Δευτέρα 30 Ιανουαρίου 2012

On murky 'Monitors'

                                                What are Internet 'Monitors'?

I'll try to explain the idea as best I can, along with examples from personal experience.

In 2007, pregnant to my last son,I became familiar with the unassisted birth notion and decided to give it a try. It didn't work out the way I wanted it,but another blessing came out of it. It gave me an idea of what an internet 'monitor' is.

What is an internet 'monitor'?

A 'monitor' is either a/ a fake person or rather fake account pretending to be someone else or b/ a real person being themselves . They are sometimes called 'dysinformation agents' too. Whether a or b type these agents become members of an online group with the specific aim of  monitoring it,keeping track of subjects and matters discussed and of people involved in those discussions, entering into divisive subject matters and trying to descredit or outwit the people who do the best research and/or provide the most accurate and relevant information there. Some of those people or rather accounts are holding down a full-time,totally-funded job in this way, even controlling a bunch of fake accounts simultaneously through the use of appropriate software.

If you are an active member of said monitored group monitors will usually try to befriend you and then people within your network. At first they'll seemingly agree with everything you say, become your most enthusiastic supporters,posting relevant stuff of their own even. After a while though,the real fun begins.

They'll try to discredit slightly at first ,then openly,everything the person/people with the most relevant information have to say, often play dump or silly and use the ''ignorant housewife'' attitude,while strategically turning intelligent conversations into displays of ignorance or stupidity, giving newcomers and observing members the impression that the group is not to be trusted or so ' out there' that it is not worth giving it any credibility. Or they'll cunningly give an initial conversation a twist making it look like it isn't going anywhere when originally it did.

The more important the topic is deemed,the more they'll infiltrate it to the point where the admin(s) are totally confused over constant complaints and distractions which they cannot logically explain or said admins become fully aware of it,bought and paid for.

Back to 2007 and the unassisted birth movement forum that I joined . There were people there that would seem to support the idea of unassisted birth,but then cunningly discredit it by spreading fear-inducing horror stories and/or controversial findings. Or they'd be all in for,say, the unassisted birth notion and breastfeading,but support all other kinds of totally un-free birth related stuff,like vaccinations, inductions etc.

 There was even this apparently crazy pro-unassisted birth chick claiming that she was getting pregnant all over again while still pregnant ,raving about how she was carrying up to 30 or so fetuses siumultaneously,ranging from 2 to seven months old each (see the part about ruining the credibility of the whole group by supporting outrageous claims). The other fake accounts within the group would even support those outrageous notions,further damaging the group's credibility.

And of course there were those women that were naive or careless enough to disclose their real IDs or give enough clues about their identity,those that had unassisted births that did or did not turn a little sour and ended up being reported to the police ( of course by those very same monitors within the group) for child abuse and even having their babies taken away from them.

Agents like these are and have been there for decades and with the internet growing a life of its own, social media websites are no different. The best approach,once those monitors are identified, is to delete them, though I personally favor another,bolder method: to have infinite fun with them, ridicule them and their manipulative ways to others ( don't bother with making them feel bad about it,it wont work,they are being paid to do so and no amount of ridicule will daunt them) or force them into becoming lurkers. Either way their plans are cancelled.

My logis is as follows: they are using public forums, facebook, twitter google+, etc to gather information. Businesses do it, your friends do it, it seems like everyone is snooping around these days. All of them are browsing through what is open to the public and that anyone can gain access to. Nothing illegal here,even though it is highly unethical and their motives are infinitely more sinister (but that's another story). So it is the individual user's responsibility to protect themselves and be more discerning about matters. 

We can all be a little more discerining with a little bit of practice.

Πέμπτη 26 Ιανουαρίου 2012

Act now!

My one and only resolution for 2012:

                                   Take action now!

Here's an excerp from Cathy  Stucker and her book Make Things Happen:

''Inspiration is a wonderful thing. But if you hear a story, read a
book, watch a video, or listen to a speaker and get inspired, what
do you do with the inspiration? Is it a good feeling that lasts for
a few hours or a couple of days? Or does it motivate you to take
action to make changes in your life that keep the inspiration

I always tell students in my classes to take some action on what
they learned within 24 hours after the class. They may walk out
feeling excited about what they just learned, but if they do not
take action quickly, that excitement wanes.

When you discover something that inspires you, look for the action.
What can you do to channel your inspiration and get results?

Start with a simple step. Once you have taken that first step, each
following step is a little easier. Take the first step.

Focus on the results you want, not the process. That means focusing
on the goal, not a specific way of accomplishing it. Often there
are many different ways to get to the result you want. Be open to
possibilities you may not have considered.''


                                                                                       Love,peace and action


Κυριακή 22 Ιανουαρίου 2012

Infinite possibilities

What you experience is the accumulation of what you have thought about and wished for.We are limited only by our unwillingness to take action.

Open your mind to the infinite possibilities that exist for you. Born through your dreams, crystallised into form by your desires, given impetus by your expectations, then made real through your beliefs. Dream,dream,dream big,more now,unrealistically,intensely. God creates with action,yours and mine and everybody else's action, and rests with dreaming,His,yours and everybody else's dreaming. He is constantly dreaming the endless possibilities of the universes. We are His co-creators. Dream away. But when you are well rested,stand up and act!

 What are you doing to change or improve your reality today?


                                                         Love,peace,dreaming and acting


Τετάρτη 18 Ιανουαρίου 2012

Stop believing in spiritual bullshit,please

''It is possible, of course, with the electronic technology of the present time, that multiplied millions of people could be – in certain respects – “programmed” via television, radio, music, video games, and so forth; that their subconscious could be taught a “binary code language” of electronic signals that are inaudible to the normal range of hearing; and that they could thereby be constantly picking up signals of some sort that are “unpacked” in their subconscious mind and emerge into their conscious mind as their own thoughts.
 We have even studied some specific technology of this type, and it is frightening in its implications. Using a binary code, speeding up the signal, entire books of information can be transmitted in almost no time at all, and the percipient would be certain that they were just “thinking it.” It can even be individually directed with the addition of a personal “activation code.” In this way, even “memories” could be introduced into the mind which would be accepted as the person’s own experiences.
So, it is certainly true that human technology could produce a major phenomenon of belief system modification by simply broadcasting an inaudible signal over the globe, assuming that the recipients know the language and have been involved in activities whereby the “code” can be subliminally “taught''.

Be suspicious of theories like ''consciousness shift'' of the planet, sudden mass ''spiritual awakenings'' and the like. The only authentic spiritual progress or 'enlightenment' that we can have can come through the individual mind and it is a very solitary and very gradual process,not a mass phenomenon. All theories of 'mass''  awakenings smack of subconscious programming and re-programming and mind-altering techniques of the worst kind. YOU are responsible for your thoughts. YOU HAVE THE MOST POWERFUL TOOL IN ALL CREATION: FREE WILL AND CRITICAL THOUGHT!

 Do not sacrifice this unparallel gift of God in the name of fake spirituality. Spirituality is only true when it is an individual path that leads you to more freedom and the sharpening of your critical abilities. If it involves ''mass'' modifications of your consciousness,then someone else -no,not 'mother' earth,believe me- is in charge,trying to gain access to your sub-conscious,taking advantage of your naive trust in all things spiritual. And transform you into happy,'enlightened' sheeple. That are,of course,easier to control and manipulated. Spiritual people are notoriously easy to control,that is a sad fact of life.

Will you let this happen? I hope not. How are you going to stop it?

 Begin by injecting a healthy dose of distrust into everything that you read or you are daily served as information. Yes,including this post by me. Instead of blindly believing everything you hear or see or read,ask your self:''Is it true"? Exercise critical thought. Filter everything through your powers of rational thought and observation. Those will atrophy,like an unused muscle,if not exercised daily.

Next,filter every piece of news or information through your infallible radar: your intuitive,gut feeling. For everything you hear or read,you get an instinctual feeling so powerful that can literally save your life. Does it feel right? Or does it give you an uneasy,mixed sensation? Pay attention. There is something your soul is trying to tell you. If you dont get the message,dont worry. Decoding comes with practice and time. At first it is just enough for the message to be heard,for the signal to be received. It is God talking to you in those moments. God,who wants you to be free. Because He knows that there is no happiness without freedom.

Listen,pay attention,exercise both your rational and intuitive powers,seek for answers within,be patient. Think for yourself. Doubt everything. Me included. Lets get you started with my post. Does it resonate with you? No? Thank you for your time,move on to something that does. Yes? OK,but please do not accept what I say blindy. Analyse it critically. If it sounds like it stands to reason then go on to the second part: how does it make you feel? If it passes that test as well,feel free to make it part of your belief system,alter it,improve it,add to or subtract from it,pass it on etc.

You are powerful,you are unparallel in all creation,possessing the gift of both a rational mind and an intuitive self. Combine both and noone,spirit,human,extraterrestial or any other shit,any imaginary or real entity,can harm you. Your soul is invincible.

Yes,even if you are neither a spiritual nor an enlightened person!


                                                  Love,peace and awareness


Τρίτη 17 Ιανουαρίου 2012

Ask Your Dreams For Ideas: the name

In case you've ever wondered why this blog is called AskYourDreamsForIdeas,here's a nice text that pretty much sums it up for me,it's an excerpt from How To Program Your Mind For Wealth:

''If you generally ignore your dreams, as most of us do, you are wasting one of the most powerful resources you have access to. Your dreams are the vital link between your conscious experience and your subconscious desires and goals.

Dreams are not random misfirings of your neurons while you sleep. Dreams are your connection to the psychological web that connects you to all other humans. Dreams connect us to what Carl Jung called the collective consciousness of our race, and this power of our dreams can teach us all that is truly important about our lives.

Modern science teaches us that we use only 15 percent of our brains. It is more accurate to state that we use 15 percent of our brains for all of the physically verifiable processes of our bodies that science can measure. It takes only 15 percent of your brain power to operate within physical reality.

The other 85 percent of your brain, by far the greater portion, is involved in all of those things which reductionist science cannot measure: your creativity, your emotions, your dreams. The truth of your life is that only a small fraction of your brain power is used in actual practical dealings with the physical world. The majority of your psychological power is engaged in drawing your experiences to you, in subtle psychological interactions with the people you meet or wish to meet, and in experiencing ramifications of future events on a psychological level before you decide to live them out in reality.

Most of this work is done in your dreams. While you sleep, you literally act out your wishes, hopes and fears with other people on a basic emotional level, and from these experiments choose which physical events to experience in your life. This is awesome power, and I urge you to take hold of it today.

Pay attention not only to your dreams, but also to the inner voice that knows what you should do. Pay attention to ideas, motivation and help. Trust your instincts.
Take five minutes right now and feel the truth of these words:


TAKE ACTION: Right now, decide that you will pay attention not only to your dreams, but also to your intuition. Tonight, keep your prosperity journal next to your bed and tell yourself that you want to remember your dreams. You may even want to ask your subconscious mind to bring a money-making idea into your dreams. Tomorrow morning, write down your dreams and see if you can learn something from them. Look at the events in your dreams symbolically, not literally, and you may be quite surprised by the wisdom you find.

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” –Carl Jung''

                                                Love,peace and asking your dreams for ideas


I am a bad ass

We spend so much of our time berating our bodies, complaining about what our bodies haven't given us and the way they dare to look. And, yet, every single pleasure and success we have had in this life has been directly allowed to us because of our bodies. Our bodies have given us the opportunity to have every experience of our lives.

Though my body is my form, it isn’t me—not really.This IS my human container—my human form—but the essence of me is spirit.

But this particular human container of mine is also me. And a pretty bad-ass me for that—not because it is chiseled, honed or perfect (because it is none of those things,believe me,dont judge by the photo;I have just mastered the art of posing right for a picture to enhance my assets and hide my imperfections)—but because it made (from scratch!) and then birthed and then breastfed four human beings. Big ones..And I appreciate that’s nothing to sneeze at. I notice that the form of my body also carries with it markers of my life. Injury scars, pregnancy stretchmarks, childbearing hips and breastfeeding tits. As they say in art school—Form follows function.

Υοu dont believe me your body is an everyday miracle in action?Here are 50 Awsome Things Your Body Can Do

''Because I understand that my love and respect for my body are metaphors of my love and respect for my self and soul, I pledge to do the following:

To stop berating my body and to begin celebrating the vessel that I have been given. I will remember the amazing things my body has given me: the ability to experience the world with a breadth of senses, the ability to perceive and express love, the ability to comfort and soothe, and the ability to fight, provide, and care for humanity.''

Promise to take good care of your body. Celebrate your body by caring for it and pampering it. Be sure to eat well by feeding it the necessary vitamins and nutrients. Choose activities that you love, that move your body. Feel sexy,because you are. And please end the inner “fat talk” once and for all.

Οne of my own ways of celebrating my body is posting pictures of me looking good. I mean,when it's public,it's kind of official,so I have to believe it myself: ''yeah,you are looking good,girl!''

Make that decision for you—and the whole world—today to start really loving your body! And post a few pictures to prove it!

                                                 Love,peace and body acceptance

Σάββατο 14 Ιανουαρίου 2012

Pets and their symbolism

I LOVE animals. Dogs and cats are by far my favourites. To me heaven is a place packed with cats and dogs roaming freely everywhere.

Animals,unlike many humans,are never energy vampires. Iin fact,they will either give you more loving energy than they get from you or they wont give any,if they happen not to like you.But stealing energy? Never. This is a totally human trait. If you have had many energy vampires in your life that have or are still feasting on your energy,you may be subconsciously prefering the company of pets.

Those who love dogs or even keep dogs as pets at home are craving in their relationship a real friend, helping, protecting, always present and available day and night in all ups and downs of life !

Those who hate, reject or are allergic to dogs - hate, reject or are allergic to real friendship and have totally different intentions in their relationships and all their human environment !
The behavior of a dog depends almos entirely on his/her owner and directly reflects the true owner's attitude:
  • a watchdog - police dog training offered for many privately owned dogs - who has been trained to attack or to be mean upon command or on its own ( beware of dog at the door ) means that HIS owner is as mean and as violent as the dog but the owner uses his dog as a tool of violence to avoid personal responsibility and liability in case of death or injuries caused TO others ! in the worse of all cases the dog is killed by court order and the owner goes free.
  • a dog ready to play with children and all others - always friendly and helping - reflects this happy helping nature of the owner.
  • if a dog has to obey step by step - then the owner wants to POSSESS and USE - like a slave owner in previous centuries !
become aware of what kind of dog your friends, partners, business partners or potential living partner may have - and you know how this persons really ARE - OR - what they are missing in their life AND relationship 
Those who love cats or even keep cats as pets at home are craving in their relationship sweet tender love, caresses, kissing, skin to skin hugging love etc 

Those who hate, reject or are allergic to cats more  often than not hate, reject or are allergic to love.

The way we relate to animals and pets show a lot about our intrapersonal relationship and owr own character. What does it say about yours?

                                                                     Love,peace and pet love


Πέμπτη 12 Ιανουαρίου 2012

How I Will Love You

                                                                              with Love

Τρίτη 10 Ιανουαρίου 2012

Apologies to the Sacred Masculine

I loved this.So Im sharing it. Apologies to all Men,for all the pain and confusion we have inadvertedly caused them and keep causing them,as we are on our path to fulfillment and true union of the souls


I apologize for those moments when I couldn’t see beyond my projections to your true nature. With so much relational trauma in the rear view mirror, I couldn’t distinguish the heartless from the benevolent warrior. With my lens blurred by unhealed emotions, I was unable to see you in your wholeness. I unknowingly projected my negative expectations without recognizing those moments when you were moving from love. Please forgive me my projections, and know that below my pain was a heart that genuinely longed to merge with yours. 

I apologize for pushing you to open your heart when you weren’t ready. I longed to be met in my openness, and I couldn’t bear the disconnect between us. I am nourished by direct communication, and I took your silence personally. I didn’t understand the relationship between your detachment and your warrior conditioning. I do see this now. From the beginning, you have been cast in the role of warrior protector and your emotional armour was fundamental to your task. Without it, you would not have been able to remain vigilant on the battlefield, nor succeed in the competitive marketplace. As our world moves away from survivalism as a way of being, I am hopeful that you will feel safe enough to live from an open heart. Such beautiful light comes through that opening. 

I apologize for not always seeing your limitations and struggles. There were times when I could not see past my expectations and fantasies. I had grown up with a fairy tale of a great knight that would save me, and I clung to that vision, preferring the perfection projection to the reality of humanness. As a result, I didn’t always see how much stress you carried, how difficult things were, how hard it was to hold it all together. Of course, we perpetuated the projection together- you hid your humanness from view while I chose not to look for it. I look forward to the day when our relationships are not predicated on illusions, but on a deep recognition of each other’s authenticity. 

I apologize for giving you mixed messages about how I wanted you to manifest. At times, I wanted you to be soft and tender. At other times, dominant and protective. How confusing this must have been for you, how challenging to go back and forth between such differing feeling states. It has been so confusing for all of us, trying to straddle the line between our needs for both safety and vulnerability. One day, the perversions of polarity will fall away and we will arrive at a sacred balance between all healthy ways of being. Women will feel safe to assert their voice and embody their wholeness, and men will feel equally safe disarming and speaking from their vulnerability. On the rivers of essence, everything flows in the same direction- towards the ocean of wholeness.

I apologize for being passive aggressive towards you. I was not taught to express anger directly, and I was frightened of your aggressiveness. I know that you have had similar challenges with experiencing your sadness and releasing your tears. In the world we are moving towards, I am hopeful that both genders will have seamless access to all emotional states and healthy forms of expression. 

I am sorry that I expected you to fill my emptiness, when the only one who can fill it is me. I have often looked for answers in relationship, somehow imagining that another could complete me. After so many centuries of disempowerment, I didn’t realize that I had the tools for my own self-creation. But I am recognizing it now. Where before we met as two fragmented beings, we will soon meet as two whole beings- each of us healthily boundaried, well-integrated and intrinsically complete. Two soulitudes.

I am grateful for all those moments when you held me safe and operated within the heart of compassion. The backlash of recent decades was a necessary response to generations of suffering, but many of your contributions got lost in the shuffle. In my efforts to find my voice and stand my ground, I have not always given credit where it is due. I encourage you to re-claim anything you have lost along the way, and to proudly embody the sacred masculine as you once did. I apologize for those moments when I discouraged your power. I could not distinguish it from its historical misuses. 

I am grateful for the many positive contributions you have made to my reality. I realize that you often communicated your love for me and the village with deeds, not words. I thank you for helping to construct the structures that my expansion relies upon. I thank you for labouring long and hard to establish rule of law. I honour the warrior spirit that built the railroads, the cities, the bridges that bring us into contact with one another. I honour those warriors who fought and died on battlefields in an effort to protect us. You have sacrificed so much in order to hold us safe. Praise to those benevolent warriors who came before.

May we never forget the relational and co-transformative nature of human expansion. Although the ultimate romance is with your own soul, it is our experiences together that give birth to the essential lessons. We are each here to participate in this dance of sacred imagination, stepping on each other’s toes and turning each other toward God one clumsy step after another. We trip, and then we get back up with greater awareness. With this in heart, I am hopeful that we can learn to accept one another in our humanness. We are going to continue to make mistakes, but there is grace in that if we see our errors through to the lessons they contain. 

I look forward to the day when we can meet one another in our true nakedness, stripped free of unresolved emotions, pain-induced projections, the distortions of duality. For too long we have been on opposite sides of the river, the bridge between our hearts washed away by a flood of pain. But the time has come to construct a new bridge, one that comes into being with each step we take, one that is fortified with benevolent intentions and authentic self-revealing. As we walk toward one another, our emotional armour falls to the ground, transforming into the light at its source. And when we are ready, we walk right into the Godself at the centre of the bridge, puzzled that we ever imagined ourselves separate. 

 Those who have received your blessings may not always acknowledge it, but your acts of love have landed within us, growing us stronger and infusing us with love’s light. Rest dear warrior, rest. I hold your heart safe. 

© Jeff Brown, 2011 (Author of ‘Soulshaping- A Journey of Self-Creation’;www.soulshaping.com)

Δευτέρα 9 Ιανουαρίου 2012

Having fun in the playground

Guys,I know nothing about God,but this much I believe I do know: you are so special to God,that when God created this whole universe,He had YOU in mind,you,personally you,and He was rejoicing in YOU,in anticipation to good old boring you coming into this world,He was rejoicing in everything new that you would be bringing into this world,the good and the bad,all this that is you,unrepeatable ever after in the whole creation...God would destroy and sacrifice the whole earth for your sake,if necessary,no,its not the other way round,its the creation that was put here for your sake,this whole physical world..You are that priceless to God

The whole creation was meant to be your playground with your physical body as the body of armour you were epuipped with to survive in the game and have fun with and in it. Do not get so lost in the game that you believe the playground,the game,your body of armour is more important than YOU.Please dont forget that,you are not just your average guy You are infinitely special to God,infinitely more important than the entire physical creation around you and so is every other soul in human form on this planet.

Stop beating up yourself for not "making" it in the game,for not being a better player,for messing up. Its only a f@cking game,relax! It was put there for you to learn and enjoy.You are suffering? Good,all part of the game,you re still learning. Dont like suffering? Well,too bad.There are only two options: you accept it and go on with the game trying to get to a better place if you wish, or you exit. But why exit when theres still so much fun to be had? the game goes on!

You envy better players?Good,go on playing,try to be better yourself! They are out there to get you,you said? Oh,poor,poor you! Of course they are,its part of the game,stupid! If you dont like your co-players,go find others,hopefully more cooperative ones,this whole playground is swarming in them. Or you can just sit still ,complain and whine about the game.Thats an option too,of course. But you'd think you had better things to do by now. I mean,you are in the game for a while now.

Oh,you said you didnt choose to be in the game in the first place? What nonsense,its like the character you create in a game turning up to you and complaining they didnt choose to be created. Dont you get it? You and that character are one and the same guy,exept you keep forgetting because the game is so real .Now go play.Have some fun,have a hard time,keep learning. And please share your tips with me,because this f@cking game is driving me crazy all the time,I just cant get the knack of it!


                                                             Love,peace and game fun

Πέμπτη 5 Ιανουαρίου 2012

How to spot fake profiles,fake identities and murky people on Facebook

This is a rather hasty but valuable  compilation of stuff I found online on the subject,along with my personal take on it.

Back in a more innocent age, a Facebook friend bore at least some resemblance to an actual friend: They were real people with real identities with whom one had some connection in real life. But the online "friends" who populate Facebook are increasingly not who they say they are. Indeed, some are not even real human beings, but merely malevolent online creations.
Facebook has distinguished itself from competing social networks by requiring that members use their actual identities, a stipulation that has created both an aura of intense connection and a sense of safety, helping Facebook to grow into a $50-billion behemoth with 550 million members. 

In Facebook, things are not all as it seems: there are people who are under false names, pictures, interests and even friends. You look at their profile and think “something here does not fit.” These characters seek to trick legitimate users the purpose of sending unsolicited advertising, steal personal information or engage in various scams.

Why would people create fake facebook profiles?
  • Shallow relationships: "lovers" testing and teasing each others, teasing by fake comments of fake profiles, testing each other by fake flirts or  msgs!
  • Monitoring: monitoring people (students, employees ... ) lives by fake personalities!
  • Business: forcing some business to grow by making it popular through many profiles!
  • Revenge: broken people creating humiliating fake profiles for those who hurt them!
  • Psychos: males creating profiles for females and vice versa.
  • Stalkers: people who know you from real life and they believe online communication offers more opportunities to interact with you
  • Some people are just sick: stupid pointless people like to fool around!
  • Professionals: if you belong to an activist or extreme or otherwise deemed 'dangerous' group,there will most likely be professionally hired people to gather information about the activity of both your specific group and you individually

Tips for Identifying Fake Online Profiles:1. Be wary if the profile describes a personality that complements your own or is too good to be true. Often, imposters will create interests and activities that mirror your own in order to start a conversation.2/ Determine whether any of your "mutual friends" have actually met your newest online acquaintance in person.3/Use search engines to do a quick background check on the name and basic information used in a profile.4/Peruse posted pictures and albums carefully. A real person will often have pictures with friends and family, who will have tagged and commented on photos. By contrast, most of the fake profiles have only one or two photos.The images are of poor quality, without descriptions, tags and comments.Or they might be generic./Don't be tricked if your friend has multiple people who vouch for him or her online. One person can easily make multiple accounts to make it appear as if there is a support network of family and friends.6/Imposters will often try to interact with your own friends and family members to create a broader sense of familiarity and build up a broader network of trust.7/If birthday is 01/01 (no offense real ones LOL but because it's the fastest choice)! 8/ Info profile is too short not equipped with a category. For example do not mention the school name etc

Here's a very good indication:

A fake profile of Facebook user that is a stalker aimed specifically at you will actively seek you out, sending friend request though there are no common friends,will keep liking everything you post,almost obsessively, and keep posting messages on your wall

Fake profiles and stalkers are easily spotted,at least that is my experience. It's murky people serving murky purposes that are more difficult to identify. Eventually,though,after some initial probing,especially if you go by your gut feeling,they reveal their true colors.Plus, when they do realise you saw through them they obligingly take to greener and more naive pastures,or they just start lurking.My policy:Fearlessness. THEY should be afraid of me,not the other way round. I show my true colors,they dont,so all their interactions are based on fear of being revealed for what they are,which is quite of a stess-generator! I get to have fun,they get to have stress.Sounds fine by me! No need to report them,they get what they deserve! Everyone does in the end.

                                                     Love,peace and understanding


Τρίτη 3 Ιανουαρίου 2012

The love story of the horse and the poplar

This is a beautiful love story that I translated from a Greek story I found in the below link. Enjoy.

Once upon a time there was a tall,beautiful poplar tree in the middle of a  large meadow. 

 She was graceful,her folliage laden with silver.But who would have thought that she was an unhappy poplar.As far as your eyes could see there was no other tree in sight." I am so lonely, without any friends, without anyone to exchange a few words with" she reflected and continued:"When people are lonely, then compare themselves to the reeds in the plain, but it should rather be said that they are like me, like a poplar in the prairie."

These and other similar thoughts had been crossing the poplar's mind. For she really was lonely and miserable.A small consolation was of course the birds.The opportunities, however, to speak to them were few and far between.All day they would flutter back and forth and only came to her branches to sing or sleep.Not that they would undertsand her language anyway, because it's not that easy for anyone to learn the language of trees.As for the crickets, they were either sleeping or singing all day long.

So months and years passed and the world seemed drab to the poplar. Until one day,when life began to smile upon her.

It was a glorious autumn day,a glorious sun shining upon the meadow after the early morning rain.
Freshly washed by the rain ,the poplar's leaves  were shining like pure silver.
She suddenly saw a horse descending the hills around her meadow.
White as snow. So proud a horse she had never seen in her life.
She just stood there admiring his trotting while his mane was rythmically swaying in the wind.

Soon she could also discern a middle aged man holding the horse's reins.
''That's probably his owner" she thoughtThen she realised that he was the  farmer who had bought the nearby plot."That horse is supposed to be working here for the farmer.Who would have thought that  company would come in the form of a beautiful horse''. 
But the horse did not even look at her. At first because it simply never crossed his  mind to hang out with a tree.Besides he was not that fond of trees anyway, as he was often tied to their trunk, while he would prefer to gallop freely in the plains and mountains. Plus he never thought that a tree could either talk or keep one company.

A few days passed but the horse paid no heed to the poplar.She tried several times to talk to him but he did not seem to understand..But soon loneliness began to creep upon the horse as well. After he was done with his chores he spent too many hours tied to the poplar's trunk.One afternoon he lifted his head up and observed the poplar in all her glory for the first time.

''Good God!What a beauty! ''he exclaimed ''And look at those leaves,glistening like pure silver!! But how  miserable she must be here all alone in the meadow ",he whispered  and as he gazed upon her.
''-Oh, thank you  for realising what it's like,'' he heard  a fine melodious voice emerging from the folliage of  the poplar .The horse could  not believe his ears. Really, it was the  poplar talking to him.''So you are a talking tree''? he asked inquiringly. The poplar, happy now because he could hear her at last,replied:
-''Everything on earth has its own language .You can keep studying languages ​​to learn how to communicate. But in order for anyone to understand the language of any living thing,you have to pay attention to it when it is trying to talk to you''.

From that day on the horse became friends with the poplar. He could hardly wait for the time that the farmer summoned him to work in the field. He was so looking forward to find himself next to the poplar.And the poplar hardly slept a wink each night,counting the minutes until she could see the horse descending  from the hills beyond. 
They would spent endless hours talking. He told her a lot of things about other animals,he spoke of the world behind the hills. And he even told her that he loved  nothing more on earth than to gallop as a free horse in the plains and mountains.And that he was fortunate to have an owner that was kind to animals. She could not get enough of his stories.She in turn told him about the pleasure of hearing the birds singing,of the joy of silently contemplating about life under the stars at night,of the pleasure of swinging rythmically to the gentle breezes.
She was no longer lonely and the horse felt lonely only when he was away from her, although he did not lack company in the farmhouse of his owner.

But one morning the horse did not show up. Nor the next day or the day after that.. Then she realized that work was over and done with in the nearby plot and that the horse would not come back to her.
''He is soon going to forget all about me", she thought with a heavy heart.

But the horse kept thinking about her throughout the days while he was working in other plots and throughout the nights when he was tied  to the the door of the farmhouse."Oh, the poplar will  assume I have forgotten her"he thought to himseld and his eyes misted with grief. He stopped talking to other animals,he even lost his appetite.Now he realized the true depth of his feelings for the poplar.And how he wished he were allowed to send a message,to tell her that he had not forgotten........

Days, nights, weeks rolled by, then winter came. One night standing outside the farmhouse in the bitter cold,realizing that the bitterness in his heart was even more unbearable, the horse  took the big decision:"I can not stand it any longer,I am breaking loose. My poplar needs me and I need her too". He was strong and the rope gave in easily and he started galloping frantically towards the meadow.There was a huge,round moon in the winter sky guiding his way.Fast as the wind he came to her,calling her name. He stood on his hind legs trying to kiss her. She in her turn tried hard  to bend her trunk to reach down and kiss him.But the trunk came close to breaking. They couldn't make it. Maybe next time ...

As  the horse lay down by her trunk  she shook her branches and threw as many of her leaves that were left on her in an attempt to cover him and keep him warm. At that moment they heard a mocking hoarse voice above  them:''
''Look at that spectacle. Go figure. A horse loving a poplar. That's a good laugh'' ...They lifted their eyes and saw a black ugly cloud passing by.-'I'll run to tell the news to the other clouds behind the hills so that we can laugh to our hearts content.''

The poplar sank into silence.The words of  the black cloud were still  ringing in her ears and almost stole the joy of their reunion.The white horse, reading her thoughts immediately replied:.''My sweet poplar, do not worry. There will always be black clouds who instead of  trying to find happiness for themselves,will be  looking for ways  to spoil the happiness of others.Do not doubt for a moment that we are the most suited couple, perhaps in the whole wide world.''

''You're right horse'' they heard a warm voice above them. ''Thousands of years traveling upon the earth from side to side I have seen a lot,believe me. But it's the first time I have seen a love so beautiful''. It was the  perfectly round moon  who had silently slipped  from the sky and stood over them while bathing them with her silver light.

Then the horse thought of the farmhouse and his owner.But he could not find it in his heart to leave her alone again.His owner,though, was not about to give up on such a valuable horse so easily.So he kept searching for it. Except it never occured to him to look for it by the poplar's side.But of course that telltale of a cloud saw to that and dropped a few of his rain drops above the farm. So the secret was learned first by the flowers in the garden .Then  the secret reached the ears of  the farmer's wife, who knew the language of flowers because she loved them.And she in turn told her husband.. He immediately ran to the meadow to bring his property back.

But the horse had decided to stay with the poplar forever, so when he  saw his owner descending from the hills, he took to the mountains. The farmer realised what was amiss  and decided to cut down the tree that kept his horse away from him. So he got out his saw and started sawing the trunk.He was surprised however to hear deep sighs emanating from the tree .  ''Those who claim that trees have a soul are right " he thought to himself. "And why not? My wife does speaks to flowers after all ."

He stopped sawing and asked:-"'Tell me,am I hurting you,is that why you are sighing?''-''Yes'', she replied, 'it hurts a lot,but that is not why I am sighing. I am thinking of the pain my beloved horse will go through when he comes back and finds me dead''.
-''What a beautiful love this is''! whispered the farmer.''How can I ruin it?? Tell the horse when he gets back, that from now on he is free . This is my gift to your love''.And before the poplar had  time enough to thank him, he was off on his way back to tell his wife of this wonderful and strange story.

When  the horse returned and learned about the news, he started dancing like mad for joy .Then the horse asked the poplar: "Would you like to walk with me?''  "Walk-me? I am a tree. Have you forgotten that my  horse? Trees remain rooted in the same place for ever''. ''That's because none of the ever tried'' replied the horse. ''Why dont you become the first tree ever to do that?'' And so it happened. It was wonderful that night that the poplar walked proudly next to the white horse, under the perfectly round moon.Yes, there it was their friend the moon, who did her best to become brighter  for their sake that night

''I brought you a gift ,'' told them the moon .''I will sprinkle you with some magic dust and you will become of the same kind.You will no longer be different. And so you will be free to relish your love without any obstacles and problems.You choose: Would you like to live the rest of your lives like horses or like poplars?''And then as is always the case with two lovers so deeply in love as they were,they replied in one voice, as if they had read each other's thoughts:-''Thank you  moon for your gift, but we prefer to stay the way we are.We are perfectly happy as it is. Our love does not need your magic dust''.
-''I '',said  the poplar, ''know how much  horses like to run free, galloping away to their heart's content. It would be a shame to make a poplar of him,he would miss his former life so terribly. ''And I'',said the horse ''know how much my poplar loves swaying to the breeze under the stars.Yes,we 'd like to stay the way we are. I will always be coming back to you, my precious poplar,no matter how far away I go''

Before he could finish his words, the horse felt his feet growing taller and taller. And the poplar bent for the first time without any pain in her trunk.So they were able to have their first kiss ...enthusiastically applauded by the moon ...And that was the only night ever that the moon forgot to continue her journey through the horizon... ...

                                                  Love,peace and happy endings