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Stop obsessing about food and weight loss

I love food.Why not?It is deliscious.I bet you like it,too.If you don't,you have serious issues,not just with food,but with your sexuality and your life as well.

There are some people that can eat whatever they want,whenever they want,exercise rarely or never and yet they keep themselves at an ideal weight.No,they are not blessed with great genes.No,they are not performing some kind of magic,either.And I am definitely not refering to any other sick habit,(like bulimia).I am refering to a healthy,normal relationship with food and how everyone (yes,that means you too!) can have that.

I had great difficulty writing this post.I wrote it and rewrote it and deleted parts of it and pondered on every sentence.Please forgive me if at times I may sound smug or self-righteous or patronizing or insensitive.Believe me,that is not my intention.The reason I am writing this is that I'd love to help and inspire a few people by sharing some insights that have helped me a great deal.

For the most part of my life I've been blessed with a healthy relationship with food and a nice figure even after giving birth to four children.But there were times in my life that I've been too thin (in my childhood) or too fat (for about a year after giving birth to each of my children), so I do know what it feels like to be both.I do not pretend to know or understand the heart-wrenching reality of lifelong struggle with food eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, obsessive eating habits etc),but I do believe that all those disorders stem from the same root. And I do believe that we should share our truth with the world,no matter how others are going to judge us because of that.So take what you like from my truth,incorporate it into your belief system and discard what you don't like or disagree with.

Food is energy.Just like every living thing (and most machines,for that matter) on this planet we need energy to function.If we run out of energy,for whatever reason,our physical selves die. There are two kinds of energy sources available to humans as physical beings:primary energy sources,without which life is unsustainable,namely ogygen/air,water and nourishment and secondary energy sources,like rest,physical activity,sexual energy,energy from the sun,etc.

Apart from your physical self,however,there is also that part of you that is undefinable,infinite and spiritual in nature,the one that we usually call soul,or higher self or whatever name you wish to call it.Your soul is not contained in your body,it is the containing force that keeps your body from falling apart.When your soul leaves that body,you die,even if there is still an abundance of energy in your physical self.Your soul is the energiser and keeper,so to speak,of your body.

Just as your physical self needs energy to continue existing on this planet,so does your soul needs its own energy to thrive.Our bodies need physical energy,but our souls need another kind of energy,non physical in nature: the energy of Love.Your physical self will die if left without proper amounts of physical energy,your soul cannot continue sustaining your body if left without enough reserves of Love.If you don't believe me on that,research what happens to institutionalised children that suffer from many developmental disorders or even die in extreme cases because of lack of love. 

Just as our physical bodies were created in our mother's womb,using her body as an initial source of nourishment,so our souls were created by Love.All passion,all attraction is Love,though it is manifested in various forms.Whether a baby is created by pure sexual passion or a combination of sexual and romantic passion,it is still Love at work that creates that new soul.God's Love and desire for a new soul is united with the combined passion(=love) energy of a human couple (man-woman) in creating a new soul at the very actual moment of conception.So the source and essence of our souls is Love.Even when a baby is created in a lab,there are still those forces at work,namely the passion of the sperm and egg providers and God's desire and Love for that new soul.

So,to sum up,our bodies need nourishment in the form of food just as our souls need nourishment in the form of Love.Life is impossible without both of those sources of energy.As both are essential for our survival,it is only logical that they are interconnected and directly influencing each other.And since the soul is the one sustaining our body,it is only natural that when there are problems with Love energy,physical energy processing is disturbed as well.Meaning:if,for whatever reason,you are low or deficient in love reserves,there's definitely going to be a disorder or imbalance in your physical body as well.

A proper amount of love in our lives keeps the channels of energy processing in our bodies in perfect working order,body energy is balanced and that keeps the body at its ideal weight and optimum health.

This is how:

Since we are used to seeing only our physical side,whenever we sense an energy shortage or problem,we tend to ascribe it to a physical cause.We feel low in energy,so we need food to get that energy.The problem is that most of us,when we are lacking in love energy,still believe we need a physical form of nourishment to replenish it.An overweight person is so low in  love reserves (either because there is lack of love in their lives or they perceive it that way) that they have to compensate for it by consuming more and more food.The more they consume,however, the worse they feel about themselves,which further depletes their love supplies,which further increases their need to consume more food,to replenish that lost energy.Our body is another aspect of our subconscious mind.An overweight person's subconscious mind/body keeps telling them:''You are low in energy,you need more!Eat more to replenish your empty energy reserves.And even when you are full,you should still keep some more aside,just in case.There is not enough,you wouldn't want to go without!You need more!And then some!''

An anorexic person,on the other hand,is also low in love,but unlike the overweight person,they subconsciously believe that they are unworthy of it,or that,as a coping mechanism, they should learn to exist on very low levels of it.Their subconscious tells them;''All right,there is not enough energy/love to go round,so I should teach myself/my body to get by with as little of that love/energy/food as possible.The less I need,the better off I'll be.Who needs love/energy/food anyway?I have such amazing self-control that I can go without.And that makes me amazing,too.And self reliant''.

The bulimic is somewhere between the above two mentioned frames of mind: just like overweight people,their subconscious tells them to keep eating to compensate for low love energy levels,but they also believe,having bought into the western puritanic way of thinking,that since they have 'sinned',they need to repent,pay for that sin by'purging'because every self indulgence,according to that way of thinking,is to be followed by punishment and self denial.

There is nothing wrong with food,guys.Food,any kind of food,is just energy.Energy is neutral,neither good nor bad.When we put labels on food,like,fattening,junk,full of empty calories food etc,all we do is paving the way for a self-fulfilled prophesy.Contrary to what you are led to believe,all kinds of food are healthy,if you are craving for them.Don't bristle up on me when I say that a lettuce is no more healthier than a slice of fried bacon.Both are sources of energy of a different kind.You can choose to live without one or the other and that still won't make a bit of a difference to your health or weight,unless you believe it to be so.

The only thing that makes some food better/healthier than any other is the intention you charge it with!

Read that again to make sure you understood correctly and that it's not a typo:

The only thing that makes some food better/healthier than any other is the intention you charge it with!

If you eat fruit and veggies thinking they're good for you and they're helping you flash out toxins,your body is going to oblige and give you exactly that.If you eat too much of something thinking''this is probably going to give me indigestion'',you're gonna get exactly that.If you guiltily indulge in sweets knowing they are fattening,you're definitely going to see the difference in your hips.

We charge the food we consume or prepare with our intentions all the time.We do this subconsciously anyway,so we might as well do it intentionally for a change.I've been eating insane amounts of sweets and ice cream and I am a certified chocalolic for as long as I can remember.But somehow my weight always stays the same.The only time I tend to pile on a couple of kilos is when I feel low in love reserves (self love or otherwise).When I bring myself back on track,the extra kilos melt away effortlessly and diet-lessly.

So if you are currently struggling with weight issues and you'd like to achieve a healthier approach to food,here are a few suggestions that you might find helpful:

Stop  feeling guilty about food intake!

If food is just energy,and your body is craving for it,stop feeling guilty for providing your body with what it needs.Realise it's a natural process,like breathing and sleeping.You don't get to decide how much oxygen your body needs,why then would you try to control how much food your body needs?Even if you are currently struggling with weight issues,trust that your body is doing a great job,all things considered,and stop obsessing about calories.Make peace with all kinds of food and see it exactly as it is:a neutral source of energy.Next,each time you eat something,instead of charging it with guilt,shame or negative expectations,just do the opposite:charge it with magical properties!

A long time ago I decided  that everything I would eat would make me slimmer and healthier.I eat a piece of deliscious chocolate pie and I am convinced it makes me happier and therefore healthier.I enjoy a nice helping of spaghetti a la Bolognese and I know it helps me get a great figure,because you need calories to burn fat.I have some pizza with my kids and I am sure it makes me slimmer and more attractive.Try it for yourself.I'm warning you,it's not easy to accomblish.At first,you'll feel like a nutter and your subconscious is going to keep arguing with you,telling you ''you believe nothing of the sort''.Ignore it.Fake it and feel stupid if you have to,but stick with it.Half assed efforts won't give you any results.Be consistent and don't give up.Enjoy every bite of your food,knowing that it's good for you and you deserve it.

Replenish your love supplies

Of course,there are litteraly hundreds of thousant weight loss gurus out there that are always telling you that you need more self love to solve all your weight problems.But how are you supposed to do that?In order for us to have a healthy amount of self love,we need to get some love from others first.You can't just create something out of nothing,it's impossible.You need a  love trust first,upon which you can build up the construction of your self love.

So where and how do you find that?You might be between romantic partners,you might have been hurt many times in love before,you might be going through a rough patch with your current partner,you might have had a loveless or seriously lacking in love childhood,disturbed and tempestuous teenage years,you might be a lonely-not by choice- person.All those circumstances have seriously contributing in depleting your love supplies and you have my deepest sympathy for that.But you need to stop using your past as an excuse and start doing something for your present.

Like what?Beg for love,becoming a doormat in the process,or desperately chase it and therefore drive it further away from you or become an energy vampire,feasting on other people's energy?Those are sick and really not at all effective,in the long run,ways of replenishing your love supplies.There is actually only one trully tried and tested method to achieve that:

If you want to replenish your love supplies so that you have enough love energy to sustain your soul and a healthy body,you need to give lots and lots and lots of love first.


Because everything you give away to others,returns back to you ten times as much.When you give love to other people you are actually giving it to yourself,with interest.This is also a great way of building self love as well,much more effective than chanting self-love affirmations anyway.Plus,it is going to transform you into a real people magnet.So get out there and give love to people,the way you'd like to receive it.And no,social media or love in the abstract doesn't count.Remember how everything you give away returns back to you multiplied?Well,if you give away virtual or abstract love,this is exactly what you'll be getting back,which is great of course,except you need more of the real,palpable thing.

Food is deliscious.So is Love.You need both to thrive,love more than food,for that matter.So go out and give real love to people,to replenish your love supplies and restore back to health both your body and your soul.

Love and peace


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  1. i love the way you think and write! it's so innocent, simple and enlightened. it's all too alien for me and i like it!

  2. A beautiful incisive post Eirini.
    I totally resonate with all you say here, so articulate in English. Not alien at all, just galactic!
    namaste, dear sister in light,

  3. Thank you for this. It really changed my perspective. It's something I knew... but didn't believe yet. I would love to hear more and more and more about this from you!! :D