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Παρασκευή, 26 Δεκεμβρίου 2014

Wishes coming true

I love making my own rituals and prayers.
Especially around Christmas.

Here is my favorite, simplified version:

-Opening my heart ( the center of prosperity) by thinking of past and present loving memories.
This is most important, do not rush it.

You' ll know it works when you get this wonderful surge of energy, a really good feeling of light-heartedness and joy.

-Explain to life/God exactly what it is you want and lighting a candle of any wish of yours 
(there is a powerful secret behind candle-lighting, but that is another story).

I chose purple glittering tea lights for a more festive feeling -hey it's Christmas! Each one represents a wish, one for a friend, one for my kids, one for love, one for a writing goal, one for my fitness goal and one for a money goal. 

-Let the candles burn down -or burn away for as long as you can- and start enjoying your wishes as if they are already part of your reality

Since it is already here, why not enjoy it?

Τρίτη, 9 Δεκεμβρίου 2014

Why dieting will never work for you. Ever

You do know that, dont you?

That dieting never ever helps. Never. Not in the long run and never per se.


This is why.

Not because you are lacking in self-discipline and will and you are a pig.
Not because of your medical conditions, age or habits or genetics.

But because...


Everywhere you look, stars, plants, animals, relationships, galaxies, oceans, it's either expansion or constriction. Nothing stays same for ever. It either expands or constricts and dies.

Our universe is constantly expanding, on all levels, and us humans constantly mirror it, constantly expanding on all levels. If you dont expand emotionally, you get mentally sick, if you dont expand mentally you get dementia, and your body keeps growing too and trying to expand , but that means piling up weight which means dieting goes against the most powerful universal trend, that of expansion, and dieting simply means trying to impose an artificial constriction to your physical self that goes against every survival instinct ingrained in you.

So what are we to do?

OK, expansion is the law of nature, so lets accept that being overweight is a natural byproduct of aging?

Not me.

You see, you can never ever get rid of anything you dont like by just uprooting it from your life or destroying it, because something in you craves it real bad and because the natural law of life is expansion, remember?

So how do you get rid of something?


You stop trying to uproot what you dont want and plant what you do want.


Now, about dieting, You can't beat your body, my friend. Impossible. No matter how hard you try. Unless you are an anorexic, but even then your body punishes you for choosing constriction instead of expansion, sometimes by death.


Expand in strength.
Expand in resilience.
Expand in endurance

Expand in fitness and health.

Work out.
Join me in  my 70 Day Challenge 

Start today. Start now.

Then dieting becomes superfluous.
Your body itself will show you the way when you stop punishing it with constriction and you choose good expansion instead.

The best is yet to come!

Παρασκευή, 5 Δεκεμβρίου 2014

Energy Sharing in Lovemaking

When you share your body with someone, you are sharing part of your life force and life energy as well.

A man offers physical energy and power and receives healing and intuition and relaxation, that is why after lovemaking he needs to rest, both because he has offered part of his physical energy and strength and because he has taken on some healing energy from the woman and healing happens better when one is sleeping.

A woman offers healing and intuitive insight and receives physical energy and empowerment and that is why she feels energised and on top of the world after lovemaking. Both have different needs afterwards and not understanding this simple fact leads to emotional shutdown and bitterness and bewilderment

The more of a love connection there is between two partners, the more this life form energy exchange is intensified. The healing a loving woman gives energetically to a man is so powerful because she tends to take on inside her a lot of a man's pain and frustrations and issues.( that is why many prostitutes age really badly, with visible signs of wear and tear on their face; although they have learnt to shut off energetically during sex and avoid taking on too much of men's psychological 'garbage', some exchange still takes place and they cant help but accumulate loads of issues and pain and frustrations that men dumb into their energetic bodies).
The right partner can give a lot of strength to a woman to help her realise her dreams and the wrong one who keeps taking away from her without giving back his physically supporting and empowering energy, can devastate her energetically, even suck up so much of her healing life force that she falls ill or has no strength to function. The right partner can make a man's life very relaxing and help him solve many of his issues, or appease his pain without even trying, by just her healing energy (yet another reason why nagging wont help, whereas a good lovemaking session does! ).

A man needs a lot of his partners healing energy when he is down or despondent or sad and cant express it because he is not as innerly attuned to his feelings as a woman is. A woman loses lots of physical energy with menstruation and childbirth and needs lots of the man's physically strengthening energy after her period and the birth of a child or when she's plainly tired ( and it is sad that this is exactly the time when she is least likely to feel like making love)

Τhe right union is such a powerhouse of strength for both partners, that you keep wondering how wise was the One that created such a perfectly complementary energy exchange dynamic

Τρίτη, 2 Δεκεμβρίου 2014

My 70 Day Challenge

That was me  two and a half years ago.
My body after seven months of working out.

I loved it, not just in terms of being physically attractive and fit,
but also the way I moved and the way I felt, aka: fantastic.

Since then I 've been on maintenance and lately I've piled on a few kilos.
Stopped working out every day.
Tried to get back on my routined, failed to keep up.
A start and go thing.

So I've put myself on a 70 Day challenge.

Meaning, 70 days of working out every damn day, rain or shine.
(That meams on Christmas Day and New Year too).

No rest days.

No dieting either (though I caught myself avoiding sweets,
not because it's part of the  Challenge, but because I feel it's a shame to let all that effort go wasted?

No fixed routine.
You get to decide on a fixed duration for each session,anything from 15 minutes to an hour,
intensity and variety up to you.
I picked up a 40-minute session, because it's the amount of working out that allows me to feel invigorated and not exhausted afterwards.
Also, I start with the elliptical machine for 20 minutes, then move on to 15 minutes of free weights , then some streching for 5 minutes.

But it has to be every day.

The idea is to do it for 70 days, then decide whether you'll quit or go on.

Why 70 Days?

I'll tell you why.

After two-to two and a half months of daily workouts you start noticing real results.
Not just you in the mirror,
but everyone else.
Also, by then it has become an established habit.

Then you get to decide if you 'd like to cut down on the amount, duration etc or quit altogether.

That's it.

And effective.

Wish me luck!

Πέμπτη, 13 Νοεμβρίου 2014

Black cats are lucky

Oh what a day I had today...
Early morning, I'm about to start my first lesson ( teaching).
Then there's this freakin' telephone call informing me that I HAVE to be in court in ten minutes and maybe sooner( don't ask, it was something prescheduled that went wrong, I was just not notified on time, due to..again, don't ask).

Then off I rush to court in my tracksuit and trainers ( ha! always wanted to do that, now I did it because I didnt have any other option and it felt empowering and practicing my belief in not giving a sh!t about conventional bollshit and holding my own no matter what), running around like a maniac,mobile in hand, trying to cancel my next lesson, call my sister, call my lawyer, call another lawyer, arrange for my youngest to be picked up from school later on. All of this simultaneously. Oh, and prepare what to tell the judge. And stand up to two lawyers of the opposition. On my own, because my lawyer , well, again, dont ask.

Then , once the friggin hearing was over, off to find and deliver paperwork and worried sick about my sister's bi-yearly check up ( she's cancer-free for three years now, but still, check ups are alwaysa cause of great anxiety and for the record, she came clean).By early afternoon, as I'm about to go home, a gorgeous creature crosses my path.

Now, two things:
the animal I love most is a black panther, they are a cause of fascination for me ever since I were a kid. Plus, I am a cat person, although I own two dogs and a bunny, I AM a cat person, my mother's nickname for me was γατού, (gattou, stress on last syllable), meaning the cat girl because I adore those creatures and my favorite pastime as a kid was rescuing stray cats. Oh, there are many stray cats in Greece. Amazing creatures. They walk around like queens , they lazy around like princesses and they have this supercilious, haughty attitude towards everyone, basically staying clear of us worthless humans.

Then I spot this gorgeous black tomcat-you can tell it's a tom cat by the size of their heads. Glorious, shiny, sleek fur, yellow haunting eyes. Ah, what a beautiful creature to behold, my very lucky animal. I stand there, trying to furtively take a photo of it, because they notoriously hate posing, then he spots me. Then, slowly and grandiosly he walks up to me, looks up at me with those out of this world eyes of his, asking to be petted, which I obligingly did.

Any creature this beautiful, this well taken care of, this confident and amazing, is bound to bring good luck! It is no coincidence ancient Egyptians worshipped cats. And as for black cats? Let me tell you something about them. Black absorbs all colours, all light, all vibrations. A black cat does exactly that. Now, a being that
can absorb anything, good and bad vibes, and still be strong and healthy and beautiful, is an amazing being indeed. Hence the bad reputation of the black cat,
'cause people are scared shitless of strength, in all forms, and name it evil.
That simple.

''Teach me your craft, kitty'', I told him. ''Teach me how to transmute negativity around me into light and power, wise little thing. And bring me some of your good luck'' .

And he did.
Teach me and bring me good luck.
For which I am grateful and so wanted to share the lesson with you.

We make our own luck, webworld.
The best luck in the world is the vibration of appreciation.

Love and light