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Who are your Internet heroes?What yours are revealing about you

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                                               Who are your Internet heroes?

You think you don't have any?How about those people whose sites/blogs/social media profiles you frequent the most?Those sites/blogs that you visit and re-visit on a daily basis,checking for updates or where you end up whenever you have some time to spare.The ones that keep you going through hard times or keep you inspired in good ones.

Those people whose internet presence keeps you addicted to their stuff are your Internet Heroes or role models if you will.And this particular choice of people is saying a lot about you,your chosen path in life and definitely your aspirations.Before we go on,do this little test:

1.Identify your top 5 Internet Heroes

2.Write down two qualities you admire most about each of them and/or their site/blog/message

According to Dictionary.com a role model is a person whose behaviour,example or success is or can be emulated by others.So your Internet heroes are probably people who either possess qualities,attitudes or abilities that you wish you had yourself or they have accomplished things you'd love to accomplish.

They are as successful,talented,beautiful,sincere,distinguished or devoted as you'd wish you were.And they can help you find out about your own conscious and subconscious ambitions and goals.

Go back to that test.Take a look at the qualities of your Internet Heroes you listed and you'll realise that these are the very qualities you'd dream of having,your real ambitions or some of the values you hold the dearest.These people can inspire you by their example to realise your potential by showing you some of life's hidden possibilities and by helping you to strenghen your existing values.

Now maybe you are thinking like:'Wait a minute,sure,I like or even admire those people and their work but that doesn't mean I can have or even want to have their lives or success'!Of course not,you are not after imitating anyone here.Each one of us is on a different life path.Your internet heroes just showcase for you certain qualities or things that are either hidden in you,just starting to emerge or well on their way to be realised.

 So take some time to ponder on what you admire most about your heroes.Mentally thank them for teaching you and others great stuff.Send lots of gratitude energy for inspiring you to be all that you can be and decide to follow their lead by actively going after your goals and aspirations.

Without any further ado,here are my own Internet Heroes in no particular order of importance:(OK,I cheated,I included six instead of five.But I am allowed to do this since I am the one that wrote this post,right?)

  -CG Walters is a novelist of visionary fiction that combines powerful metaphysical messages with a compelling story.

There are gems of the spiritual  throughout his blog  but what first attracted me to his website was his brilliant Secret Vow which is literally life changing.
No other fiction book I've ever read has even come close to touching my soul like this one.As soon as I accidentally stumbled on it (while searching for information on parallel universes) I've become so engrossed in it that I lost all track of time in its captivating story and mystical concepts.

Read some excerpts of Sacred Vow online and join the club of people wondering how it manages to ever so gently expand your perception of reality without giving you the impression of burdening you with lecture-like notions !

     -Meet the one and only Enoch Tan,philosopher,scientist and writer.Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a ride because this guy rocks!He is both articulate and fully comprehensive without becoming too abstract or boring with his explaining of how universal laws work.And he offers fantastic practical advise on how to put those laws to good use in everyday life.His writings are like no other,I promise,but you'll have to see for yourself to understand what I mean.Sample some of his work from his Mind Reality ebook .Read now,thank me later!

  -I don't need to introduce the fabulous Gala Darling,style,fashion and self-help guru,her web presence is so powerful that she overshadows most other bloggers in her field!Wrapped in a cloud of glitter and glamour this amazind girl bedazzles me with both her practical,lifestyle and her just-about-everything else advice.No wonder her fans-me included-adore her,she's highly addictive and worth it!

    - Jessica Mullen is the reason why I even considered the idea of a blog of my own.She has this reputation of having that effect to unsuspecting civilians.Turning them into aspiring bloggers,I mean.She's a life designer and a life streaming blogger and,I suspect,a really cool girl offline too.She has this magical way of taking abstract Law of Attraction concepts and turning them into fun,simple,practical and easy-to-incorporate-in-your-everyday life stuff.Her blog was love at first sight for me.She never fails to give me a high five with her inspiratiοnal and highly motivational posts!

       - Penelope Trunk is a carreer advisor,but that's too generalised a word to describe what she offers at her website.How she manages to both have you interested with her pricelass business advice,her treasure chest of assorted links that can keep you busy for ever and incorporate personal stuff/peeks into her life as well is a fine art that very few bloggers out there have or will ever master.She's my go-to comfort whenever I need some serious motivation or inspiration to get me going with my business endeavours.

   - The Pioneer Woman-Ree Drummond. I confess.I envy that woman's life as much as I envy her blog.Running a farm,a blog,raising four kids,cooking gourmet dinners and still managing to look that good and happy is an impossible feat,but that's all in a day's work for her.How do you do it,Ree?Show to us poor ignorant,uninitiated folks the secrets of your trade!And maybe confide in me how you get your entire family(pets included) to pose for your glossy,awsome pictures while each and every member of mine (pets included) bitterly resent my aspiring photographer ambitions and do everything within their power to either ridicule or render my efforts useless!


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                                    Now your turn.Do tell me about your internet heroes.
                                                    What's so special about them?

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                                                       Love,peace and internet bliss

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