Παρασκευή 26 Ιουλίου 2013

If you want drastic changes in your life, declutter your bedroom

If you want drastic changes in your life declutter your bedroom

Μost of us struggle with change, even when we would love to be making changes. Even when the changes are positive and could enhance our lives, we sometimes find it difficult to move away from a familiar pattern.

Your bedroom is the most important room in your home. 

This is the place where you sleep and dream.  This is the room of intimacy, of dressing for the day and undressing for the night.  It should be a sanctuary, a place that makes you feel safe, a haven that supports you on all levels. 

 It should be a place that when you enter, you immediately feel relaxed and welcome. 

 If you walk into your bedroom and don’t feel grateful and blessed, some changes need to be incorporated.

One of the most obvious suggestions for achieving a supportive and protective bedroom environment is to keep clutter to a minimum. 

Overcome the belief that “it’s just my bedroom” or “no one else sees it but me” to the belief that you’re important enough to assure yourself a good night’s sleep and a space that supports you so intimately.

This is my minimal bedroom. Everything is tucked away in drawers and fitted-in wardrobe (not seen here). 

Even bedside lamps have been removed-after being broken from one son or another out of the four growing up in this home lol- because reading and learning is done in other parts of my home, my bedroom is just a sunctuary meant for relaxation=sleeping and intimacy.

The babycot is not left there unintentionally either. There is still the thought, at the back of my mind, that I might want to have another one sometime, who knows?

 The walls are painted a beautiful color that is restful, soothing, and comforting to me. The color of your bedroom walls can make the difference between sleeping well and not sleeping at all. 

Ι have tried to keep the room simple and serene. With such a sweet and serene color on the walls, Ι have found I don’t need any artwork, so that I keep my mind and spirit at nights free to rest and wander unencumbered by visual stimuli, off to a magical world that is purely of my own making. 

 If, however, you have to hung some artwork, make sure it is pleasing to both you and a partner if you’re sharing the space. 

You have to decide that it is no longer acceptable to say, “I’m too busy to declutter.” 

That’s like saying, “I’m too busy to get rid of the things that make me too busy.”

Go Purge & DeClutter your Bedroom

Make room for drastic changes in your life!

Σάββατο 20 Ιουλίου 2013

How to find the motivation to work out

There are days I'd rather do nothing. 

I'd rather stay in front of my computer all day long

In fact, I feel like that every day. But I still work out. (ok, most of the times!) I still climb on that stairmaster and sweat it.

How ?


I motivate the shit out of myself.
Self-talk myself into believing I wonna work out.

I am my very own personal motivational speaker.

In what way?

By accessing the very same feeling I would have when I reach my fitness goals.

Ok. Here's how it's done.

Sit down and think:

How would you feel when you 've 
-lost 10 pounds?
- been able to fit in those tight jeans?
-had the energy to run ten miles in the morning etc?

Access that feeling now. And write it all down. 

Here is how I would feel if I reached my fitness goals:

''I feel irresistible., strong, beautiful, passionate and attractive. 

I ooze magnetism and charm. People feel my confidence and energy and are attracted by it, wonna be near me so it rubs off on them

Iam getting fitter and fitter every day. Every day I have loads of energy to go about my day and enjoy my life.

I am and feel like a walking miracle.

The more time goes by, the more irresistible attractive and healthy I get . I feel like royalty. My body is finally as magical as my mind.

I am fitness inspiration for many people around me. My confidence and energy makes me even more compassionate, unconventional and fun to be around. 

I am fuckin' awesome!''

You got the idea.

Whenever I'd like to access that feeling or lack motivation for a workout, I read my motivational self talk.

Then, as if my magic, I hop on my stairmaster. 

Because I wonna BE what I have described for myself.

And the only way to do that is to be worthy of those feelings and body manifestations.

And the only way to be worthy of tthat is by DOING what is required of me. At that very moment, at that very instant. Because that instant, my present, is the only thing i ever have. The Now..

Dont look for Inspiration.

Be the Inspiration.

Go do it. Write your own motivational-accessing-the-feeling talk.

You get to decide how it's gonna be like from now on!!

Decide what to be and go BE IT.

Think magically. You are a walking miracle 

Love and hugs


Δευτέρα 8 Ιουλίου 2013

101 Fun and Crazy Thinks to Do This Summer

( Adapted from my own bucket list of 1001 Things I Love Doing or Would Love To Try Real Soon)

1. Write an e-book

2. Bury a kid in the sand then let them do the same for you

3. Sleep a night under the stars

4. Lose a few pounds/kilos

5. Have a meaningful conversation with a beggar

6. Fasting day: just water for one day to cleanse system

7. Sunbathe butt naked

8. Shower in a waterfall

9.  Ride a random bus in a random town and get off at a random stop

10. Make your own public graffiti

11. Wade in a public fountain

12. Throw away 100 things in one day

13. Blow bubbles on a rooftop with a kid

14. Get a professional french manicure (I know they're no longer in vogue, but still)

15. Go to the top of a lighthouse

16. Wear a slightly outrageous outfit and take loads of pics

17. Spend a day playing with outrageous possibilities in your mind

18. Τrain on an elliptic stepper or stairmaster every day

19. Run through a field of sunflowers

20. Have a nap under the shade of a tree

21. Spend a day playing like a kid

22.  Attend a rock concert

23. Create a fictional Universe and write a detailed story about it

24. Send healing energy to someone

25. Build a campfire and eat around it

26. Give a compliment to 100 people in one day

27. Run down a hill

28. Read as many free ebooks as you can

29. Go cloud gazing 

30. List 50 things you like about each one of your kids and give it to them

32. Bring dog treats to the park and make a few furry new friends

33. Engage in an epic waterpistol battle with kids

34. Compile a kist of 100 random things about yourself

35. Sneak out in the middle of the night to do something fun

39. Spend a day thinking outside the box

40.Make a list of 100 happy memories for days when you feel blue

41. Build an inukshuk monument made of random stones

42. Say thank you to 100 people in a day

43.Make myself a chocolate facial

44. Follow a random person around town

45.Spend a day doing everything the opposite of what you really do

46. Jump into water fully clothed

47.Write the music and lyrics to a song

48. Climb on a school roof

49.Invent a crazy dance routine

50. Film yourself while performing said crazy dance routine

51.Write a letter to your kids to read after you pass away

52. Spend a day doing everything the opposite you usually do

53.Wear a purple wig

54. Sculpt your name on a bench

54.Swap personalities with a friend and spend a few hours impersonating each other

55. Spend a day purifying your aura

56.Howl at the full moon

57. Break the window of an abandoned, old house

58.Wear fake eylashes and glitter

59. Correct sea-shells and make something crafry with it

60. Spend a day in an abundance 'heartset' (as opposed to mindset) , feeling exactly how you'd feel if you had everything you desire and need

61.Have sex under the stars

62. Write a blogpost about tyour own 101 fun and crazy things to do this summer

63. Never let a day go by without an orgasm (or two, or more)

64. See through a telescope

65. Write a love letter

66. Make an e-book of your favorite quotes

67.Learn to play poker

68. Send a message in a bottle

69.Have a picnic under the stars

70.Draw a hear o your lips and cheeks and go out

71. Take daily pictures of you

72. Write a letter to yourself explaining why you are fabulous and your life is great

73. Visit a movie studio

74.Spend a day, notepad in hand, having an unlimited supply of ideas

75. Take up something you liked as a child

76.Write your recipe for the perfect day when summer is over

77.Spend a day gathering up energy from every possible source

78. Learn to tango

79. Jump in rain puddles

80. Play table air-ball with my love

81. Walk barefoot on the grass

82. Run through a sprinkler

83. Engage in an epic yoghurt war

84. Make a summer scrapbook

84. Choose a project to work in winter

85. Build a monumental sandcastle

86. Go skinny dipping

87. Make a podcast

89. Drink a Vodka martini. Right now

89. Be blindfolded and feel your lover's entire body. Then do same for him/her

90. Watch a Bollywood film

91. Buy a dump sttraw hat that doesn't match any of your outfits and wear it for a day

92. Hate on that chick that wears those baggy, thin shorts and looks real skinny

93. Eat only watermelon for a day, pretend it's the only food available on earth

94. Take a miracle walk ,where you notice all miracles around you

95. Spend a day in an alternative universe of your own making, tweak the picture until its perfect!

96. Have a pillow fight

97. Climb on a tree

98. Laugh 100 times a day. Keep count.

99. Pracrtice the 1000 positive thoughts in a row routine. Keep count

100. Spend a day as the highest version of yourself

101. Spend a day in bliss and ecstasy, activating your radiant circuits of joy