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Πέμπτη, 24 Ιουλίου 2014

How to attract true intimacy

Intimacy= Into-me-I-see

You cannot be intimate with another human being if you first cannot 'see' into yourself. 

See into yourself means :See the hard, naked truth of who you are first. Cry over the horrible monsters of your egoism and shed light to them by admitting first to yourself, then to another human being that you have them, own them and thus bring them to light where they graduall begin to dissolve, as all shadows do.

See into yourself means: rejoice in your God-given talents, even the ones that are considered stupid and unworthy by other people, rejoice in them and share them freely and embarassment-free with the world, because the gift that is hidden suffocates its bearer.

If you cannot see into yourself like this first, you can never be trully intimate with another human being, no matter your age. All you'll ever do, is exchange body fluids or, if you belong to the asexual type, wait and wait for another human being to see into you and be intimate with you, but that will never ever happen, cause it works the other way round: first you see into you, then others are invited to see and love what you can show them in there.

Stop hiding from you.

Own your monsters, own your treasures.
Publicly, if possible. (It works faster that way)

Then watch how others crave to be intimate with you or how those who cannot be intimate with themselves rage with jealousy and hatred at your seemingly magic way to attract intimacy.

But you should know better.

Your secret is simple

Into-me- I see first....

Love and hugs

Δευτέρα, 21 Ιουλίου 2014

5 Ways To Manifest An OUTRAGEOUS Wish

1. Invite life ( God, the universe) to play with you

This is the most important step, don't you dare omit it. Say it out loud ''Dear God, ( life, universe), please come play with me and surprise me into/.....-insert goal-.

Then, brainstorm, mentally or on paper, all the playful ways by which life may be able to make your outrageous wish come true.

 I swear the one solution that life/ God /the universe will come up with is totally unexpected and unrelated to the ideas you'll think of, but the process is important too. It's like when you're playing a game, you make your move, then invite the other player to make theirs:

''Okay, here's what I've got in store for you! Enjoy!''

2. Raise your vibration to bliss-like heights

Here's how to do that: Imagine of a time when you were so happy that you thought your hurt would burst, imagine you just won 3,6 millioin dollars in the lottery ticket,  or plainly feel, feel with every fiber of your being that your outrageous wish has already been fulfilled and you're now enjoying it.

Repeat at least three times a day or whenever you think of your outrageous wish. 

3. Be passionately in Love with someone or something

Love triples your attractive vibration in a second. Your aim is to stay in Love vibration for as long as you can every day. Feel it or remember how it felt. Now, intensify it. Make it ten, a thousant times strrrrrrrrronger! Feel it!

Then ,wait for your miracle to come true.

4. Tell yourself you are open for something even better than this

This is the law of detachment. Of course there are better options than the one you initially wished for. You 've invited the universe to play with you, remember? So relax and allow it to happen.

5. Take the first symbolic or practical step towards your wish

Action seals the deal. It's like you signing up. Like you saying ''I believe it's on its way, so I might as well get ready for it''.

 Of course  you do. So prove it.

Every wish, outrageous or not, is within the realms of possibility for you, otherwise you wouldn't have given birth to it in your mind. So get out of your own way and wait for its manifestation. 

It's yours for the asking

Τετάρτη, 16 Ιουλίου 2014

More Respect, Better Sex

A man in a committed relationship probably desires a woman's respect and to be honored by her even more than he wants to have sex with her.

 Yeah, really. That much!

Given a choice between feeling unloved or feeling disrespected, three fourths of men will choose to feel unloved, according to surveys. Go figure! Three out of four men would rather feel unloved rather than disrespected or inadequate.  Because if he feels disrespected, he feels unloved.

The truth is any man needs his woman's love for him expressed as respect and admiration in the same way that his woman need his love expressed through emotional intimacy and feeling listened to and cared for.

Dishonoring a man is a blow to his heart. It says to him, “I don’t love you” the same way not listening to a word a woman says is a blow to her heart and makes her feel unloved and unappreciated.

Definition for respect:'' holding in honor or esteem, to pay proper attention, and to show consideration for.''

“But you don’t know my man!” you say. “He can be such a pig-headed idiot sometimes. How am I supposec to show him the error of his ways?”

No, I don’t know your man or the details of his pig-headedness ,but I still insist that he deserves and needs your respect. And respect means trusting someone enough so as not to coerce, make or ask them to change EVER. Unless they specifically ask for it.

Because criticism is a subtle and not-so-subtle way of saying 'You need to change to fit my definition of what you should be like'. That's hardly the definition of 'respect'

Please pay attention to my choice of words. Respect does not mean submission like so many believe. A master-slave relationship, where one person has all the power.

Unconditional respect does not imply slavery, fake flattery, submission or unconditional agreement or endorsement, but it does imply that in all things and at all times you are to maintain an atmosphere of HONOR in your relationship.

 It means not putting your man down when you disagree with him. It means not talking badly about him to your friends or family. It means not browbeating him when asking him to do something. It means not assuming he will do the wrong thing.

A couple's strength is in the praise and appreciation of each other, not in negativity, criticism and complaining.

Because this works both ways.

As soon as a man feels respected, he starts paying back by giving a woman adoration, love, care. And breathtaking sex. Of the kind that she could only dream it existed in sleazy novels. Yeah, that good! (Unless he is a jerk, impervious to respect or love or any of the like,  of course. There are many of those, among women too. My suggestion to anyone : stay away from jerks, men and women alike)

So she flourishes. And it shows. And he is inspired to give more so she in turn has more reasons to appreciate.

It's a win-win situation

You might wonna try it some time

Παρασκευή, 13 Ιουνίου 2014

αν ο Χριστος...

Αν ο Χριστός ερχοταν σημερα , θα εκανε παρεα με πουτάνες της Συγγρού, με πορνοσταρ τίγκα στην κόκα ,τυπου Τζούλια ( πριν εξαφανιστει), με τζανκις και μεγαλεμπορους ναρκωτικων, με παιδοφιλους και κτηνοβατες, με ο,τι αρρωστο και βρωμερό μπορει να βαλει το -κατα βαθος- πουριτανό μυαλο σου, με επαγγελματιες εκτελεστές, με πληρωμενους πράκτορες, χαφιεδες και ρουφιάνους, με κλεφτες εκκλησιων και πατριδοκάπηλους, με τοκογλυφους που ρουφανε το αιμα του κοσμακη, με οποιoδηποτε υποκειμενο χρηματιζεται και πλουτιζει εις βαρος σου, με πωρωμενους εγκληματιες που σκοτωσανε τη μανα και τον πατερα τους, με βιαστες και αιμομικτες και αιμοσταγεις δολοφονους.

Μ'αυτους θα εκανε παρεα. Και μαθητές θα διαλεγε απο την εκπομπή της Ανίτας Πάνια τους πιο καταγέλαστους και μωρούς. Επειδη ''Ο Χριστος ενας και ο αυτος εις τους αιωνας'', ίδιος με τοτε που τον αγαπουσαν και αγαπουσε πουτανες και κλεφτες-τελωνες φοροεισπρακτορες, - ''μετα πορνων και τελωνων'', ιδιος και τωρα λοιπον. Και δε θα πηγαινε ολους αυτους να τους 'σωσει', οπως σου μαθανε στο κατηχητικο, με την νοσηρή συγκαταβατικοτητα του 'καλού' που παει να προσηλυτισει τον 'κακό, θα πηγαινε επειδη μονο αυτοι που εχουν αδειασει την ψυχη τους απο οτιδηποτε 'καλο΄και 'σπουδαιο' κι ειναι αδειοι αφηνουνε επιτελους χωρο να μπει ο Χριστος. Τους υπολοιπους, εμας τους καλους χριστιανους ή τους καλους ανθρωπους, αθεους και μη, τους ηθικους, τους καθωσπρεπει, τους ψυχοπονιαρηδες και τους μετριους, βαρυ γλυκούς και οχι, θα μας ειχε χεσμενους κανονικα, επειδη η καρδια μας δε χωραει σπιθαμη Θεό, περα απο τον εαυτουλη μας .

Α ναι, και με το μαστίγιο δε θα'διωχνε ουτε τους τραπεζιτες ουτε τους τοκογλυφους, οπως νομιζεις.  Θα'διωχνε κλωτσηδον τους γραμματεις-θεολόγους τους λεμε σημερα- και τους φαρισσαιους-παππάδες τους λεμε σημερα.... Και θα κατεληγε σε φυλακη υψιστης ασφαλείας, κατηγορουμενος για στημενο εγκλημα, οπου θα τον καθαριζανε αργα και βασανιστικα, γυμνο και ξευτελισμενο ακριβως οπως τοτε , πληρωμενοι δεσμοφυλακες και το ''σημερον μετ' εμού έση εν τω παραδείσω'' θα το'λεγε σ'εναν αλβανό
βαρυποινιτη μαχαιροβγαλτη. Και θα τον κλαιγανε μόνον -πάλι- κατι πουτανες της
Συγγρου, που θα'τανε και οι μόνες που θα παιρνανε χαμπαρι κι απο Ανασταση..

Γι' αυτο δεν ξαναρχεται. Ο Χριστός. Eπειδη θα του κάναμε τα ιδια και χειροτερα με
τους συμπατριωτες Tου και δε θελει ''το αιμα αυτού εφ ημών και επί των τέκνων ημών'. 

Κι εσυ που ακόμα περιμενεις το 'μετά δόξης, κρίναι ζώντας και νεκρούς'', το' χεις χασει το τρενο. Και γι'αυτον και για τον αλλο κοσμο...

Παρασκευή, 16 Μαΐου 2014

This is what true love looks like

Ι think Eugene /Flynn in Tangled is not just the most romantic but also the most Christian male hero in Disney movies.

He embodies the christian teaching ''Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her'' because he is the only prince that actually died for his woman. For those who havent seen the movie, Rapunzel tried to save him with her magic hair when he was mortally injured, by promising a life of slavery to the wicked witch in exchange for his life, but he cut off her hair - thus rendering it no longer magical- and sacrificed his life so that she could be free. He gave himself for her showing that her happiness and welfare were dearer to him than his own - the true test of deep, real love.

O πριγκιπας της Ραπουνζελ-το απολυτο αρσενικο κι η ενσαρκωση του σωστου αντρα κατα Θεον ''Οἱ ἄνδρες, ἀγαπᾶτε τὰς γυναῖκας εαυτων, καθὼς καὶ ὁ Χριστὸς ἠγάπησε τὴν ἐκκλησίαν καὶ παρέδωκεν ἑαυτὸν ὑπὲρ αὐτῆς'',ο μονος ηρωας παραμυθιου που εδωσε τη ζωη του στ'αληθεια για τη γυναικα του, για ναναι εκείνη ελευθερη κι ευτυχισμενη...