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Translation from French:


"While one in two young Greeks are unemployed, 25,000 homeless roam the streets of Athens, 30% of the population below the poverty line, thousands of families have to put their children in institutions in order not to die of hunger and cold ,the newly-poor and refugees are fighting for the right to search in rubbish bins in public places, the "saviors" of Greece, under the pretext that the Greeks "are not doing enough" have imposed a new plan that supposedly doubles the assistance given ,administering a lethal dose to greek economy( not a cent of this goes to Greek people,of course,by law that they have passed it is handed in its entirety to our 'creditors'.. A design that eliminates the rights of legal employment  and condemns the poor to extreme poverty, while practically eliminating the middle class.

The goal is not in any case the "salvation" of Greece: all economists who are worthy of their name agree on that. The goal is to win time in order to save the creditors while the country is driven to a controlled default. Primarily, the aim is to transform Greece into a laboratory of social transformation that is going to be generalized when the time is ripe-very soon,believe me- across Europe. The model that is tested over the Greeks is that of a society without public services, in which schools, hospitals and medical centers are demolished, health becomes a privilege of the rich, vulnerable populations are planned towards a gradual extermination, while those who remain are being sentenced to job working conditions similar to slavery in sweat factories ,resulting in extreme forms of poverty and economic deprivation for the entire population.

But in order for the offensive forces to achieve their goal ,they have to establish a system that removes the most basic democratic rights. By order of the rescuers, national sovereignty is abolished. This is a turning point in the parliamentary systems in which we see the "representatives of the people" ,the very own Greel members of parliament that were elected to defend the right of their people,give full power to foreign bankers to do as they please, denying the alleged power of the Greeks to decide for themselves. A kind of parliamentary coup, which among other things will constitutionally deny to its people any form of public protests. So, dictated by the Troika (European Union, European Central Bank, International Monetary Fund), a parliamentary power lacking democratic legitimacy is mortgaging the future of the country for the next thirty or forty years.

The artificial and forced deterioration of the debt issue was used as a weapon of assault for the capture of a society as a whole.And the spoils that the financial system expects to elicit from "the enemy" are the social and democratic rights of the Greeks, but what is ultimately at stake is the ability for a decent human life. And the life of those who do not produce or consume enough should not be maintained. Thus, the inability of a country caught in the snares of speculators is the secret door that will violently impose a new,orwelian,new world order model of society MODEL SOON TO BE IMPOSED THROUGHOUT EUROPE AND NEXT THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. This is the real challenge, and therefore the defense of the Greek people is not simply a gesture of solidarity or abstract humanity.The future of democracy and the fate of European nations,of the entire world is at stake. Everywhere the "urgent necessity" for "painful but life-saving" austerity measures is presented as the means to avoid the fate of Greece, and leads directly to it.

We are at a point of no return. It is urgent to fight the battle of numbers and the war of words to stop the rhetoric of fear and misinformation. It is urgent to deconstruct the moral lessons that obscures the real process that takes place in OUR society. It is more than urgent to demystify the racist myth about greeks that aims to elevate the supposed national character of a people ( laziness or slyness) to the root cause of a crisis that is global in effect. What counts today is not the specifics, real or imaginary, but common: the fate of a people that will influence the fate of all others.''

My two cents: Yes,it is happening. Yes,it is not only about Greece. And no,Greek people were not chosen at random.Before dismissing this as plain nationalism,please consider the following: if you are planning for decades this whole thing,you are of course likely to have planned and thought over every f@cking little detail of how it is going to unfold.

So when attacking a group,targeting their freedom on all levels,you begin with the ones more deemed as likely to oppose you and not tolerate your oppression, tyrants and dictators throughout history have been doing so for ever .The Greeks have proved throughout their history with their obstinent refusal to accept any form of tyrany that they value freedom more than anything else.And if you dont believe in traits shared by whole demographics and nations,please do your homework first.

Here is what Henry Kissinger said about Greece in 1974: ''The Greek people are anarchic and difficult to tame. For this reason we must strike deep into their cultural roots: Perhaps then we can force them to conform. I mean, of course, to strike at their language, their religion, their cultural and historical reserves, so that we can neutralize their ability to develop, to distinguish themselves, or to prevail; thereby removing them as an obstacle to our strategically vital plans in the Balkans, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East.''

So what you do is test-drive the whole model in the most resistant-prone of people and at the same time eliminate them because they are the ones most likely not to accept it. Its called killing two birds with one stone.

Do I like this? Of course not. Do I become desperate and scared shitless like I have seen many do? Hell no! Bullies and tyrants are in existernce since the dawn of humanity. Both in everyday life and at a global level..

Let me share a secret with you:THE SECRET TO RENDER A BULLY OF ANY KIND USELESS IS NEVER EVER TO BE AFRAID OF ONE. Because only the fear their victims feel keeps bullies and tyrants afloat. Once you are prepared to lose anything and everything,including your life,if necessary,noone can do anything to you. In a group of people at national or even global level, once the mass of unafraid people reaches a critical point,the scale begins to tip...and that's when real fun begins.

Also,here's another secret,straight from ancient Greek tradition,the concept of ΥΒΡΙΣ,hybris,meaning excessive arrogance. Excessive arrogance of all and any form brings down upon it its own fall and doom,like the two sides of the same coin. It has always been so throughout history. And the more cruel and inhumane the arrogance involved,the more spectacular the fall of the Goliath...

I am really excited about our times. We are all part of such an interesting turning point in human history. I am told I am a good communicator,so I am using my God-given talents to inform and liberate minds,because the tipping point begins with the freedom of the mind. It has always been so,it has aways been the battle for dominance of the mind.You can do that too,I am sure.

Be free,be fearless,be awsome. Inform and liberate

Our Kathara Deftera in pictures Η Καθαρη μας Δευτερα

We celebrate Clean Monday,(kathari defterea), first Monday in Lent in Greece today. It is a public holiday for us.

Kathari deftera comes from the Greek words kathari, the root of which means pure or "clean", especially in a spiritual sense, and deftera, the second, which means - Monday, the "second" day of the week as Sunday, kyriakos or "the Lord's day" is considered to be the first day of the week.

Clean Monday is technically the first day of the 40 days of Sarakosti, "the forty", referring to the 40 days of Lent prior to Easter.Foods during the seven weeks of Lent are fixed according to lenten restrictions. This generally means no meat or fish (nothing with red blood) and nothing derived from animals with red blood (no milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs, etc.) Yeah,a vegeterian's paradise! Most people do not keep the tradition,ecxept on the first week of Lent,beginning with kathara deftera today and the last before Easter .

While it is part of Lent, and Lenten food restrictions are observed, it has become a family holiday with picnics and kite-flying. So we're off to fly a kite!   

                                   My Kathara Deftera  begun with a nice,relaxing shower

After getting everyone ready and buying our kite,we set off. Our destination was a little monastery up in the mountains, a few kilometeres away from Serres,my hometown.There are no nuns there now,except it is often visited by localpeople

It was cloudy when we set off and there was fresh snow in the nearby mountains. You need windy weather for Kathara Deftera,to fly your kite. Not so promising today,but still!

We arrived twenty minutes later. My sister and son-in-law and my youngest's godfmother and her husband were already there waiting for us,along with fifty or sixty more people.

                                                We had a nice view of the whole town and its plain 

                                                        ..and the odd farm here and there

                                    The monastery was well kept and cosy ,with a nice cloistered yard

                            and a little monastery church after the Greek Eastern Orthodox model

The first thing you do upon entering such a church is cross yourself and light a candle that represents your particular prayer or wish to God. You may light more if you are praying for more people or have more things to ask from God( this is rather simpliastic,but I am not a theologist,so there!)

The icon of the patron saint to whom the church is dedicated-in this case Saint Demetrius,a local patron of Macedonia,where he lived- is always on your right of the church.

                                                  After petting the monastery cat

                                                         it was kite time!

My husband did a pretty good job at that,along with our two youngest.(the two oldest ones consider themselves too old for family outings!!!)

                  The kite was up and flying! Though sadly not for long,the weather didn't help much!

Then I spotted a little farm with cows and horses  about half a kilometer away and the kids asked me to go visit it.

You can't tell from the picture,but the ground was all muddy because of yesterday's heavty rain,espercially around the farm. Our shoes got much worse for wear after that!

There were around three dozens of free range cows scattered there and we could also see half a dozen horses in in another,secluded place. We didnt venture nearer though,because I spotted a non-too friendly looking bull in the distance,so we left.

Then it was time to go inside the lounge room of the monastery. The church people has a nice fire lit up there along with a  free lenten meal of traditional Greek food for all visitors,as Greek hospitality tradition dictates.

The meal included the traditional Kathara Deftera bean soup (fasolatha), lagana bread, olives,pickles and halva for dessert along with soft drinks. There were around sixty or more people present and  three cauldrons of fasolatha soup-see the picture after the ladies did the washing up- had been prepared. Many of the guest women there were working in the kitchen to help serve everyone and clean up afterwards. There was a nice,cosy,informal community atmosphere all around as most of us knew most people there.

                                                     Then it was goodbye time  and time to head for home

                                                             Love,peace and keeping traditions

Τετάρτη 22 Φεβρουαρίου 2012

My kick-ass lucid dream

A few days ago,after a facebook friend asked me whether I have any lucid dreams,I set the intention to have one,because it's been sometime. Just like all intentions that are to eventually become a reality,this one was set in a very relaxed ,happy-go-lucky manner. Like ,''wouldnt it be fun if I had a lucid dream again one of these days,one full of adventure,where I get to kick ass and enjoy that feeling of total control and omnipotence over my world''. Like all intentions that are eventually to become a rerality in the real world,this one was set in a totally relaxed,happy-go-lucky manner and then totally forgotten. And,sure enough,after a few days,here was my lucid dream,exactly as I had asked for it. It was fun so I thought I'd share it with you.

The dream started as a nightmare. (Yeah,my higher self was on a mission to teach me something). I thought that I was in a twentieth century,30's kind of setting,depression,gangster-controlled and the like,a dark,sinister place were my family,kids,even brothers etc were under the control of an evil creature of a man,a cross between a pimp and a slave owner, who made everyone work for him.That dream is easy to explain,my country is currently under the control of evil forces,so I identified with its fate.

Anyway,we were all in this horrible setting and he thought I wasnt doing something right so he was asking me to perform better. He kept asking me to do stupid stuff. At one moment I lost it and retorted to him in a very abrupt and offensive manner. (Just like in real life,even in my nightmares I am likely to get mad if you provoke me and then all hell breaks loose!).

His people,as soon as they heard me,looked on terrified to see how he'd react. He kept staring at me in a terrifyingly calm manner and asked one of his people to fetch a really heavy,monstrously big glass object,a sort of bric-a- brac. I realised he was about to smash my head with it. I remember thinking''God,this is gonna hurt like hell'' and the terror I experienced at that moment ,let me tell you,was more real than reality itself.

Then the lucid part of the dream started. I checked myself  and said''Wait a minute,this is a dream, my dream,so I can opt out any time I wish! Why experience the pain?'' And so I momentarily opted out of it,I blocked the scene,like you block a scene from the movie. But my curiosity got the better of me,I wanted back into the nightmare,to see what had happened to me. Sure enough,I saw my body in a terrible state,beaten to death and two of the evil guy's people about to dispose of it. Then I got mad. Is this my dream,or not? I'm going to teach that fucker a lesson (Having written a post about courage yesterday definitely played a role in my being such a badass in my dream!)

So I walked up to my brother and told him I was about to kick that asshole's arse. He asked me to leave.'' If this is your dream,leave. Why risk it going wrong?'' And I was like'' But I get to control it,dont you see? I can do as I please! This is where the real fun begins!'' So I consciously planned what direction I wanted the dream to take.

Sure enough,the bad guy appeared and sure enough he got the fright of his life when he saw me,whom he had just killed,alive and kicking. Then I tied him up on a chair and smashed his face with a wooden rod. He wasnt dead but not left with much of a face either when I was done,let me tell you. Yeah,I know, pretty gross and non-pacifist,but boy,did I enjoy it!Plus,he deserved it.  I guess all those violent video games I get to watch while my kids are playing did kick in my subconscious when I needed them ! Then I freed every single person that the bad guy had under his control in my dream,got all his money and went off to live happily ever after.

Here's the morale of the story, in case you haven't figured it out for yourself by now: Life is just a dream. Just like in a dream,other people's ideas and issues as well as your own influence your reality and get you to exerience all sorts of terror and pain,or happiness and bliss. But as soon as you realise it's just a freakin' dream the real fun begins. You can totally control it,direct it,change it,influence it,create it from scratch,whatever.

The same dreaming mind that creates your dream is the mind in the waking state that creates your life!

Now go create your life consciously. And if that's what you wish,kick some ass that deserves it while doing so!

                                                  Love,peace and conscious creation


Τρίτη 21 Φεβρουαρίου 2012

How to fight despair

 Staying in touch with current national and global events can plunge one into despair.

At every turn we are confronted with fresh evidence that the problems humanity is facing are bigger than expected, developing faster than expected, and reinforce each other in ways we did not foresee.  To make matters worse, the proposed solutions, whether technical or social, seem to be utterly unequal to the task.  As a final blow, it appears that even obvious solutions that might help a bit are not being acted on, and that we seem determined to carry on with business as usual until, well, until we can't anymore.

All this can leave you with the feeling that nothing whatsoever can be done, that further struggle is hopeless because there is no chance of preventing the jaws of the trap from snapping shut.  That sense of helplessness easily turns into a toxic brew of depression and despair

There is a good reason despair has always been regarded as particularly dangerous to the human spirit.  Despair is a paralyzing force.  It can not only keep us from addressing long-range problems, it can keep us from dealing with immediate decisions and can even prevent us from enjoying the simple things that give our lives meaning.  The pleasures of family, friends, lovers, crisp winter or warm summer days, music, poetry or even an innocent walk in the woods can be buried under a suffocating blanket of all-consuming dread.

When someone on this terrifying quest for awareness gets to this point, they usually look around for a bit of help.  All too often, what they find is that the other people who are on the same voyage are now just as frightened as they are.  Since this journey is still very new to most of us, we find we're all at pretty much the same point.  While there is some comfort in knowing that others see the same dangers you do, sharing fear is not the same as overcoming it.

 I dont think there is a magic cure for this kind of dispair,but there are things I've learned from watching people who are able to carry on bravely in the face of seemingly insurmountable problems. And there are some things that I keep reminding myself when faced with sudden bouts of despair and helplessness. Here are a few:

-In their deepest essence,people are good. We've created social and economic rules that make it hard for us to act out of this goodness,but what we have created we can change.From the abolition of slavery to women getting the vote to snapping out of the tragedy of war and economic crises,history of humankind shows us that dedicated people can change the rules under which they live.

-Small changes can snowball and lead to the big thing. When and where this snowballing effect will happen is unpredictable. But if enough people make small changes on a consistent basis,a system can shift suddenly and dramatically. Each time you speak the truth or act out of love for something you believe in,something beyond yourself,you create the possibility of someone else doing the same. You create the possibility of an upward spiral.

Imagine how you would live in a better world and then try to live like that in this one. I use facebook and the power of social media to spread messages of courage,happiness and inspiration. You may use another method than speaks to your heart more. Of course not everything you do will take off into a snowball of change,but everything you do is an opportunity for you to live your life out of your deepest convictions.

-There is so much at stake. The trends are scary and they seem likely to get worse before they get better. There are going to be times, perhaps many of them, when we think, “I don’t make a difference, and it’s too late anyway.” But always, we have the option to reply in a voice that is just a little bit louder than that sly whisper — the voice that is saying, “People are good. Small changes can snowball. It will be a great adventure.”

Here are some more practical suggestions to help you overcome despair on a daily basis:

-Develop appreciation as a habit. It sounds simple but requires a habitual practice: Give explicit thanks for myriad small and larger things that intersect with your life. The more you think about it the more you begin to see that no matter how awful things are in the political world, the economy and everywhere else on the planet it is possible to observe things that you can give thanks for.

-Share your burden. Sometimes you may find that sobbing on someone’s shoulder or detailing your emotions, is the best treatment. Please be careful and choose your audience carefully though. You need a person stronger than you,not one who is in the grips of despair or depression themselves. Otherwise you'll both recycle your pain and feel much worse after such a session that can all too easily turn into an intulgence in self pity

-Get sufficient sleep, but do not allow yourself to indulge too much. When you are frustrated, you may trully feel like lying in bed all day but that will only make your despair even worse in the long run .It is going to further deplete your energy reserves and make you feel lethargic and worthless. Not to mention that you won't get anything done to help improve things in any way.

Have sex. Sex releases a surge of endorphins which are the 'feel-good' hormones,but when we are faced with lengthy periods of depressing situations, we are more likely to skip action and ignore our needs as human beings. Having sex is one of the greatest ways to completely relax our body and mind,thanks to the all-powerful post-orgasm effect, and a excellent way to really feel great about ourselves.

Stay away or reduce all types of sugar. Sugar reacts immediately with the entire body with a surge of energy and alertness which is nonetheless followed by crashing into a state of tiredness and lethargy that worsens depression and feelings of despair.

If nothing of the above seems to do it for you,your safest bet if you believe in God is to trustingly commit yourself and your desperate situation to Him in prayer. 

                                                             Love,peace and hope


Πέμπτη 9 Φεβρουαρίου 2012

100 Ways to Raise Kind, Intelligent Children

I loved this,so I'm sharing:

100 Ways to Raise Kind, Intelligent Children

Source: Live The Charmed Life

1. Teach them to respect others, by showing others respect ourselves

2. Place the same value on being well-mannered and kind as we do on being popular, wealthy, attractive, good at sports, or getting straight A’s

3. Read to them every night, and take the time to enjoy it

4. Teach them to have empathy by explaining how they’re actions might make others feel

5. Teach them to be kind to themselves in small ways (i.e. saying nice things about themselves, and their talents)

6. Help them to understand that it’s more important to be kind than it is to be right

7. Teach them how to have pride in their work by showing them the difference between just getting a job done versus doing a job well

8. Help them learn a sense of accomplishment by allowing them to do what they can do for themselves

9. Help them learn how to entertain themselves without spending money

10. Be their parent first, and their friend second

11. Home should be set up as a benevolent monarchy, with firm ground rules, rather than as a democracy with young members that don’t yet understand all the ramifications of the decisions that must be made

12. Allow them to explain their views without judgment…they’re learning how to form opinions

13. Understand that shouting and harsh comments can be just as damaging as physical abuse

14. Understand that they are not miniature adults, but children that are still learning and who depend on us for gentle guidance

15. Make time everyday to do something fun with them, even if it’s just for half an hour

16. Understand that the natural state of the parent/child relationship is one of struggle, it’s their job to become independent from us

17. Know that as long as they are doing what we ask of them (making their bed, taking out the trash, doing their homework, cleaning their room, etc) it’s okay if they’re stomping and complaining as they’re doing it. It’s illogical to expect them to be thrilled to do tasks we all dislike.

18. Never make them feel as if they’re unwanted, or a bother

19. Encourage their curiosity

20. Encourage their interests, no matter how different they are from our own

21. Beginning at a very early age, teach them the value of money

22. Teach them how to save, invest and budget, before they leave home

23. Say “yes” to them as often as possible…save “no” for things that are either wrong or unsafe

24. Don’t hover, or attend every single activity; let them learn to do things for their own enjoyment, not as a way to please others

25. Take an interest in their activities, and attend often

26. Talk to them about everything, including world events, but at their level of understanding and maturity

27. Instill in them a sense of good manners and a sense of fun

28. Do not tolerate unkind behaviour toward others

29. Let them know that they can always disagree with us, as long as its done with respect

30. Encourage them to follow their dreams

31. Have a life of our own, so they don’t feel responsible for our happiness

32. Help them to believe that they can achieve anything, as long as they’re willing to pay the price

33. Let them know what the price might be for some of their dreams

34. Teach them the natural consequences of their actions, by letting them experience those consequences

35. Protect them from games, television and movies that are not appropriate for their age or maturity level

36. Teach them gratitude

37. Remember that it’s our job to raise good, kind human beings; it’s their job to decide whether that good, kind human being will be a doctor, farmer, teacher, writer, etc

38. Don’t expect them to behave in ways that we do not (i.e. calm and polite when angry, tired or stressed)

39. Give them an example of a happy, committed relationship

40. Teach them that it is perfectly fine to be angry, sad or hurt, but that it isn’t fine to hurt others or be mean just because we’re angry, sad or hurt

41. Show them ways to self soothe when upset (have a friend over, phone a favourite aunt or grandparent, take a bubble bath and make bubble beards, etc)

42. Understand that shouting and screaming makes a parent seem crazy and out of control, and teaches them that we cannot be trusted in stressful situations

43. Share our interests with them

44. Teach them healthy boundaries with others

45. Teach them how to be loyal

46. If they are cared for by others, be certain they’re in a healthy, happy, loving environment

47. Teach them the value of good health habits

48. Be certain they get enough sleep

49. Occasionally let them stay up late

50. Have curfews

51. Occasionally let them stay out after curfew

52. Admit our mistakes

53. Apoligize when required

54. Tell them they are loved every day

55. Pass along religious practices and traditons

56. Understand that we are their primary role models, and be the person we’d like them to be

57. Teach them to be a conscious consumer

58. Teach them the difference between wanting and needing

59. Don’t use guilt as motivation

60. Welcome their friends

61. Expect good behaviour, and don’t make excuses for poor behaviour

62. Eat at the dinner table, and encourage conversation

63. Don’t “shush” them too often

64. Let them laugh

65. Teach them that they alone are responsible for their behaviour, and don’t allow them to blame it on circumstances or on others

66. Happily help them with their homework

67. Remain calm when they are not

6. Help them to learn how to explain why they’re upset

69. When asking how their day was, don’t rush them for an answer or answer for them. Just wait. Even if they only say “fine”. Just wait. Sometimes they’ll open up after digesting the question, and their own thoughts.

70. If all else fails, take them for a walk and ask them how their day was, and then wait for the answer.

71. Never withhold love

72. Don’t give them all the material things they ask for, even if we can afford it

73. Be sure they have plenty of physical activity, even when it’s inconvenient

74. Help at their school

75. Have family game nights

76. Give them a journal or diary to express their feelings freely

77. Praise them four times as often as you correct them

78. Let the little things go

79. Keep a baby book, or keepsake book, and read it every year on their birthday

80. Stop worrying, and understand that we can only do what we can do

81. Know that both nature and nurture go into the adult they will become

82. Stop working so many hours, and give them the gift our our time instead

83. Slow down, and let them see us enjoy our own lives

84. Give them art and music lessons

85. Travel with them, and introduce them to other cultures, religions and customs

86. Take them to work with you, and explain what you do

87. At an appropriate age, give them something to care for (i.e. a dog, a fish, a plant)

88. Place a high value on education, not only as a way of making money but for its own sake

89. Let them make mistakes, and don’t belittle them for it

90. Help them learn to correct the mistakes they do make

91. Surround them with interesting people, books and activities

92. Be a balanced parent, don’t overcompensate for our own childhood

93. Be more interested in them than we are in our friends or ourselves

94. Teach them to use technology intelligently, and with good manners (i.e. no cellular phones at the dinner table)

95. Be more interested in whether those they date are kind to them, rather than whether we like them or not

96. Make sure they know that stressful times have nothing to do with them (i.e. job loss, financial difficulties)

97. As they become a teenager, take on an advisor’s role while still steering

98. When they have a problem, ask them how they think they should solve it, rather than simply giving them the answer, then talk it through

99. Use the last few years that your child is at home to teach them how to manage their own time, money and behaviour

100. When it is time, let them go

                                                     Love,peace and motherly wisdom 


Κυριακή 5 Φεβρουαρίου 2012

An alegory:The true story of my albino mouse


Out of all the pets I ever owned, my beloved Mavroula,half feral,half pet cat, three puppies,four more cats,a canary,half a dozen goldfish,Scarlett,a black Lab mix,and now our two beloved dogs Faethon and Lucy,the pet that I disliked most intensely and never ever bonded with was a white mouse that I bought many years ago for my kids.

It was a white mouse,exactly like the one in the picture above. Except he was an albino mouse. I could tell he was an albino mouse because,unlike the mouse in the pic,he had red,bright red freakin'eyes. I thought that made him special and that's the reason why I picked him from the pet shop in the first place.

The white albino mouse-I keep forgetting the name my kids gave him-used to live in a very big and spacious cage in that pet shop, along with two dozens or so of other mice like him. Life was OK there,plenty of food and drink,the occasional treats,an overall nice environment to live in (all things considered).

Before I bought him,I spent many an idle hour observing the mice through the glass window of that pet shop. I noticed that the mice there could be divided into four distinctive categories:

-The indifferent masses: most of the mice would fall under that category. All they cared about was to eat, drink, sleep and mate,or so it seemed. They differed in hair colour,size or gender but not in temperament.

-The hard workers: some of them,the cleverest apparently,had noticed that if they did all the right things,like  being cute and nice and climb graciously up and down the cage,a number of good things would happen to them: either the pet owner's daughter would come up to them and give them treats-only to her favourite ones of course- or a customer would walk in and pick those cute,hard working ones to take home to,where a nice kid and a little bit more love and treats awaited them. Yes, it was generally accepted in the cage that being a smart and hard working mouse was the way to climb up the ladder of mouse success.

Occasionally a horror story would reach the cage,about an unfortunate one of those cute,hard working ones that was tortured or starved to death by a human, but these stories were soon forgotten or brushed aside as rumours or justified as something that said clever mice brought upon themselves because of their immoral ways and wrongdoings.

-The rebells: those were the most vigorous,strong ones, the fighters among them. They would steer clear of all humans,occasionally biting the unfortunate child that mistook them for friendly mice. Those mice knew there was life outside that fucking cage but they could not prove it to the other two groups,who neither cared nor wished for such a life (what a stupid notion,surviving out on your own in the gutter,instead of being taken care of in a nice,clean,brightly lit cage with lots of stimulation and kindness).

The kind pet owner, in his infinite benevolence, had provided for those mice too. There was a big spinning wheel that those mice could jump onto and run around like mad for hours on end,venting off their anger and frustration at being prisoners. Some of them even claimed that this was sufficient action that could anger the pet owner enough or scare him into setting them free or start being kinder to mice in general.

Sadly,rumor had it that those very same rebellious mice were frequently chosen by the lab testing people who happened to come in every six month or so,looking for a fresh butch of victims to experiment on. All kinds of horrors awaited those rebellious mice who were chosen by virtue of that same vigor and fighting spirit they posssesed. Squealing,squeaking ,biting and frantically thrashing about they were firmly grabbed by the pet owner and off they went into that lab testing place to die for their values.

-The spiritual ones: quiet,clever,highly evolved mice, full of beautiful ideas about the green valleys full of trees laden with all sorts of deliscious nuts and fruit out there. They preached about it all being outside the cage,how mice that were good and clever and nice would end up there as a reward for their being nice,how the pet shop owner or another benevolent pet owner would open up the cage door and transport them there where they'd live happily ever after.

Another subcategory of those mice were the ones that claimed that the cage was a happy,benevolent place,run by a benevolent force that provided abundance,comfort and happiness to every mice,if only they would relax into it and believed in it.The horror stories about mice being experimented on or tortured by cruel,insane owners they brushed aside as the law of attraction proof: you get what you believe,expect and deserve in that cage of ours,nothing more,brother.

Somehow the white albino mouse was different. I could tell he was different because he seemed to belong to neither of the above mentioned groups. He seemed aloof and distant,occupying his place in the cage quietly, observing but somehow uninterested. You could even mistake him for the indifferent masses if it wasnt for his clever,red,viscious in a way,eyes. I picked him and brought him home in a new cage especially bought for him.

He didnt have a plan,I am sure he didnt. All  he knew was that he wanted out of the cage. Which means that he started off by absolutely refusing to make friends with any of us,by refusing to accept his status as a pet,refusing our offers of affection. The occasional treat he accepted,but with the utmost ingratitude and indifference and he rewarded us with his occasional bite,to indicate what he thought of us and our kindness.He knew his status; a prisoner. And he kept doing two things: observing how things worked in the cage and trying to get out. He kept biting with his white little teeth at the bars of his cage,feeling for weak spots,never giving up.

Then one day,many months later,when his cage was left unattended out in the balcony and without the safety lock on the door of his little cage,the white albino mouse pushed open the door of his cage with his teeth and escaped into freedom. A little neighbor girl that happened to be playing around told my sons how she saw a white mouse climbing down the wall as expertly as spiderman and then rushing under a garbagge bin.

He was free. A free mouse.

I dont know what fate awaited him. Eaten by a cat or strangled by a dog,killed by rats,starved himself to death? Nah,I think he was too clever for that.

Regardless of how long or how he lived from then on,one thing remains certain:

He did it his way....

                                                            Love,peace and freedom


Σάββατο 4 Φεβρουαρίου 2012

Guest post: Soul mates

This is a beautiful,moving post from beloved online sister Debbie. Without any further words,enjoy!

''Everyone who grew up in Western civilization is intimately familiar with the classic romantic fairy tale. Boy meets girl, girl resists briefly, then they irresistibly fall in love, living happily ever after. Funny to think how we all grow up wanting our love lives to look like a typical Hollywood romantic comedy. Really funny when you discover there is something so much greater than such a fantasy, it can barely be put into words.

This is a love story that is quite different. It is made of Spirit and the magic that can happen when two human hearts are truly open to Soulmate Love and the Mystery of it All. It is a true story, although it may sound more like a dream.

Two people connect on a social networking site. Not unusual, yet completely extraordinary. Within very short order, they realize they have an incredibly powerful love connection ~ a "spiritual marriage" ~ that seemed to manifest out of nowhere. As their love story begins, it becomes evident to both they are in completely uncharted waters – emotionally and spiritually. Nonetheless, their new love was as undeniable as their very existence. They met and merged in a magical, cosmic explosion of love and pure bliss. They had no words sufficient to explain this experience to others, or even to themselves. Fortunately, they both happen to be poets, and their passion took on poetic expression ~ first, he wrote her a love poem; then her heart responded in kind.

These are the poems they wrote. No matter what you think of the who, how or why, you will undoubtedly feel the LOVE in their story. So sit back and enjoy. And know that without a doubt, you do not know what Love may have in store for you any more than they did.''

For Deborah

Do you think you know what Love is?
So did I.
My ignorance was not due to Love's obscurity,
but my own.

We know nothing of Love until it takes us;
then we know even less,
because the knower is annihilated -
a doomed star engulfed by it's own infinite black hole -
leaving only the super singularity of Love Eternal..

An unmet, far-away, one-in-ten billion
wise, whimsical, confident, healing girl/child/woman/goddess
meets me in her dreams, blows my mind, occupies my heart,
appreciating, understanding, loving me like no other,
secretly daring me to surrender.

Do I have a choice? (lol!)
Where have you been,
and why are you not here?

In a stroke of cosmic cleverness,
three thousand miles spontaneously evaporate.
Gone are sense and reason,
sanity and insanity,
time and history,
doubt, hope and fear,
youth, age, and death.

Miraculously, she is with me. She is me.
How astounding and holy and hilarious is this!?!
Who can we thank when sacred Love anoints us?
Happy New Life, Soul-Mate mine!
I/you/we have become The One Love Itself,

Manifesting, feeling most deeply
the spacious boundless empty/fullness
of the Universe,
celebrating the breath-stealing beauty of It All,
dancing in our exalted joy/bliss of Creation.

So Be It.

© Lonny J. Brown

For Lonny

It's as if
each and every darkness
finally found its Light

each and every union
surpassed well
beyond this life

every single longing
every wish
met and fulfilled

and all the sweetest yearnings
yielding abundance
far afield

It's the deepest feelings finally voiced,
(especially those unspoken)

This is what our Love is:
Eternal, Pure, Unbroken.

©Deborah Lawlor Camarda  2011

                                                                    Love eternal