Παρασκευή 23 Αυγούστου 2013

More Respect, Better Sex

A man in a committed relationship probably desires a woman's respect and to be honored by her even more than he wants to have sex with her.

 Yeah, really. That much!

Given a choice between feeling unloved or feeling disrespected, three fourths of men will choose to feel unloved, according to one survey. Three out of four men would rather feel unloved rather than disrespected or inadequate.  If he feels
 disrespected, he feels unloved.

The truth is any man needs his woman's love for him expressed as respect and admiration in the same way that his woman need his love expressed through emotional intimacy and feeling cared for.

Dishonoring a man is a blow to his heart. It says to him, “I don’t love you.”

definition for respect:'' holding in honor or esteem, to pay proper attention, and to show consideration for.''

“But you don’t know my man!” you say. “He can be such a pig-headed idiot sometimes.”

No, I don’t know your man or husband or boyfriend or the details of his pig-headedness ,but I still insist that he deserves and needs your respect.

Please pay attention to my choice of words. Respect does not mean submission.
 A master-slave relationship, where one person has all the power.

Unconditional respect does not imply slavery, fake flattery, submission or unconditional agreement or endorsement, but it does imply that in all things and at all times you are to maintain an atmosphere of HONOR in your relationship

 It means not putting him down when you disagree as so many women often do.. It means not talking badly about him to your friends or family. It means not browbeating him when asking him to do something. It means not assuming he will do the wrong thing.

A woman's  power is in her praise of her man, not in negativity, criticism and complaining.

Because this works both ways.

As soon as a man feels respected, he starts paying back by giving a woman adoration, love, care and better sex.  (Unless he is a jerk,impervious to respect or love or any of the like, of course. There are many of those, among women too. My suggestion to anyone : stay away from jerks, men and women alike)

So he gets more respect, she gets more love and care. And sex.

So she flourishes. And it shows.

It's a win-win situation

You might wonna try it some time

Τρίτη 20 Αυγούστου 2013

Make a Wish

  Today's full moon is a special one:

From astrologer Sarah Varcas :
“An astrological Blue Moon is a rare thing and something to be noted. It occurs when the Moon is full twice in a solar month, giving us two successive Full Moons in the same zodiac sign. The second of those Moons is a Blue Moon. The next such moon isn’t until June 2016…”
This is a moment of power, a moment of potential and it is up to each one of us whether we use that power to take ownership of our lives or to reinforce ourselves as victims in a wider web of forces which serve only to oppress us.”
“This is a Moon which seeks to empower us to make positive choices and significant changes in our lives. She sees our potential and shines upon each one of us equally, knowing that within every individual lies the possibility of change and growth, no matter who, where or what we are, what we have done or what we believe.”
“…at times like this we have a golden opportunity for growth and transformation, a chance to release the fetters that keep us constricted and bound. We have an opportunity to ‘do’ life in a different way, and the more of us that can do that, the greater the potential for inner shifts to be reflected in wider societal and global change.”

So light a candle.

Make a wish-for yourself or someone who is close to your heart.

Or both. Light as many candles as your heartfelt wishes.

Light the candle to send your wishes out to God or the  universe.

Do you remember how when you were young you were asked to make a wish and blow out the candles on your cake?

It is pretty much the same principle here.

A combination of your desire with the visualisation of the outcome, combined with the powerful energy of the beautiful moon.

The Moon is more than just a romantic sight for lovers and poets. It stabilises and keeps Earth safe. Earth without a moon would wobble wildly, sort of like Mars does. The Red Planet’s wobble is so extreme that it may be the cause of some cycles of climate change there. If the same thing happened here, Earth might wobble so much that seasons would become inhospitably extreme and Earth would be a much less stable and habitable planet.
Without the moon the tilt of the Earth’s axis could go from its current wobble of 22 to 25 degrees to a wide ride of zero to 85 degrees — zero would eliminate seasons, and 85 is basically the Earth leaning over on its side. If this happened, the current crisis we call global warming would be a very pleasant tea party by comparison.

So harness the power of the beautiful full moon. 
Make a wish. Or two

Δευτέρα 19 Αυγούστου 2013

How to Free Everyone

Freedom holds the highest place on my list of values.

Even higher than Love and yes, Family .

I dont know why, it is just so.

Stifle my inner freedom and you lost connection and rapport  with me for ever.

In an instant. In a flash. Just like that.

So I keep thinking, long and hard.

How do I  Inspire Freedom?

I frequently weep for my country.
The state that it's in right now.

Under Occupation of the worst kind:
Economic Occupation.

How do I help?

 Not in empty words, like most of us do nowadays?
But in a real, palpable, action-oriented way?

Here is how.

A way that is way stronger than ANY action  could.

By being a woman of Courage.

My ancestors said that

''One man of courage can FREE with his spirit a whole army of men, a whole town or a whole country, because Courage, like Cowardice, is contagious.''

So this is what I do.

I up my doses of courage every day. More and more

If the courage of one individual can free an entire nation when it reaches critical mass, imagine what happens when the courage of many reaches critical mass.

Chin up.

I laugh, I smile and I keep my spirits soaring, even when I think I just cant.

I laugh at my fears and dare them to try harder.

It takes more than Fear and Worry and Maliscious Scheming to prostrate my spirit.

My free, eternal spirit, that is pure, blissful God in essence, clad in eternal Beauty and Light.

You play your evil part, assholes.

And I play mine.

One man of courage can FREE with his spirit a whole army of men, a whole town or a whole country

Chin up.

Maybe this applies to you too.

Perhaps not ot on a national level, but maybe on a personal one.

How do you free anyone?

An individual or a small or big group of people?

How do you set them free from things that enslave and ensnare?

From addictions, destructive patters , bad influence, self-destructive ways, evil people and groups or even themselves?

You set them free by your very own Courage.
Courage is such a strong , attractive influence that gathers force and momentum around it.
Then it gathers momentum.

Then real fun begins.

One man of courage can FREE with his spirit a whole army of men, a whole town or a whole country

Lets try it out.

Τρίτη 6 Αυγούστου 2013


'' and since your history of silence
Won’t do you any good,
Did you think it would?
Let your words be anything but empty''
Why don’t you tell them the truth?

For years, hell, for decades,  I've been hating my teeth. and my smile. Hate, as in ''OMG, it's ugly, despicable, nauseating, an eyesore, it spoils your entire face, better keep your mouth shut, Eirini'' way.

But at the same time I refused to alter it, change it, beautify it.

Deep inside, I knew this was part of my individuality.

My vulnerability.

My chance to develop compassion for other people's flaws.

My trademark of the weird and the unique.


My smile.


It's my second favorrite thing to do with my mouth :)

So I'll go on smiling.

I am me. Unashamedly. Proudly

And I 'll go on doing that.

That thing you dont like about your physical self??

You know which one I mean.

The one you absolutely hate.

Accept it. Today.

No, dont accept it.

Take fuckin' PRIDE in it.

It is your unique trademark. In a world of cloned beauties and machos.

You are you.

And we love you or hate you for it.

But if it wasnt for one thing you absolutely hate about you?

Then you wouldnt be the real you.

And being you is awesome.

You wouldnt change it for the world.

So accept your You-ness in its entirety.

Be brave.

Show us the real you.

Feast on your uniqueness!

.                Smile! You are You and you are awesome!