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Δευτέρα, 9 Φεβρουαρίου 2015

Specialising is boring. Dead Boring

She said she'll help me 'rebrand my site'. For free. 
On account of our online friendship.

I'm grateful and eager.

''You have to decide on a subject'', she says. ''Your blog is too generic. Pick up a subject, what you stand for, what you are passionate about, and stick with it. You want people to come to you for a specific reason''

I tell her it makes sense.

''So what do people come to you for?'' she probes further.

I pose to think. 
'Tell me what you love doing on fb and what people like your posts for'', she tries to help me.

The next day I get back to her with a list, as instructed.

It reads:

''I express myself through:
-Delivering happiness and hope
-Raising awareness for important issues
-Inspiring by example
-Making connections and harboring interconnections
-Promoting my work (blogs- ebook)''

''Still too broad, you need to narrow this down,''she insists.
''How about, Sexuality combined with Spirituality, or Eternal Youth of Mind and Soul? Just revolving around a theme...You get the idea...''

Yeah, I got the idea.

Problem is, I dont like that idea.

I cant for the life of me restrict myself to a particular subject for my blog. I simply cant. Even if that means missing on the chance to 'brand' my blog, or me or both, as is usual in blodsphere.

To me, man is a multi-dimensional being.

All of us can do many, many things and also do certain things better than others ( think specialisation). 

But all great discoveries, inventions and breakthroughs in this world were, are, being made by people who do MANY things and are capable of combining many seemingly disparate things and notions. 

Out of those many kinds of things, a sort of cross-breeding happens. 

Let me give you an example. 

When a great musician starts painting, no painter who is simply a mewre painter will ever be able to do the things he/she does. Some of the energy of his music will permeate his work and give him different perspective and insights and cre\ativity. If he/she is passionately in love too, then something of this passionate love will be present in that painting. If a painter is just a painter, the painting will be flat, one-dimensional, without much depth. Maybe technically perfect, but neither inspiring nor awe-inducing, in other words, no great work

This holds true of everything.

Even physical attraction.
Most of us are attracted to types of people physically and emotionally different to us, because nature makes us choose unions by which the children borne will have a variety in their genetic pool and a richer life full of diverse expereiences from both partners.

Everything physical thrives in combining different things.

 Sameness is boring and unproductive.

Yet, how we all crave it. 
To blend in is a deeply ingrained instinct, so we crave assimilation, uniformity, safety. To each their own, we say. Then we yawn and die of boredom. Because safety, specialisation and uniformity are neat and necessary, but so not miracle-inspiring.

Sure, I can have a blog created around a theme( see my
love-a-story.blogspot   thing)

But I cant confide myself to it, It'd dead unispiring, like feeding on the same meal of ideas every day. And when something becomesboring, the flow of ideas stops.

I love trying and learning and writing about many many different and highly unrelated things. That's who I am; and I figure being who I am in my writings is more important than specialising ( also, I'm a tick-head, non-teachable material blogger, as my rebranding expert friend realised :) )

Go try as many things as possible in life. They will all contribute to your energy, each of them making you a bit richer, with a bit more depth and more dimensional

And your work, any kind of work you happen to be doing, creative or other wise, will reflect that. People will pick on that. They will be attracted to your creative efforts. They'll instinctively think ''this is good'' and they'll want some more of the same.

Even if your blog  leaves a lot to be desired ,design and brand-wise 

Τρίτη, 3 Φεβρουαρίου 2015

5 Metaphysical Ways to Generate Cash-Real Fast!


Here are 5 super easy, unconventional ways to bring into your life money you really needed yesterday. 

Tried, tested, guaranteed:

1. Clean something in your home or office thoroughly.
Stuck or stagnating energy of mess and dirt in our home drains our cashflow the same way emotions and conflicts tend to drain our immune system and energy circuits. So start cleaning. The dirtier the task, the more spectacular the results. If you think your home is spotless, tackle the mess in hidden clutter-attracting closets, drawers, wardrobes, pantries, you get the picture. Go do on small area. You'll see what I mean real quick.

2. Change a stubborn belief
That one is tricky because there are some beliefs so deeply ingrained in our system we dont even know they are there. So start anywhere. Pick up a belief. Any belief would do. No, I am not talking about catastrophic or negative ones. Evden positive ones (we are not talking about values here, just beliefs, so dont bristle on me ok?). Seeing a thing that you hold dear from a different perspective , makes money pour into your life. Don't know why-though I do have my suspicions- but it is so.

3. Save some money
'You mean, I actually have to save money when I need it the most' ? Yep, that's right. Save some of what you already have, even if it's just a pittance. Put it aside. Don't spend it. Just let it be there. Then wait and see what happens

4. Spend some money
Let the whole damn thing circulate. And trust thaty more is on its way to you

5. House overflowing with money meditation
A very powerful one. Do this incessantly and obsessively for three consecutive days . It works. Real fast

Παρασκευή, 23 Ιανουαρίου 2015

Why Dieting and Exercising Won't Work For Me Right Now

Don't get me wrong.

I love, admire and aspire to have 'the perfect body' .

Who doesnt. 

Even those who claim they dont want that,
secretly do.

The above pic was taken two and a half years ago,
when I was in peak physical condition
after seven months of intensive dieting and 
daily one-and-a-half hour workouts.

You know, the whole package
Flat belly, cute behind, (almost) cellulite-free thighs
shapely legs and arms, shoulders proudly thrown back,
for that awesome good posture look.

Loved that body and that disciplined me
(while it lasted).

Today, my body leaves a lot to be desired.

You see, the body in the above picture,
requires an insane amount of maintenance.

Lots and lots of exercising, both cardio and free weights.
Lots and lots of sleep, at least 9 hours a day,
to recover from such strenuous exercise, 
or else I was dead tired all day long and looked old and haggard.
Drinking galons of water and frequently running to the toilet.

And dieting, gosh, the dieting...
no sweets, minimum carbs, minuscule food portions
and being almost always hungry:
hungry when you wake up, 
hungry when exercising,
hungry after you finish your meals,
going to bed hungry, 
sometimes waking up from hunger pangs in the middle of the night.

Back then I was happy, healthy, fit, hungry ,and awesome-looking.

Right now I am happy, healthy, not so fit, not at all hungry and still decently fine looking.

Surely, you can see my dilemma?

Happiness is a constant with me, so that never changes anyway.

As it is, I have to choose between going hungry and looking awesome
or enjoying my food and looking less than awesome, but still decently good.

Who in their right mind would choose the first option, when the second one is there?

My point:

As I am at the threshold of my 44th year,
I am pondering on life's questions concerning body image.

Do I starve myself and sweat half the day to look awsome?
Or not?

Can I do it? Yes, of course, been there, done that, several times in my life, especially after giving birth to each of my 4 kids.

Is it fun? Yes, lots ( love me a good challenge)

Is it worth it?
Depends on what I'm prepared to lose for it.
(food, sweets, sleep, time)

Can I afford time, sweat and sleep to achieve this kind or rock-hard body,without going insane?
Only if I won the lottery ticket and needn't worry about working for money any more.

Does that mean I'm giving up entirely on fitness and healthy eating?

Of couse not. I exercise daily and remind myself to make healthier food options daily.

Will I ever do that whole perfect body thing?
Most likely, yeah.
(probably when I win the lottery ticket and/or marry again and need to look perfect for those wedding pictures ;)  )

Most likely, not in the near future though.

As a final note, here's some insight from my love on the matter:
''It is an uphill struggle for you trying to 'lose weight' right now.You are at a stage in your life that you've switched to 'pleasure' and 'gaining' mode, so trying to 'lose' anything, even if it is weight, doesnt agree with you''

Maybe he's right. 
I am totally attuned  to allowing and receiving at the moment.

But I'm still hoping for that lottery ticket thing anyway!


Κυριακή, 11 Ιανουαρίου 2015



 -Arise a positive emotion 

-Give them hope -

-Give them security -

-Make them feel better -

-Make them look better 

-Enhance their dreams 

-Help them solve a problem

And do that every time you are online....

Παρασκευή, 9 Ιανουαρίου 2015

Be grateful for the beauty you were given

We have all been given beauty.

Not just spiritual or soul beauty.


Some of us however choose to hide it or ignore it
because, isnt physical beauty such a superficial thing?
Food is also a physical kind, 
but try to go a couple of days without it 
and see how superficial it is.

Same with beauty.
Beauty nourishes the soul , 
same as food nourishes the body that sustains the soul.
All so beautifully interconnected
Nothing is superficial, all is sacred and divine.

Claim your divine physical beauty.
Use it or lose it.
And dont compare beauties
Physical beauty is not just measured in numbers.
It is measured in the feelings it evokes.

But you have to claim it.
Recognise it in yourself and in others.
Flaunt it, not out of vanity, but as a source of inspiration.
Give thanks for it.

Then you'll be given more of it.

You are beautiful in your own special, juicy way