Σάββατο 18 Οκτωβρίου 2014

The Teenager in YOU

You often hear people talking about 'silly teenage girls this' , 'vain and empty-headed young chicks that' as well as the 'inane selfies culture'.

I couldn't agree less.

Puberty is a time when our bodies, our minds and our life force energy are at their peak. In fact, any woman at any age should aspire to adopt that peak vibrational state that is so characteristic of a young girl, simply because it's the prime of one's life force energy manifestation.

In fact, recreating the positive aspects of adolescence mentally is a fun way to keep in touch with our inner seductress, and here is why.

During adolescence,most of us were playful and light in our flirtations.At that time our initial curiosities about eroticism meant our hormones were soaring,and so we felt more energetic and filled with vital energy, since erotic energy=life energy. And this is far more than a physical thing ( as within , so without, remember?)

A woman who enjoys looking great and lets the world proudly know about it in a light-hearted way does nothing other than tap into the vibrations of playful puberty, thus recreating these energies in her mind and body at any age. After all, the more youthful our minds become, the more youthful our bodies remain. By deliberately recreating some of the positive aspects of puberty (with greater wisdom, safety, discretion and compassion than we had as girls!), we embrace the best aspects of our femininity. We literally get the best of both words.

One of the ways to achive this youthful attitude to feminine charm is by practicing having a playful, yet very sensuous attitude in mind. Ever noticed how young girls enjoy engaging in light exhibitionism? Havind just discovered the power of their feminine charms, they enjoy playing with it. There is something so sweet and cute about young girls preening in front of a mirror or camera. Rather than condemning it and having a stiff upper lip attitude about it or worse yet, feeling inwardly jealous of their easy charm , any woman could have fun with this apect of youthful femininity by re-tapping into her teenage vibrational state. And she can do that by allowing herself to enjoy attention and welcome the attraction others feel for her openly and graciously.

Don't act your age.

WHO decides what is the age-appropriate conduct, anyway?

Don't act your age.Act your vibration.

And if your vibration is that of a light-hearted woman having fun and enjoying her sexuality, your body and face and looks will follow suit, without it appearing contrived or silly. It will simply be you in your most vibrant state.

I love teenage girls. Their way of moving, talking, vibrating, gives me an energy boost whenever I'm around them. And rather than feeling that I, the mature woman, can teach them a lot, I choose to prefer the attitude of being a woman who could teach them a lot AND have them teach me , or rather remind me, of how to be playful, fun and cute again.

I am always me. But staying in the vibrations of my young, care-free self feels so much better. So I choose my young, care-free and happy self as often as I can.

Once I choose this state of mind, my physical obligingly reflects it.

And if you 'd like to delve more in that kind of charismatic state, go check out my book here or here  


Παρασκευή 10 Οκτωβρίου 2014

Reality Creation Book

Do you have a reality creation manual?

Why not?

It can be great fun fun!

Why buy into the illusion of the reality of people around you?
This reality is a patchwork -and an ugly one, for that- of the most frequent and most powerful beliefs of humanity , held together by common agreement.

Why buy into other people's idea of how things should be?

Create your own life creation manual.

Totally possible, totally doable.

So here's how you go about it:

-Take out a notebook, a specially assigned notebook.

-Write down your own personal 'Rules of Reality'.
What holds true for YOU personally, what you love or you'd love seeing in your physical and non-physical reality. Unleash the five year old in you. do it, even just for fun. Pick up any area in your life. And have fun. 

Start off with this axiom in mind : ''There are NO rules, ANYTHING goes'', then  pick up from there. 

 Create an alternative universe, just for you. Don't bother with realism or probability, just write. Have fun, doodle, draw, paint, feel embarassed. Dream. Create your special reality, for you and other people. 

-When done,hide it, or keep it for frequent reference. Doesn't matter which, either will do.  The magic has already started unfolding.

Love and magical reality creation

Κυριακή 5 Οκτωβρίου 2014

5 (Unconventional) Ways for Perfect Skin

I am blessed with very good skin.

Skin creamy white that never gets any freckles, blotches , dark or dry patches that come with age,  skin that shows no signs of sagging yet and  still looks fresh with or without any cosmetics ( what you see in the above picture is moi without a trace of makeup) .

And no wrinkles either.

I will be 44 in three months, never had anything artificial done to my face, no surgery, no botox, no invasive or non-invasive procedure, absolutely nada! I am not even using any kind of creams or serums or whatever it is the latest trend on my face. I aint a vegetarian, so it can't be that either. I only drink enough water to not die of dehydration.  And as for sleeping? I get around 5-6 hours a day, if I am lucky , due to juggling teaching job with raising my kids practically alone  (and other enjoyable stuff that come with a long-distance relationship )

Am I bragging?

Not really.

Genetics aside, there are certain things you too can do to have a glowing complexion.

And they don't cost a dime!


1. Love and be loved a lot, preferably to the point of madness

You' ve heard of the sex glow, but there's a love glow too. Τhe scientific explanation is that with increasing blood flow to the skin, -due to happiness- being in a happy relationship gives your skin cells nutrients and oxygen to make you look physically younger. 

I don't know if this is so, but I do know this: love is to the skin what water is to a flower. Try not watering a plant for a week and see what happens to it. Same with skin and love. Signs of love deprivation are noticeable even after one week of going without it. Imagine what happens to it when months, years go by without proper love nourishment. Lack of love ages skin faster than countless hours of sun exposure( by the way, I never wear sunscreen, except when I'm sunbathing at the beach and even that is erratic) or bad nutrition or heavy smoking or drinking.

So find a way to get the love you deserve .

2. Protect your fertility, even after you're menopausal

Fact: your skin is a mirror of your health in general and your fertility in particular. Most skin problems with acne etc in puberty or afterwards are a sign of hormone imbalances ( that usually are associated with fertility problems) and the first skin aging signs begin with the onset of reduced fertility that comes with age, to be more dramatically emphasized after menopause. Naturally glowing skin is a surefire sign of fertility .

So protect your fertility for as long as you can, even if  having kids sounds like a punishment worse than death to you right now. Because hormones that govern your fertility are the same ones that are responsible for glowing, amazing skin.

Even after menopause a woman's ovaries continue to produce massive amounts of estrogen,-the skin miracle hormone- that can keep a woman's face beautifully plump and fresh. So don't have your ovaries removed-unless there are serious medical reasons- and do not tamper with their hormone -making cycles either AT ANY AGE. Which means, chemical contraceptives are an absolutely no option, as they run havoc with your hormones. And don't listen to doctors that claim that 'these pills are good for balancing your hormones and giving you better skin' either. No chemical is good for your skin. It is only good for Big Pharma companies.

Oh and by the way?

Having a kid is still the best way to get the best complexion of your life for most women!

3. Quit smoking. Seriously

Seriously, quit smoking. It's shit for your skin and you know it.

4. Accept yourself. Right now

In Louise Hay's classical book  'Heal Your Body' she claims that any and all skin problems like acne etc stem from feeling 'not good enough', in other words, too much self beating . If you are feeling 'dirty' due to your sexuality preferences or practices-as most teenagers do- , it's gonna show on your face. It does make sense, you know. When we are in uterus, one of the very first three layers of cells that are about to develop into the body of the fetus is the layer that will later be transformed into the skin and brain. So these two are basically  intrinsically interconnected.

So accept yourself. If you're not feeling good enough, it's gonna show in your face.
Oh, and sagging skin means drooping, sagging thoughts, so for goodness sake, cheer up a bit. It's gonna cost you less than Botox!

5. Program your skin to stay fresh and shining

Look, every cell in your body, your skin included, follows the instructions of your subconscious mind. You feed your subconscious with thoughts about what your skin will look like and when and how it is going to age. So why not do this consciously and order your skin to look awesome instead of shitty? I swear, your skin really really wants to please you and serve you . So tell it what you wish for it to do and look like on a consistent basis by using positive affirmations. Tell your face what you want it to look like, and tell it often, preferably every night before you go to sleep, when your orders are going to sink deeply into your subconscious.

Order your face and skin to reflect your inner awesomeness.

It's not a matter of vanity.

 It's a matter of matching thoughts to your inner reality.

Here's to you and your Beauty renewed!

Love and Glow


Τετάρτη 1 Οκτωβρίου 2014

How to be a Powerful Manifestor

If you are in the process of or would like to manifest something big, you need superior levels of energy.

Everything comes to you through your energy vibration.
Small manifestations can be accomblished by utilising small bursts of energy, but the bigger the goal, the higher levels of energy are required.

If you're trying to manifest a new TV set, the energy levels required are relatively small.

What about trying to manifest a million bucks?

Yep, the energy levels required for this are almost unattainable by most people.

In fact, this is one of the best well-kept secrets of the rich and famous.
Why do you think most of them keep fit?
Just out of vanity or because they need to look great because of their job?

Not so.
The truly wealthy know that you need superb energy levels to manifest and keep manifesting big goals, especially those goals involving material success.

More energy translates in more stuff manifested in your life.

Here are the 3 best ways to generate more energy, in order of importance:

-Physical exercise ( combined of course with equal amounts of rest)
-Receiving love ( and if you wonna receive, you have to give love first!)
- Staying in gratitude

Sometimes generating great amounts of energy is not enough, if you keep squandering it hands over fist. 

Here is what drains your energy, in order of importance
-Worrying about practically anything
-Being in an abusive or dead end relationship
-Staying inactive, being a couch potato

In order to  motivate myself to keep generating more and more  energy, I use affirmations. Here is my favorite:

''My amazing energy constantly attracts abundance, love and fun to me''

Raise your energy levels and become a more powerful manifestor

Love and huge energy