Δευτέρα 28 Απριλίου 2014

How to Find Your True Voice

Ι am 43 years old.
In case you were wondering.
And this is today's selfie.
Again, in case you were wondering
(denim is my uniform of choice).

Most of you following my posts get a few snippets of my life now and then, but I bet very few can tell much about me or my story. I've been trolled countless times on my own page here, mainly due to the fact that I accept just about anybody's friend request and block noone, even if they prove to be colossal assholes, letting everyone see through them through their comments so that in the end they obligingly block themselves and rid me of their stupidity. But I believe there is another reason for being trolled :
I don't fit into the stereotype of the facebook chick, not at all. People get really confused, just as they do when they cant make someone fit into a stereotype. (and here's a post I wrote about it all:http://askyourdreamsforideas.blogspot.gr/2013/06/no-its-not-my-fault-its-your-dirty-and.html) Yeah, I blog and write about serious stuff but you wouldn't call me an intellectual when I post ass and tits along with wise quotes, would you? Yeah, I keep posting selfies and talk about sexuality a lot, but try chatting me up here and you'll meet with cold indifference ( I never text message anyone unless I know them offline or they specifically ask for something).

So what am I? The brainless chick or the boring intellectual? Why can't I just pick a role?

Maybe it's time for me to tell you a few things about myself
and what I'm trying to do here.
You know, just to get things clear.
In case you were wondering.

Here goes:
I was a child-prodigy in a way, self-taught myself how to read and write at the age of three by watching my three oldest siblings do their homework. I used to read Dostoyievsky when still in kindergarden. The amount of books I devoured by the time I was 12 -local library and all- some adults won't read in three lifetimes. ( hence it kinda hurts when trolls urge me to 'go read a proper book instead of just posting quotes', I did read proper books, folks. In record time, speed reading style. My favorite pastime was leaving librarians dumpfounded by reading an entire book in two hours , then detailing the plot to them in every detail for proof).

I graduated from senior high school exactly 25 years ago. ( I know because we have a reunion in four weeks' time).
I gave birth to four sons, ages 19 to 7 years old that I raised practically on my own since their father works as a tour guide abroad and was absent for many months at a time. Before and during raising them I got two university degrees, first in ancient Greek Culture and Language, then in English and American Literature in theAristotle University of Thessaloniki ( that's 8 more feckin' years of my life burried in books ).

I've been a state high school teacher for 1 and a half years and resigned,( that's equally unheard of in my country, practical no civil servant ever resigns here) then went on to create a successful business, a private school of foreign languages that I ran for ten years. When the economic crisis hit hard, I closed my school down, which was a really turning point for me, because I nearly got depressed by it all, lost my main source of income, in a way had my kids and my entire family turn against me and accuse me for losing my business and depriving them of the lyfestyle they were used to and this led to an an informal separation from my husband. I've now gone back to private tuition and,of course, blogging.

I've been told that even just one of the personal losses I've been through in the last 5 years -my own mother's passing away included- could be a good recipe and cause of a mental breakdown. Instead, an amazing thing happened to me:


and by doing so I found my own true voice and decided to freely and unapologetically share it with the world.

And that got a few people -especially ones that knew me before my personal transformation- pissed off. Calling me names behind my back, crazy and a weirdo the kindest of them on the list. Others stopped talking me altogether (thank God and good riddance!) A lot of them wondered what the heck I've been doing here on fb posting so much and so well, unashamedly????

And the answer is simple, really:

They say that if you want to have something in abundance, you should cause other people to have it in abundance as well , and that's what I'm really doing here, sharing my point of view -unique as anybody else's- about just about everything in my two blogs http://askyourdreamsforideas.blogspot.gr/ and http://love-a-story.blogspot.gr/.

My personal mission is to show by example to as many people as possible that happiness needn't depend on external shite, that spirituality and sexuality are God and go hand in hand with each other and that being yourself is just about the sexiest thing that can happen to you.

And that selfies can be classy, of course.

So that's my story. If you found any inspiration in it, do use it as a personal call to action to share your own personal truth here, so that not just fake voices and fake profiles take the lead and become the norm on facebook.

Scare the world shitless. ''Be exactly who you say you are and tell the truth about it''

Love ya all

P.S. Someone trolled me the other day by commenting 'keep silicone flowing' in one of my pics. Let's put things straight: I have absolutely nothing artificially done to either my face or my body. No fillers, no facelifts, no plastic, no lipo, no botox, absolutely nada, nichts, nothing, τίποτΑ!. Not that I pass any judgement on those who do any of those things. But you see, besides genetics, I do have my little secret for looking younger and radiant, if you value that sort of thing that is, and my ebook on how to go about this is long overdue.

So keep coming to me page, that particular cat will be out of the bag pretty soon and, the best part, for frrrrreeeeee!

Παρασκευή 25 Απριλίου 2014

Here's to more selfies to come!

Yesterday I realised I had stopped posting selfies ever since my mum passed away 2 months ago. Frankly I didn't feel like it, but the fact became obvious to me when I saw this friend of mine. She looked frightfully depressed, unkempt, catatonic, clad in mourning black. ''My mum died 5 months ago'', she said, ever since then I'm on pills, depressed etc''. Tried to console her as best I could, but at the same time, I told myself that, hey, dont fall into the same trap, don't let a tragic personal loss rob you of your beauty of heart and looks. Sometimes ( and that doesn't mean I deny the overwhelming power of losing a loved one or how each person differs in emotional strength and resilience) it seems that we need a good excuse to be swamped and overwhelmed. ''It's the economy. It's my boss. It's my partner. It's my allergy. It's my diet. It's my whatever''. Anything bad will do. When in reality, it's just your mind. Too tired to trying to be strong, better use my excuse to feel shitty.

Well, I'm not buying into this. I am happy. Despite waking up every day with a heart ache, because I miss my mum horribly. I know she's at a better place now. Despite suffering from a couple of ailments and discomforts. Despite missing having a business. Despite seeing my love every so often and not as often as I 'd wish.
( distance sucks). Despite living in a country that , well, you know about Greece, no need to elaborate. I'm happy. Happy not in a smug or Polyanna-like way, but happy in a I-count--my-damn-blessings-and -gosh-I -am so-lucky-to-be- me way.

So , instead of wearing black for a year as is the custom in the country where I live after losing a close relative or having a nervous breakdown like my friend did, here's how I chose to honor my mum's memory;
By getting back to my old, cheerful me, by looking my best every day, because that helps me feel my best, by working out towards a rock-hard fit body, by taking care of the gorgeous daughter my mum so loved, by spreading laughter and light and joy.

God bless you, webworld! Here's to more selfies to come!

Τρίτη 15 Απριλίου 2014

Overweight is neither healthy nor self-acceptance

Loving yourself and your body is not an excuse to ignore your health, guys.

It's hard for some people both to hear the truth and spell it out because it is automatically called 'fat shaming' and 'body issues' and certainly not politically correct.

We all -a few morbid exceptions aside- love our body, that's why we keep feeding it in the first place. But many times we confuse our emotional needs with the need for food and we stuff ourselves. And then it shows.

Being obese or overweight, slightly or morbidly, is not healthy just as it's not healthy being too skinny.  Being obese does not mean you love your body the way it is, it just means you need to do something about it. Being skinny does not mean you are disciplined and pretty, it means you've taken things to the other extreme .

Loving your body means choosing long term health over immediate gratification.

And that is damn hard, otherwise everybody would do it.

But look at the grace and elegance and healthy glow of a really fit body and you'll agree that it's so worth it

Let's do it!
Love and hugs

Σάββατο 12 Απριλίου 2014

5 Ways To Feel Happier Instantly

5 Ways T o Feel Happier Instantly

Superfast, Supereasy, Supereffective.

Here goes:

1. Expand your energy field: 

Take a really deep, slow breath 
and imagine your energy field e-x-p-a-n-d-i-ng! See it expanding all around you, filling up your space, your room, your home, neighborhood, hometown, your entire country, the whole world!  Give it a colour, texture and scent or sound, if you so wish.

2. Jump up and down for a minute or two

You just have to try it to believe me. The wave of exhilaration that will rush through your body afterwards is unbelevable. Maybe its because jumping up and down is one of the most effective ways to get rid of the toxins in your lymph system (google it). Or maybe it's just plain old 'shaking yourself out of old thoughts and patters. Either way, try it for yourself!

3.  Pay yourself a compliment-OUT LOUD!

The trick is to do it out loud. Say something like 'Eirini, I love the way you love inspiring people''. Be specific-and loud!

4. Pretend you have heaps of money in the bank right now

Decide exactly how much  a ton of money is for you  and spend the next couple of minutes feeling appreciative and grateful for it. Enjoy the feeling, relish it. How do you feel knowing all this money is sitting there, waiting for you? Feel blessed and repeat, thank you, thank you, thank you!

5. Give someone a compliment right now

If there is noone around, pick up the phone and call someone or text them instead. Why is that going to make you feel better? It's called 'Tranfer of Energy', and the one doing it gets heaps of it back. But again, don't believe me, just see for youself.

Try them out. All of them

They are guarranteed to shoot your vibration of joy to the stars

Love and joy 

Παρασκευή 4 Απριλίου 2014

On books and reading

Quote from this book I 've just finished:

''The art of living is slowly dying, it's an intimate ritual because when we read we do it with all our heart and mind and so good readers are becoming more scarce by the day since a book is a mirror that offers us only what we carry inside us ''

Don't know whether I'm a great reader or not, but I've been reading ever since I can remember myself and that' s not a figure of speech, 'cause I started reading when I was barely three. Devouring books was , is my lifelong addiction and long before the internet days of easy copy and paste I've been collecting quotes from my favorite books and keeping them written on business cards stacked in my drawers like rare treasure, reading them often and adding more to the collection. To me a quote is the best that a book has to offer condensed in a couple of lines.

Anyway, I've noticed a pattern: whenever I feel on top of the world , I read self help books, spiritual stuff or books about my current interests. Whenever I'm going through a rough patch or need healing, it's always novels. Funny thing is , I can't cross from one kind to the other when I'm not in the right frame of mind, it's just impossible.

Since my mother's death 6 weeks ago it's been nothing but novels for me. They help me unwind, relax and get lost in them. But I've noticed I started craving for other kinds of books the last few days, so I guess I'm back in the charging phase of my life again. And that can only be good.

What is YOUR reading experience? Do tell