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How to feel sexy all the time at all ages

The desire to radiate sex appeal,in and out of your clothes,is a universal one.

Although most people believe that youth and physical beauty are prerequisites for sex appeal,it is a fact that sexiness is not limited to the young and physically attractive.Studies have shown that people change their perception of someone's attractiveness without any changes happening to said someone's physical appearance.The sexier one is perceived,the more attractive they are considered to be. 

Sex appeal is something within everyone's reach,regardless of their looks or age.The usual,run of the mill advice to revamp yourself,fix your hair,lose weight,plaster a smile all over your face,yadda,yadda to appear more sexy,rarely,if ever,works for anyone.Why?Simply because sexiness is a state of mind.

Of course putting some thought into your appearance never hurt anyone.Most people are superficial when they size others up,so good grooming and dressing cuts across all social groups and identities to help us make good first impressions.Also,it has been shown that we perceive people as less attractive when they are sleep deprived.Lack of sleep causes us to look tired and cranky,which is not a sexy or attractive trait at all. 

But other than being properly groomed and rested sexiness has little to do with our physical and everything to do with our mental state.All sexy people have one thing in common;they radiate this inner quality that turns heads everywhere they go and attracts potential sexual partners with an irresistible force.

Nothing new here,of course.You've been told a thousant times that sexiness is all about loving your body, accepting your imperfections and oozing confidence.Yeah,right.Easier said than done.For a small minority of people this comes about naturally.For the rest of us,women in particular,struggling with some form of insecurity or other makes it really difficult to project a confident,sexy persona all the time.

The ''fake it till you make it'' approach doesn't always help either.If your self consciousness issues are deeply rooted you can repeat affirmations like''I feel sexy'' all day long and you still won't change a thing.Your subconscious will keep negating it by whispering to you''We both know you don't believe that!''

So what's the secret?Simple really.Here's the equation:

-To be sexy,you have to feel sexy
-To feel sexy,you have to be in a sexy frame of mind
To be in a sexy frame of mind,you have to either do sexy things or think sexy thoughts!

Look at the pictures of the two girls below.In terms of physical attributes they are pretty much alike.But:


                      Isn't the first girl the personification of nerd awkwardness?

Isn't the second the personification of sexy suggestiveness?You can almost hear her thoughts:''Come over here and make my glasses go misty with your hotness!''

What's the missing element in the first girl's image?You've guessed it!Sexy,suggestive thoughts that instantly give the other girl a sultry,foxy look.

Think about it for a moment.Whithin sex appeal is the word sex,after all.In order for you to appeal to anyone sexually,you have to show off your sexual nature to them. Feeling confused,disgusted,ill-at-ease or prudish about yours and other people's sexuality will not help  project a sexually appealing image of you.

The lustiest,most pasionate,most irresistible and most sexually satisfied people are the ones so comfortable with their sexual nature that they project it unashamedly to the world with their thoughts,words and actions.When you think,talk and act sexy,your state of mind automatically kicks your confidence and sex appeal into high gear.That frame of mind,in turn,can literally transform your physical self from plain to hot in a matter of seconds.And the more you use the technique,the more effective it becomes. 

Seeing,however, that there is a fine line betrween sexiness and sluttiness,it is much safer for you to share sexy words and actions with sexual partners only.Thinking sexy,naughty thoughts is a more appropriate and just as effective way of inducing that state of mind that makes you instantly hotter in all social settings.Your imagination is yours and totally under your control,no laws or restrictions there.Since no one else has access to your thoughts,why not let your imagination loose more often?

Now I can almost hear your objections,especially if you are a man;I have thoughts about sex all the time,but it doesn't seem to do the trick for me''.The thing is,by sexy thoughts I don't mean the''I need to get laid right now'' attitude.Neediness is just as off-putting as insecurity.Revel in your sexual nature and thoughts,enjoy being eye-candy,be self-conscious free when people check you out.Mentally tell yourself:''I like being ogled at''.And don't hesitate to do the checking out yourself. 

Why stop here?Inject your routine activities with some sexual imagery of your choice.Can't for the life of you remember your pin number?Let's say it's 8719.If you think of an 87 year old having sex with a 19 year old you are more likely to remember it,aren't you?Stop compartmentalizing your life into 'serious' stuff and 'fun' stuff.Be a sexual being in all aspect of your life!

Think more about sex;your everyday routine will get so hot you'll start smoldering.Flirt more.Flirting is fine even if you are already happily committed to a partner.Nothing can boost your self esteem and your sexiness quotient more than a little innocent flirt.In fact it might do wonders for both you and your partner.Remember the ''if you don't use it,you lose it'' saying?If others stop seeing you as sexy,you'll probably stop seeing yourself as sexy as well and it's very likely that your partner will follow suit.

Sex appeal as a state of mind has longevity too,because unlike youth and freshness you don't lose it after any particular age.From book to film characters it is obvious that older men are considered sexy.And if you think this doesn't apply to women,look at Helen Miren below as an example of how sexy older women can really be.

The older you get, the less afraid you are to be your real self.You are through with pretence and so you become more compasionate,accepting and giving in bed than your younger version.If you consciously choose to appreciate and radiate those qualities,you have the potential to become even sexier as time goes by.If sex appeal of youth is full of eagerness and energy,mature sex appeal is all about skill and experience.

Think and act sexy all the time,be sexy all the time!

Now I suppose you want me to give you an example of sexy,naughty,dirty thoughts that can help you release the sexy siren or beast within you?

NO WAY!Go have your own!!!

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Love,peace and sex appeal


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  1. Very true. I like a woman who takes care of herself and looks nice. Lip gloss does wonders. Nice clothes and beautiful hair. You are what you make of yourself.

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