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How to have the flat belly of your dreams by decluttering like a maniac

A cute Buddah belly!Who wants that?

Not me.I want a trim waistline I can proudly display when I'm rocking my low-cut jeans and skin-tight tees.I believe I'm not the only one.As summer approaches having a look at the covers of all magazines you are sure to conclude that a flat belly is the holy grail of every fitness conscious human being:'Abs of steel in three weeks.Bare the midriff of your dreams!'

Most of us have indulged that glimmer of hope.Like,OK,I can do that.As long as I perform a crazy amount of crunches per day,banish salt,sugar and carbohydrates for ever and adopt the zero-calories diet,I can have that flat belly.Has it worked for you so far?Go on line and research the subject;belly fat is the most difficult to shift.Sometimes it takes years of dieting and exercising with little or no results.

Why is life so unfair anyway?There are people who wolf down insane amounts of food at any given meal,have never exercised in their lives and still manage to be flat-bellied.Kids have that too,even though lots of them live on candy and soda.And it's not about age or slowing down of metabolism,either.Take this old man down my road.He is as old as the hills,smokes like a chimney and his only form of exercise consists of his sitting at an outdoor cafe all day long.Yet no belly pooch for him!

 What's the deal here?

Maybe weight and a flat belly have little to do with diet,exercise,age or genes.Maybe it has everything to do with the free flow of energy in our lives.Physical bodies run on energy they mostly get from food.Maintaining the balance of the intake and outake of that energy is the job of our subconscious mind.If our faces are mirrors of our most frequent thoughts,our bodies are mirrors of our way of life and our subconscious.

Let us listen to what our body is trying to tell us.What is the chief complaint about it?Something important is trying to get our attention,something which,if acknowledged and honoured,would not only get rid of the problem itself,but also lead us to a wonderful discovery about ourselves.

Identify that problem in your body and ask yourself where else this has been true in your life.Keep in mind that the instruction of your bodily condition or disease may be subtle,as metaphors are.Flabby thighs?Thighs represent power.Where and to whom have you lost your power and how can you reclaim it back?If accumulated belly fat is your problem,where else have you been hoarding stuff exept your body?

If you are dealing with an illness or disease,Louise Hay has written an all-time classic book where she explains the metaphysical cause of each and every illness and complain,from AIDS to the common cold along with the new thoughts you have to adopt to heal yourself.You can read it for free here.

Just remember,you aren't trying to get rid of anything;those things that you do not want,as you hold them in your conscience,you also hold them in your vibration and your life.Don't look at your body fat.Instead,try to find the hidden lesson your body is trying to teach you: 'Hey,you've become too much of a hoarder these days.You keep buying,consuming and eating too much stuff,but you aren't giving back as much.You need to balance the ratio!'

OK body,where do I start?By decluttering my personal belongings of course.Why?Because physical action is a symbolic gesture to help us stay aligned.The gesture itself has no inherent power to create.Your body,though,is always following the blueprint of your thoughts.It keeps creating and recreating itself based on the assumptions of that blueprint.So,if you switch into a 'getting rid of unnecessary stuff' mode,your body is bound to follow suit.

The more you physically take steps in the direction of your desire,the more you vibrate in harmony with it and the quicker you'll see it in your reality.You can always do that little toning up,eat healthier and the like.But if you don't align your thoughts first,it is going to be an uphill struggle.A small shift in your thoughts and conscience can have an enormous effect in your world.

You can't be bothered with decluttering because you're ever so tired or uninspired?Whenever you open your closets an avalanche of stuff threatens to eat you up?This is definetely gonna show in your body as well.So begin by taking small steps.Don't try to just tidy things up,it won't work.Somehow everything is going to morph into a towering heap of junk again within days.

Throw stuff away instead.Throw away everything you don't need and then throw some of what you think you need as well.When you are done look at the stuff you decided to keep and give half of it away to charities,friends etc.Be ruthless and merciless.Remember,you are releasing junk from your energetic field!Become available for what you want by making space and time for it.If you want new and better experiences,you'll have to let go of the old ones and  the things that go with them!

If your home/room/office is too much of a junk paradise and you don't know where to begin,don't dispair.For starters,be grateful for it.That's right,be grateful for your present because it allows you to experience and rectify an anomaly in your life.Overcome the accumulation of junk in your life and your body by first overcoming it within yourself.Say aloud:'I'm done with hoarding stuff'.

Go read this link about decluttering.Then make yourself a plan.Schedule time for dejunking your life.Fifteen minutes a day or a long,one-afternoon overhaul,whichever suits you best.

Write down your plan.
Stick it onto your fridge,mirror,desktop,laptop.You are bound to get sick and tired of looking at it and do it eventually.

In the meantime you might as well do things like training,dieting,whatever you deem as necessary.Do all these in willingness.Keep in mind though that,ultimately,they are irrelevant.They are just the symbolic gesture.

What you think,what you feel,what you do,what you keep talking about and what you eventually get are always a match.No exeption.

Now go declutter your closets like a maniac.

It's the best mental workout towards that flat belly of your dreams!

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                                                   Love,peace and letting go


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  1. This post is so inspiring! Thank you so so so much! I'm about to wake up Kelly and see if she wants to spend the day spring cleaning!! <3

  2. The ONLY thing thats ever helped me get a flat stomach is pilates what a work out!