Τρίτη 24 Σεπτεμβρίου 2013

How to be a fountain of inspiration by reading hundreds of blogs a day

I read hundreds of blogs and articles a day.

I mean it . Literally. No exaggeration.

Like most avid readers, I thoroughly enjoy reading.

But the fact is, there are simply not enough free hours in a day for all the reading I would love to be doing.

So I have improvised a method of my own to satisfy my craving for reading and learning:

I call it 'Creative Skimming' and maybe you do it too.

Here is the thing with normal  books:

Once you commit to one, it's pretty dang difficult to change minds!
Even if you had browsed through it and found it interesting at first, it might turn out a complete disappointment once you commit to reading it.

And then, you either finish it anyway and say ''nah, what a waste of time'' or read half way through it and then toss it aside and its yet another half finished business that weighs on your conscience ( 'you didnt even finished so-and-so book, remember?' says the little voice in your head).

I have news for ya,my friend:

You have permission NOT to finish books you dont like.

Or not start them at all.

Boring books can be, well, utterly boring and a total waste of your  prescious brain breath.

Not so with online books, articles or blogs or whatever.

You skim through them.
You dont like them? 
Off we go to the next one...
You do like  one in particular?
 You can go over it several times if you wish or take it up from there and read up more on the subject or the writer herself/himself.

I browse thousants of blogs and articles online everyday.

In fact you could say it's my favorite pastime.

 Since I never watch TV, I get all my news online, but it's much much more than that. 
Inspiration, litterature, the weird and paranormal, the holy and the sexy, the scientific and the holistic, thetribal and the trivial, the poetic and the absurd, they are all within a days reading list.

I 'd usually skim through a text in a matter of nanoseconds.
If it captures my imagination or my intuition nodds, I'd go through it real quick and catch the gist. occasionally a paragraph might catch my eye, then I'd pore through it hungrily.

Occasionally a writer might be so good, that it will stop me on my tracks and compel me to read the entire damn thing. When this happens , we have a facebook quote on my wall that I instinctively match with a corresponding picture of my vast collection.

Sometimes I become so enamored with a text and writer that I might not sleep through the night , avidly going through every single thing they've ever written, collecting gem after gem of magical thought that I either write down in my special inspiration notebook or post on facebook or keep in my notes section on my blog.

Usually this means that the writer and me are a good vibrational match, our energies are alike, so I like the outpouring of their creativity as well. I try to find and stalk those people on facebook too, because their heart and mind seems like an interesting place to further explore .

More often than not, however, I skip article after article after blogpost after ebook of tedious, boring stuff that leaves me unimpressed and uninspired. 

But this too serves as a reminder: I keep telling myself that unless what I write is powerful and authentic, it is doomed to never capture anyone's heart or imagination.

This is my Creative Skimming fun way of going through hundreds of blogs a day. 

And it ever takes up much less of my time than  normal book or article reading would. 

And it's loads and loads of fun.

One last suggestion, to up the fun and enjoyment you get out of  it all:
Try unusual word combination in google search

The more unlikely the combination, the more interesting the resulting reading ensued. Like ''lustful religion'' or ''glittering universe'' or conscious accident''.

Got the idea?

Now go have some fun of your own!

Σάββατο 14 Σεπτεμβρίου 2013

Why You Cant Get No Satisfaction

needing more and more..and then some....
we're all guilty
or the syndrome ''I cant get no satisfaction'
wanting something like mad
then, as soon as you have it, you find it too boring
then off you go chasing a new toy

happens to most of us
men excel at it especially when it comes to women

what to think?
science has the answers.

It seems that wanting something and liking something are not necessarily the same areas in our brains.

The 'wanting' system is activated by dopamine, and the 'liking' system is activated by opioids. 

There are enough connections between them that there's a big correlation in their activity, but they are not one and the same and in fact natural activation of the opioids is less common than the dopamine activation. (this could explain weed smoking popularity!)

In other words:

It's relatively hard for a brain to generate pleasure, because it needs to activate different opioid sites together to make you like something more.

On the other hand, it's easier to activate desire, because a brain has several 'wanting' pathways available for the task.

 Sometimes a brain will like the rewards it wants. But other times it just wants them.

So you could go through all that trouble to find or gain a much coveted thing or desire and you'll end up not even being happy. You'll just really really want to keep the wanting' circuit running.

Problem: large chunks of philosophy and economics are based upon wanting and liking being the same thing.

But it isnt.

Wanting is easier on the brain.

Liking is not or at least it's short lived.

Your fucking brain is playing some nasty trick on you, right??


Outsmart your brain.

Learn to like and appreciate and you'll stop your brain's mad dash for accumulating and amassing and wanting more that leaves you dissatisfied , stressed and unhappy..

Appreciate. More.

Start with what you have.

The little or the big, less or more.

Appreciate daily.Give thanks.

Life has always been, is and will be full of shit sometimes.

Dont let your brain fool you into disregarding the good stuff because of the shit part.

Give thanks daily.
For just about everything you could think of.

Form new neural pathways in your mind
Outsmart that stupid brain of yours.

As a side effect, this will keep you young and vibrant in body and soul.

And when the real good stuff comes along, your brain will be so well trained in liking it, that you'll be enjoying it a thousant times more and for much much longer, instead of getting sick and tired of it as soon as you have it.

It's the recipe for a happy life.

Τρίτη 10 Σεπτεμβρίου 2013

Dont Be Yourself, Evolve

contrary to popular belief, (and to what I tell you all the time  here) dont be yourself



All of us change all the time and not every change is in the right direction. Some of us never get to become better because we're convinced we're all perfecrt already

You are enough, yes
but life is movement
stagnation is old age and ultimately death
changE for the better
in body-by exercising
in mind-by constant learning
in emotions-by exercising positivity and kindness

be your best you

the world needs you

Πέμπτη 5 Σεπτεμβρίου 2013

Stories: Up in the Mountain Cabin


Up in the Mountain Cabin

To be snowing outside
and the wind howling like it does up there
blowing billows of snowflakes
and to be pitch dark because there aint no street lamps up in the mountains baby
and the fire crackling away
and the wine is red red red and sweet
and the chocolate treats are sweet sweet and chocolatey
and the water up there is tasty because it comes from a special spring
and the cabin is cozy
and the bedcovers are warm
and his smile is warmer
and she feels all warm and cozy inside
as she always does in his presence
and they spend all time there is
eating and drinking
and fucking
and basking in the warmth of each other's presence
in love
their love story

και χιονιζει και χιονιζει
κι η αγαπη τους ανθιζει
και η αλεπου χορευει
και ο λυκος αγορευε

Τετάρτη 4 Σεπτεμβρίου 2013

Traditionally I love September

In times gone by I loved September because it was enrollment time for @LEXIS -my school.

Excitement and new plans and tons of marketing and syllabus redesigning and teacher personnel training and a shitload of hard work as new academic year was about to roll in.
And of course a burning desire for successssssss !

Now that there is no more LEXIS my September is less frantic

Practically stress-free
Focus shifted
Less money
Less worries
More free time
More dreams
More time for life and love and loved ones
Same passion for giving and helping and creating

"Hey," a friend who hasn't seen me for a while told me when she bumbed into me the other day.
"You look different. Somehow younger and prettier.
What have you done to your face?"

I'll tell you what I've done to my face.

Peace of mind
And contentment
And re-examining my priorities
And happiness undiluted

That's what's happened to my face
And my life

Which is exactly what I'm wishing for each and everyone of you webamigos!

Keep changing,keep reinventing yourself

Change is ALWAYS a positive force

No exceptions

Even if it doesn't seem so at first

Good for the soul
And the face

Beats Botox anytime