuses you of imaginary wrongdoings
-Prevents or discourages you from seeing friends or family
-Tries to stop you from going to work or to your obligations
-Gets angry in a way that is frightening to you, threatening you with physical viloence
-Controls or tries to control how you spend your money, but he will never accept any similar control over his, goes through your things regularly, hacks into your online accounts and mocks you about any interaction you have with other people
-Humiliates you in front of others, especially your kids
-Threatens to hurt you or people or pets you care about
-Says things like, "If I can't have you then no one can'' and ''Ι'll never let you be happy again''
-Decides things for you that you should decide (like what to wear or eat or not eat)
-Tells you they are happy when a relative or pet dies, because you deserve it and more harm will come to you if you don't repent and do as they dictate to you
-Wakes you up in the middle of the night, yelling at you for some real or perceived shortcoming of yours they've just discovered
-Blames you for the emotional abuse you receive from them

The obvious question, of course, is :
"Why are you taking this?"

The answer, apart from the practical reasons, is always one:

This kind of abuse changes you. Over time, the verbal abuse slowly chips away at your self-esteem or even your discerning powers. You fall into a pit of inertia and sluggishness where nothing seems ever possible. It damages your psyche, like bullets against armor. You are slowly groomed and brain washed into believing what they want you to believe in order to continue the abuse: to feel there is no way out.

That is the common ground in all kinds of emotional abuse.

Feeling that there is NO way out
(for a gazillion reasons).

There is a way out

If you are being abused by your partner, you may feel confused, afraid, angry and/or trapped. All of these emotions are normal responses to abuse. You may also blame yourself for what is happening. But no matter what others might say, you are never responsible for your partner’s abusive actions. Abuse is not caused by stress, anger, or provocation or, as some might allude , by too much love.

It is always a choice to be abusive.

As it is always your choice to leave.

Please ask for help


My name is Eirini 
and I am an emotional abuse ( spanning over more than two decades) survivor.

I have been through each and every item on the above emotional abuse list
repeatedly and constantly and relentlessly

but I survived
and found love 
and thrived
and will continue to thrive and love.

And this is me coming out

in the hopes of helping people, especially women, like me

Κυριακή 19 Απριλίου 2015

How To Turn On A Woman's Vulnerable and Sweet Side

My best friend of 26 years- we get to see each other every year or so since we live in different towns- is sitting across the table from me, over a cup of coffee. We are discussing men and women and communication problems and how one pasrtner's insensitive remarks make the other one withdraw and grow distant and indifferent and resentful and unapproachable. 

''You both need to remain vulnerable and keep communication channels open, or else small things put up big walls'', I tell him

''Yeah, I guess we need to sit down and talk things over'', he says.

''You do that'', I agree.''But before the big talk, I'll give you my recipe on How To Turn On A Woman's Vulnerable and Sweet Side.

''Really? And what's that?!'' he asks, intrigued.

Are you too, ready for it?

Eirini's Powrful Recipe on How To Turn On A Woman's Vulnerable and Sweet Side After a Fight??

Here goes.

Push her hard against a wall or a bed/couch/counter and tell her how you're turned on by her smell/tits/ass/whatever and how you're gonna fuck the living shit outta her, first passionately and furiously, then tenderly and slowly and how she's gonna love it.

Then do it. 

Fuck the living shit out of her.

Melt her resentment and walls with kisses. Preferably the hickie kind kisses.

No, it's not politically incorrect . Yes, she'll love it. She''ll treasure it .Might even talk about it with her best friend in ecstatic whispers.

Then have The Talk, if you feel like it ( You won't, but she will, so oblige , but only the day after, or else you'll spoil the afterglow)

A woman is her most receptive when she feels loved and desired.
Dont tell her, show her.
Then watch what happens

Note: the above recipe does not apply to:
a/ total strangers meeting for the first time
 ( this is called rape, dude and it'll end you up in court)
b/ men who've been total assholes to their women consistently and for a long time
( no banging can makes up for past intentional cruelty , in fact it might even make things worse)

Σάββατο 21 Μαρτίου 2015

My Blessed Weekends

Friday night and Saturday, my sacred days off. 

No alarm, no lessons, no chores, no kids, no pets. 

Our personal space. 
Shutters down.
 Soft candlelight. 

Drinking coffee and eating bougatsa and koulouri and chicken hot from the oven , talking and sharing, teasing and laughing out loud and watching the news and commenting (him) and catching up on things (me).

And lovemaking in between,sweet and strong, like a hot cup of coffee, and cuddle making and soft kisses making. And deciding it's not worth it going out anyway, because we agreed we can't cuddle and smell each other in public the way we do in our place, so what's the point? 

And his support at all my plans, discussing my upcoming book and him reading the manuscript and making jokes about the idea of cosmic ordering for a soulmate and giving suggestions and massaging the small of my back.

And my heart swelling with pride and joy at having so much tenderness and support from such a hunk of a man, in awe of his mind and his heart and his everything else he'd rather I didn't talk about.

And as if love overload wasnt enough, when I'm off home for the night, love sexting in three different languages and playing with fb. 

Precious time with my love.

Feeling blessed and ready to take on the world

Tomorrow it's kids and pets time