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Who are your Internet heroes?What yours are revealing about you

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                                               Who are your Internet heroes?

You think you don't have any?How about those people whose sites/blogs/social media profiles you frequent the most?Those sites/blogs that you visit and re-visit on a daily basis,checking for updates or where you end up whenever you have some time to spare.The ones that keep you going through hard times or keep you inspired in good ones.

Those people whose internet presence keeps you addicted to their stuff are your Internet Heroes or role models if you will.And this particular choice of people is saying a lot about you,your chosen path in life and definitely your aspirations.Before we go on,do this little test:

1.Identify your top 5 Internet Heroes

2.Write down two qualities you admire most about each of them and/or their site/blog/message

According to Dictionary.com a role model is a person whose behaviour,example or success is or can be emulated by others.So your Internet heroes are probably people who either possess qualities,attitudes or abilities that you wish you had yourself or they have accomplished things you'd love to accomplish.

They are as successful,talented,beautiful,sincere,distinguished or devoted as you'd wish you were.And they can help you find out about your own conscious and subconscious ambitions and goals.

Go back to that test.Take a look at the qualities of your Internet Heroes you listed and you'll realise that these are the very qualities you'd dream of having,your real ambitions or some of the values you hold the dearest.These people can inspire you by their example to realise your potential by showing you some of life's hidden possibilities and by helping you to strenghen your existing values.

Now maybe you are thinking like:'Wait a minute,sure,I like or even admire those people and their work but that doesn't mean I can have or even want to have their lives or success'!Of course not,you are not after imitating anyone here.Each one of us is on a different life path.Your internet heroes just showcase for you certain qualities or things that are either hidden in you,just starting to emerge or well on their way to be realised.

 So take some time to ponder on what you admire most about your heroes.Mentally thank them for teaching you and others great stuff.Send lots of gratitude energy for inspiring you to be all that you can be and decide to follow their lead by actively going after your goals and aspirations.

Without any further ado,here are my own Internet Heroes in no particular order of importance:(OK,I cheated,I included six instead of five.But I am allowed to do this since I am the one that wrote this post,right?)

  -CG Walters is a novelist of visionary fiction that combines powerful metaphysical messages with a compelling story.

There are gems of the spiritual  throughout his blog  but what first attracted me to his website was his brilliant Secret Vow which is literally life changing.
No other fiction book I've ever read has even come close to touching my soul like this one.As soon as I accidentally stumbled on it (while searching for information on parallel universes) I've become so engrossed in it that I lost all track of time in its captivating story and mystical concepts.

Read some excerpts of Sacred Vow online and join the club of people wondering how it manages to ever so gently expand your perception of reality without giving you the impression of burdening you with lecture-like notions !

     -Meet the one and only Enoch Tan,philosopher,scientist and writer.Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a ride because this guy rocks!He is both articulate and fully comprehensive without becoming too abstract or boring with his explaining of how universal laws work.And he offers fantastic practical advise on how to put those laws to good use in everyday life.His writings are like no other,I promise,but you'll have to see for yourself to understand what I mean.Sample some of his work from his Mind Reality ebook .Read now,thank me later!

  -I don't need to introduce the fabulous Gala Darling,style,fashion and self-help guru,her web presence is so powerful that she overshadows most other bloggers in her field!Wrapped in a cloud of glitter and glamour this amazind girl bedazzles me with both her practical,lifestyle and her just-about-everything else advice.No wonder her fans-me included-adore her,she's highly addictive and worth it!

    - Jessica Mullen is the reason why I even considered the idea of a blog of my own.She has this reputation of having that effect to unsuspecting civilians.Turning them into aspiring bloggers,I mean.She's a life designer and a life streaming blogger and,I suspect,a really cool girl offline too.She has this magical way of taking abstract Law of Attraction concepts and turning them into fun,simple,practical and easy-to-incorporate-in-your-everyday life stuff.Her blog was love at first sight for me.She never fails to give me a high five with her inspiratiοnal and highly motivational posts!

       - Penelope Trunk is a carreer advisor,but that's too generalised a word to describe what she offers at her website.How she manages to both have you interested with her pricelass business advice,her treasure chest of assorted links that can keep you busy for ever and incorporate personal stuff/peeks into her life as well is a fine art that very few bloggers out there have or will ever master.She's my go-to comfort whenever I need some serious motivation or inspiration to get me going with my business endeavours.

   - The Pioneer Woman-Ree Drummond. I confess.I envy that woman's life as much as I envy her blog.Running a farm,a blog,raising four kids,cooking gourmet dinners and still managing to look that good and happy is an impossible feat,but that's all in a day's work for her.How do you do it,Ree?Show to us poor ignorant,uninitiated folks the secrets of your trade!And maybe confide in me how you get your entire family(pets included) to pose for your glossy,awsome pictures while each and every member of mine (pets included) bitterly resent my aspiring photographer ambitions and do everything within their power to either ridicule or render my efforts useless!


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                                    Now your turn.Do tell me about your internet heroes.
                                                    What's so special about them?

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                                                       Love,peace and internet bliss

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That's impossible! Only if you believe it is! How to be unstoppable

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 There is a fighting scene at the end of the Disney film 'Alice in Wonderland'(released last year).A teenage Alice is supposed to kill a dragon in order to set Wonderland free from the evil Red Queen.Upon setting eyes on the huge monster for the first time she realises how difficult her task is and whispers:'This is impossible!'

The Mad Hatter at her side responds: 'Only if you believe it is'!

Alice does accomplish her feat but only after she has reminded herself of 'The Six Impossible Things' she believes in,one of which is that she can slay the dragon.(You can watch the entire battle scene here)

What are your six impossible things?You know what I mean,the ones that you believe are so hard to accomplish that you've almost given up on them.

Have you ever wondered why you believe they are impossible in the first place?Because
 you believe there are certain rules that govern their accomplishment,that's why!
Our lives are images of our minds expressed in physical form.Early on in life we adopt a certain set of beliefs,mostly copying from the ones of our dearest and nearest as well as the general mindset of our society.Then we go on forming our lives around those set of rules,adding even more along the way.

What if you removed all rules?What if you we really were unlimited?What if miracles were your everyday reality?Imagine the endless sea of possibilities awaiting for you,the breathtaking freedom you'd experience!

Now this is where your objections chime in:'Yeah,that's all good in theory,but we do live in  a limited reality which operates by a certain set of universal rules.Suppose I stopped believing in gravity,would that make me float about like an astronaut?'

All limitations are illusions of our human minds.If you,me and everyone else freed their perception of all limitations,we would all break free of the normal boundaries that bind us to this physicality and start floating or doing any other now deemed impossible feat! 

There is an excellent article of young philosopher Enoch Tan about the true nature of our reality called 

      The entire Universe is a hologram.The world is simply a simulation like a computer program.All levels of reality are part of the same program....This is not a computer generated world but a mind generated one.It is generated by the universal mind which is partly the mind of God and partly the collective consciousness of all people alive.
     Do our five senses really operate as energy receptors that carry energy in the form of electrical impulses along nerves to the brain in order to be processed by the mind as information?Are we really not able to perceive the world around us when the electrical impulses are cut off?Does our life support system really operate as blood carrying oxygen from the air to our body cells in order to nourish and repair them?Are we really unable to process energy without the means of our blood?
      While looking at your feet,stomp them on the ground.You will notice that your visual perception of your foot hitting the ground matches your sensation of touching the ground.This would be fine except for one thing:the speed of light is vastly faster than the conduction time and synaptic delays it takes for information to travel through the long nerves of your feet and spinal cord.As a result you should be seeing the event before you feel it and the delay should be noticable!
.....The physical system of our reality is only a simulation to provide logic and order to how things operates on a physical level.We have to follow the rules of the system we are in in order to be able to function.The simulation is only a mask over the true nature of reality.We do not actually perceive the world   by means of electrical impulses sent from our senses to our brains.We sense energy directly with our minds.We do not actually live because oxygen floods our cells through our blood.We absorb energy directly from the universal field of energy.....

Everything we see in the physical world is nothing but energy held into form by intention(collective intention as well as ours).We do not exist in physical reality.Physical reality exists within us.We keep creating and recreating that reality with every single thought we make,just like a computer program changes things by adding a single parametrer to the initial settings.

The true origin of all creation is desire and belief.As we go about our lives we form desires.We have a desire and it literally starts coming into existence and forming itself through us.That desire is in itself  the proof that you have within you the power to do it.There would be no desire without the inherent ability to accomplish it.This  is your soul beckoning to you:'Hey,come over here.Take a look at this.Interesting,right?Let's do it,let's have it!' 


Sooner or later,though,your initial excitement is replaced with doubt:"I can't do that!It's impossible (limiting beliefs hard at work again)!


Do not play by anybody's rules exept your own.Make up your own set οf rules.Live in the reality of your own making!Every thought that you have about what is normal for you is an affirmation of your reality.The more you free your mind of rules of any kind,the more powerful you become as a conscious creator.The more you free your own mind,the more you free the minds of those around you to a reality of infinite possibilities.You can be,do and have anything you want!

Repeat to yourself often:'There are no rules and no limits.I am the one making everything up'.Now go grab yourself a notebook and identify your six impossible things.Here's how it should look like on paper:

My 6 impossible things//Rules supposed to govern them//My new set of rules

You are not trying to instantly and miraculously accomplish anything here(although that would be nice,if you believed in them with enough unwavering conviction!)You are consciously stretching your limits and establishing more powerful beliefs.Disempowering beliefs rob you of your creative abilities.The more powerful your beliefs, the freer you will be and the easier  it will be for you to fulfill your wishes.The most influential people in this world ignore boundaries and limitations applying to most of us.Imitate them!

All of God's power and glory is manifested through your self-empowerment and growth in life.Change your world by dreaming it anew!First begin with a dream.Then cross out all rules you've been taught concerning how to go about achieving it.Be unlimited!Be resilient,see how much you can stretch your identity to accomplish more of what you previously thought was impossible.Aim higher to blast your limitations.Imagine yourself magic!

This is impossible?Only if you believe it is,my dear!

The only limitation is your imagination!

Now go create a miracle for yourself!

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                                                          Love,peace and miracles


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How to have the flat belly of your dreams by decluttering like a maniac

A cute Buddah belly!Who wants that?

Not me.I want a trim waistline I can proudly display when I'm rocking my low-cut jeans and skin-tight tees.I believe I'm not the only one.As summer approaches having a look at the covers of all magazines you are sure to conclude that a flat belly is the holy grail of every fitness conscious human being:'Abs of steel in three weeks.Bare the midriff of your dreams!'

Most of us have indulged that glimmer of hope.Like,OK,I can do that.As long as I perform a crazy amount of crunches per day,banish salt,sugar and carbohydrates for ever and adopt the zero-calories diet,I can have that flat belly.Has it worked for you so far?Go on line and research the subject;belly fat is the most difficult to shift.Sometimes it takes years of dieting and exercising with little or no results.

Why is life so unfair anyway?There are people who wolf down insane amounts of food at any given meal,have never exercised in their lives and still manage to be flat-bellied.Kids have that too,even though lots of them live on candy and soda.And it's not about age or slowing down of metabolism,either.Take this old man down my road.He is as old as the hills,smokes like a chimney and his only form of exercise consists of his sitting at an outdoor cafe all day long.Yet no belly pooch for him!

 What's the deal here?

Maybe weight and a flat belly have little to do with diet,exercise,age or genes.Maybe it has everything to do with the free flow of energy in our lives.Physical bodies run on energy they mostly get from food.Maintaining the balance of the intake and outake of that energy is the job of our subconscious mind.If our faces are mirrors of our most frequent thoughts,our bodies are mirrors of our way of life and our subconscious.

Let us listen to what our body is trying to tell us.What is the chief complaint about it?Something important is trying to get our attention,something which,if acknowledged and honoured,would not only get rid of the problem itself,but also lead us to a wonderful discovery about ourselves.

Identify that problem in your body and ask yourself where else this has been true in your life.Keep in mind that the instruction of your bodily condition or disease may be subtle,as metaphors are.Flabby thighs?Thighs represent power.Where and to whom have you lost your power and how can you reclaim it back?If accumulated belly fat is your problem,where else have you been hoarding stuff exept your body?

If you are dealing with an illness or disease,Louise Hay has written an all-time classic book where she explains the metaphysical cause of each and every illness and complain,from AIDS to the common cold along with the new thoughts you have to adopt to heal yourself.You can read it for free here.

Just remember,you aren't trying to get rid of anything;those things that you do not want,as you hold them in your conscience,you also hold them in your vibration and your life.Don't look at your body fat.Instead,try to find the hidden lesson your body is trying to teach you: 'Hey,you've become too much of a hoarder these days.You keep buying,consuming and eating too much stuff,but you aren't giving back as much.You need to balance the ratio!'

OK body,where do I start?By decluttering my personal belongings of course.Why?Because physical action is a symbolic gesture to help us stay aligned.The gesture itself has no inherent power to create.Your body,though,is always following the blueprint of your thoughts.It keeps creating and recreating itself based on the assumptions of that blueprint.So,if you switch into a 'getting rid of unnecessary stuff' mode,your body is bound to follow suit.

The more you physically take steps in the direction of your desire,the more you vibrate in harmony with it and the quicker you'll see it in your reality.You can always do that little toning up,eat healthier and the like.But if you don't align your thoughts first,it is going to be an uphill struggle.A small shift in your thoughts and conscience can have an enormous effect in your world.

You can't be bothered with decluttering because you're ever so tired or uninspired?Whenever you open your closets an avalanche of stuff threatens to eat you up?This is definetely gonna show in your body as well.So begin by taking small steps.Don't try to just tidy things up,it won't work.Somehow everything is going to morph into a towering heap of junk again within days.

Throw stuff away instead.Throw away everything you don't need and then throw some of what you think you need as well.When you are done look at the stuff you decided to keep and give half of it away to charities,friends etc.Be ruthless and merciless.Remember,you are releasing junk from your energetic field!Become available for what you want by making space and time for it.If you want new and better experiences,you'll have to let go of the old ones and  the things that go with them!

If your home/room/office is too much of a junk paradise and you don't know where to begin,don't dispair.For starters,be grateful for it.That's right,be grateful for your present because it allows you to experience and rectify an anomaly in your life.Overcome the accumulation of junk in your life and your body by first overcoming it within yourself.Say aloud:'I'm done with hoarding stuff'.

Go read this link about decluttering.Then make yourself a plan.Schedule time for dejunking your life.Fifteen minutes a day or a long,one-afternoon overhaul,whichever suits you best.

Write down your plan.
Stick it onto your fridge,mirror,desktop,laptop.You are bound to get sick and tired of looking at it and do it eventually.

In the meantime you might as well do things like training,dieting,whatever you deem as necessary.Do all these in willingness.Keep in mind though that,ultimately,they are irrelevant.They are just the symbolic gesture.

What you think,what you feel,what you do,what you keep talking about and what you eventually get are always a match.No exeption.

Now go declutter your closets like a maniac.

It's the best mental workout towards that flat belly of your dreams!

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                                                   Love,peace and letting go


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How to succeed in your job,your business or just about anything else

I went hiking with the local hiking club the other day.

We crossed the Tzena gorge.(where is that?) My husband took our children to an amusement park in a nearby town so I thought I could put this me time to good practice!

 Although I love hiking and it used to be one of my favourite pastimes,it's been a long time since I last did that;raising four kids and running a business doesn't leave one with much free time in their hands! 

The hiking trip itself was challenging,fun and inspiring. (You can see pictures or it here)More than that,it gave me food for thought.

If it is a fact that 'The way you do anything is the way you do everything",then every challenging and fun endeavour,like running a business or landing a new job,is a lot like a hiking trip.Here are a few of the life lessons applying to hiking and just about anything else that I'd love to share with you:

1.Pick a job,business or hobby that you love,one that makes your heart leap with joy

I used to go hiking a lot as a kid and a teenager.My father was a nature lover.He would take me to long excursions in the country.One of my fondest memories is of him talking to knightingales;he would spot a tree were one of those shy birds was hiding and hold a nice conversation: 'Sing to me!Good!Now more!A different tune!'The bird would always oblige,as if spellbound,loving the idea of an audience!

When my father died my oldest brother (ten years my senior) took over.He is a geologist and he would take me on excursions to hunt for fossils.He'd explain to me how everything we saw around us was actually under the sea millions of years ago and how I could spot a fossilised shell among other rocks,washed downhill by rains and erosion.He still has some of the ones we found back then.

So I always had a soft spot for hiking.What about you?Maybe outdoor activities aren't your thing.

Pick an activity,a job or a business idea that makes your heart sing.And if you can't have the job or business of your dreams,(I know,there's unemployment,a family to feed,a future to think of,the usual stuff),you can always turn that one into a hobby.Then go for it,as often as you can get away with it.Call it your soul-soothing medicine and let joy be your guiding post! 

2.Be well prepared.Do your homework before embarking on it

Whether it's a new job,business or hobby,it is better to be over than under prepared.
 When our hiking group leader asked me to bring an extra pair of shoes and an extra change of clothes with me I first thought it was an unnecessary precaution but I did follow his advice anyway.Boy,am I glad I did it!I lost my balance once while crossing the gorge and waded knee-deep into the water.Thank God for the extra pair of trainers and tracksuit I had with me that kept me from catching my death of a cold!

  The same applies to a new job or business.Research things,ask around,go over to your new boss or co-worlers (or fellow hikers in my case)and ask for advice.And be humble and clever enough to follow it.

3.You'll need a role model,a mentor and a guardian angel

You'll be needing a role model to whet your appetite and make your aspirations look feasible to you (if they did that stuff,then so can I).Pick someone relevant with whom you share common things,characteristics or traits so  that the associations are stronger in your mind.

You'll be needing a mentor to give you the initial push,guide you through traps and mishaps along the way,offer valuable insights on how to go about things and keep you from falling into desperation mode when you are going through a rough patch.Remember,you don't get to find your mentors,they find you(when the student is ready...)

Be grateful for your mentors and guides,no matter what their mentoring style is.My business mentor is kind,considerate and always has an encouraging word for me.Our hiking group leader was relentless,merciless and no-nonsense.I am grateful for both because they helped me get the job done.Show gratitude to your mentors and make sure you get to mentor other people yourself when the opportunity arises so that you can repay your carmic debt.

You'll be needing a guardian angel to help you with practical stuff as problems and difficulties arise.Maybe they'll lend you money when you desperately need it,put in unpaid working hours or volunteer to carry your backpack for you when your legs are trembling from the exertion of climbing uphill for too long for your fitness level,like a fellow hiker,Yannis,did for me.These people are literally Godsent,the universe's way of letting you know that it is on your side and that everything will turn out right in the end.

4.If you ever fall down,there are only three options available

a.you laugh your head off seeing the comical side of it,get up,brush yourself up(or change shoes and pants in my case) and get going back on track

b.stay right where you are feeling totally mortified,whinning and crying and mumbling things like 'Why would this have to happen to me of all people?I'll never be able to get up again.I'm so unlucky and worthless!'

c. get so discouraged that you decide to give up,quit or go back because you are convinced that you won't be able to finish this anyway.

I'm so glad I chose the first option with both my hiking fall and business mistakes (which I'll still be doing anyway,but hopefully not the same ones!)

By the way,the number of times you fall are in direct proportion to your arrogance.I was too confident about my bold and fearless attitude when it came  to crossing the most slippery of rocks and I so I committed a hybris which in turn attracted the wrath of the Gods.My spectacular fall was inevitable and it taught me a lesson in humility.My only consolation though was that I was not the only one to receive that cosmic lesson!

5.Don't be so driven and uptight that you stop having fun or noticing the beauty around you

OK,being driven and setting goals is important.

But if you keep at it like a maniac,never stopping to catch your breath,admire the scenery,celebrate your achievements,appreciate the people that are in it together with you or enjoy the moment,then you are depriving yourself of life's little pleasures.The soft carpet of moss,that party at work,the precious moment with a like-minded person,they are all there for you to relish and give thanks for.Relax more,enjoy more and be more grateful.

6.The reason why others are better than you is not because they are lucky,it's because you suck

Envying other people's success or money or achievements or level of fitness will not get you anywhere.No,she did not get that bonus because she was kissing the boss' ass.She just worked harder than you.No,he did not sell all those ebooks because he was in the right place at the right time.He just built a better site than you.And no,other hikers could not keep a better pace than me because they were younger.I was just terribly out of shape and in great need of exercising more.

Repeat after me: 'I don't get to be as successful as the people I envy because,compared to them,I suck!'

Don't despair though.There is still hope!It goes like this:

-You suck
-You realise that you suck and start doing something about it
-You start sucking less
-You no longer suck and people start envying you

7.Perseverence and determination will always see you through once the going  gets tough

Just don't give up.Never ever.No matter how tired or fed up you are.Just.Do.It

8.The most difficult part always comes right before you are about to arrive

No comment here.But you'll need to remember that one when you've run out of patience and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.Things will look up.You just have to keep at it a little bit longer.

9.It is never about arriving,it is always about the journey

This was the sight that awaited for us at the end of our hiking trip:

 Although it was a feast for our eyes and I wouldn't miss it for the world,the hiking itself was a far more rewarding and rich experience than the five minutes I spent admiring the lake once we've arrived.That promotion,the number of subscribers you are after or that big amount of money in your account are OK,but equally important is the journey that gets you there.

And noone illustrates this better than the famous poet Kavafis in his Ithaka poem

10.The things you learn about yourself and the person you become along the way are worth far more than anything you'd ever get from it


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                                                           Love,peace and fun


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How to fly in the astral continued-knots and bolts of astral projection

So you want to learn how to fly in the astral?

As mentioned in the previous post you don't need to learn that.You are doing it anyway.You were born with the inherent ability to astral travel.In fact you've been doing this more or less often in your sleep ever since you were a kid.And it's as real and fun as all the other 'real' and fun things you experience when you are awake.All I can do for you is offer some insights on how to induce astral travel more often and get more out of it!


First let me make something clear:I don't believe in inducing astral travel in the waking state nor have I ever even tried to do it myself.Yes, it can be done and yes, there are about a triillion sites on the net on how to have an OBE(out of body experience) written by masters of the trade (and some plain imposters as well that have no idea what they are talking about)!

Why anyone would wish to travel astrally when awake is beyond me.Astral travel is an amazing experience that fills you with bliss and ecstasy.Still, why waste your waking hours when you can perfectly enjoy it while you are asleep and have nothing much to do anyway?Sleep is the natural state to be for astral travel,because your conscious mind gets to rest then and so your subconscious can take over easily and naturally.

In order for astral travel to work your body has to be in either deep sleep or a trance-like state where all your bodily functions have slowed down to their bare minimum. There are many methods to achieve this trance-like state but it requires time,patience,perseverence and possibly lots of guidance from a good teacher who have done this themselves.If that's what you want,fine,go ahead,I admire your determination!

As for me,I wouldn't want to waste my precious life on this planet engaging in sterile,mechanical drills and exercises that are mostly questionable,(they are not going to work anyway because they make use of your conscious mind which is useless for astral travel) or so time-consuming that will tire you out  long before you can achieve any results.I'd rather spend my time on more enjoyable pastimes!

There is an easier way.You can astral travel in your sleep.Believe me,astral travelling is always the same rich and fullfiling experience no matter how you achieve it.

Here's how to engage consciously in astral projection in your sleep:


How to travel in the astral (almost) every night!

1.You'll have to believe it to see it

If you are sceptical about astral experiences,if you disregard it as new age nonsense,it's not going to happen for you.We are only able to perceive and experience the things that we pay attention to.Perception through our senses means focusing on to something to the exclusion of everything else.No attention means no perception.

Remember the story of the Indians in the new world and how they were unable to see the approaching ships of the Spaniards beccause they've never seen the likes of it before?Their brains could not decode the physical form of a ship and so it was invisible to them.It took the higher perception of a more advaned soul among them to see,perceive and explain it to them until they were able to see it for themselves(this is called conceptual blindness,you can read about it here).

The more you believe in,enjoy and welcome astral travel per se,the more often you'll have the experience of it.If you doubt it or believe it  is sinful,abnormal or impossible you are certainly not inviting the experience in.

2.Learn how to distinguish between astral travel and a dream

As discussed in the previous post,you get a certain feeling when astral travelling which is totally different to that of a dream.But if you must go by certain guidelines you should bear in mind that since perception is heightened in the astral you are likely to remember almost every single detail of an astral experience even long time after you've  had it.

Dreams,on the other hand,are easily forgotten once you wake up or some time passes.I can recall every single one of my astral trips,down to the most boring detail,whereas the only dreams I can remember are either the most recent ones or a couple of the worst nightmares I've ever had.A rule of thumb:if you must write down a dream to remember it a week after you've had it,it was not astral.

 3.Adopt a playful,laid back aproach to astral projection

Your goal is not to forcefully induce it.It is never going to happen like this anyway.Approach it with a relaxed but also excited attitude.Wait.Be patient.Forget about it.It's going to happen anyway.Conscious efforts do not help,on the contrary they drive the experience away.Relaxed expectation is what you need here.

4.Fullfil the physical prerequisites

If you eat too much or go to bed hungry the night before it is guaranteed not happen.I don't know why.That's just the way it is.And it won't happen if you are ill or feel off or uncomfortable.No astral travelling if you are very tired either-your body won't let you do it.So take care of those things before going to sleep.

Oh,here's a last one: no astral experiences for me during any of my pregnancies.Possibly because I was subconsciously scared of leaving my body behind -I wanted to always keep an eye on the little treasure inside it :)

5.The most important of all-be as happy you can be!

The happier you are,the more likely you are to astral travel that very same night.Anything and anyone that can make you happy are your most valuable aids in inducing an astral experience.I've had my most intense ones when I either felt deeply in love or most loved and cherished.Possibly because loving and being loved are the most powerful and joyful experiences in the world!

Enjoy it as much as you can-you deserve it!I'll see you in the astral!

Love,peace and astral bliss


  photos from here

Πέμπτη 14 Απριλίου 2011

Come fly with me! How I go about astral travelling and how you are doing it,too!

This is gonna be a long post,so if you your attention span is short,you'd better skip it!

Imagine being a tourist guide.You are away from home,working abroad.You are in the middle of a tour of an old italian church,doing your guide thing.Your mobile rings,it's your wife,whom you haven't talked to for a couple of days.

She goes like this:'Are you in Florence?Are you wearing black jeans,a green tee and a yellow jacket?Did you just visit a church that looked like(enter detailed description of it) and then went inside and sat(enter detailed description of what he did) and then went out and followed a street that was uphill and there were(enter detailed description of the place) and then met up with your group?'

You(the tourist gude) are dumpfound.Because all the above information is correct up to the slightest detail.And she has no way of knowing all this.She's never even been to Florence before.You say something like"What kind of fuckery is this?Where's the Candid Camera?Did you have anyone follow me?This is a joke,right?'

It wasn't a joke.It was me astral projecting to(or remote viewing ) Florence,looking for him while I was napping in the afternoon.It was also the first time I ever had actual confirmation that the places I'd been visiting during my astral escapades were real and not imaginary.

I can fly and travel in the astral in my sleep.Often.And guess what.You've been doing that too.We all do it from time to time.Maybe not so often,but you still do it.When our physical bodies are asleep and our conscious minds resting,our subconscious takes over and we sometimes experience an astral projection.

An astral projection is NOT a dream,though you might mistake it for one.Usually our dreams are in the beginning of our sleep cycle at night and they are the accumulation of our thoughts,fears,hopes and experiences of the previous day.We mostly forget about them or cannot recall every single detail about them.

Here's my take on astral travel,based on personal experience:

1. All this hype about astral travel,namely,silver cords,bodily vibrations,sleep paralysis and the like is not my thing.I've never experienced any of the like and  I am not sure whether they are actually true or not.My experience in the astral does not involve any of these.

When I'm projecting,I have neither seen my etheric body or a silver cord attached to me.It is just me as conscience.But I do have a sort of physical presence
that can fly,pass through windows and glass( that was a lot of fun) and manipulate space and movement.

I even had this very intense experience in the astral;I found myself in a family house with kids (one of which had the Down syndrome) and the dog of the family,a large beast of a pet,noticed my presence.It came up to me and,for luck of a better words, jumped through me or up to me or in me,I can't explain which.It gave me such a fright both because it was a big animal and because noone had passed through me before!

2.The feeling that you get from an astral projection is totally different to that of a dream.Unlike the chaotic ramblings of a dream,there is something very purposeful and intentional about astral travel.You get to be in control of yourself,of steering yourself consciously in space,just like you control your body movements when awake or the way you drive a car.It's purposeful and precise.

But it is not a lucid dream either because you don't get to control the experience or the environment around you.Sometimes you have no idea where you are or how you ended up there.You just get to control how you propel yourself in space and sometimes you get to pick your destination as well.

3.Astral travelling fills you with inexplicable joy.Unlike dreams or nightmares that we either remember fondly or try to forget,astral experience leaves you with a feeling of euphoria,even if it was a neutral or very mandane destination that you chose,there is no mistake about it.When you wake up you feel energised,excited and overflowing with joy bordering on bliss.

4. Your perception during astral travel is different.The clarity with which you perceive things is either more acutely intense or more pleasantly blurred depending on what or where you direct your attention.It's like focusing and unfocusing a camera lens.You direct your focus on to something and immediately it becomes crystal clear in a thousand times more intense way than our normal perception works. 

I once found myself in a big, modern bridge suspended over a highway.As soon as I thought about what was under that metal arch I was propelled up directly under it and could read the small manufacturers print on some of the metal work.

In fact if you wake up in  the morning and rememer your dream really really well,small details and all,it is usually an astral experience.On one occasion I heard someone repeating a totally strange word to me in a language I was totally unfamiliar with.I still remembered the word when I woke up,wrote it down and ,after some initial difficulty with finding the correct spelling, I looked it up and it turned out to be Hebrew.

5.  Astral travelling  usually involves some kind of flying or floating.In all the dreams you've ever had of flying,the were actually OBE(out of body experiences).You see,this is the way you get aroud in the astral,by flying.And boy,is it AWSOME.You know what I mean,you've done it too,at least once.We all have.

The sense of freedom,of expansion,shedding the restrictions of gravity,floating blissfully about and around,God,it's the best part of it all.I've seen many locations in my town from the bird eye's view,spinning around them in angles that are humanly impossible to get.And I loved it,loved it so much!The sensation is still with me as I write this,just awsome!

In my next post I'll try to explain how to go about having more often and more conscious astral travel experiences


                    Until then,take care!                                                                        

                                                         photos from here

                                                        Love,peace and flying