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More money will only make you more of what you already are

So you think more money is the answer to most if not all your problems?You are obsessed with 'making it' big time and the sooner the better?You are not alone in this.Most people subscribe themselves to the common belief that more money equals less troubles.Yet every time you find yourself on the side of the majority in terms of thought,it is a good time to pause and reflect on those assumptions.
Here is a piece of interesting news to all of us:

Money is not the solution to any of our problems,financial or otherwise!

Money only makes us more of what we are already!What we have (either good or bad) in our lives comes about because of what we are. If what I am stays the same,what I have is also bound to stay the same,no matter what amount of money flows into my life.

We've heard time again and again that money is just a form of energy.So think of it in terms of this analogy:You take a couch potato who spends most of his day glued in front of a TV or computer screen.Because of his sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise he feels flat and almost lethargic most of the time.If this person was miraculously given the energy and stamina of a world-class athlete for a month or so,what do you suppose would happen?Would he use his new-found energy to change his ways,exercise and be active more?Doubt it.Most likely he'll do more of what he always loved doing,namely being a couch potato (which in its turn will make him even more of a lethargic couch potato)!

Money is only a tool.And like any tool,it needs a good handyman to use it.In a way it's like a car.Most people think they'd be better off with a faster,more expensive car instead of the one they own now.The car though,just like money,can take you anywhere you wish,exept it can't replace you as a driver.If you can't drive,a Ferrari is just as useless to you as any other car.If you are a reckless driver,you will remain that,no matter what make of a car you drive.

And just as a fast car can be dangerous in the hands of an incompetent driver,so is a lot of money in the hands of a person who is incompetent with money.

There are literally thousands of cases on the Internet of people who suddenly and unexpectedly came into lots of money and practically either ended up losing everything or ruined their lives or both.

Your problems won't go away if you hit them in the head with enough money.Money always acts as a magnifying glass to both your blessings and your woes in life.If you are a happy,healthy,loving and lovable,spiritually connected individual,an abundance of money will greatly add to that.Conversely,all your problems and inadequacies will greatly expand with more money and your reality will seam bleaker than ever.

-If you are always broke brcause of your shopaholic habits and your lack of saving habits,you'll end up broke sooner or later no matter how much money passes through your hands
-If you are debt-prone,more money will gradually make you accumulate more staggering amounts of debt
 (read this if you don't believe me)
-If you are insecure with less money,you'll be more so with lots of it as you'd be constantly worried  about  people in your life being there for you or your money
-If you are greedy with less money,a lot of money will land you in a nightmare of greed and cruelty of your own making
-If you have little money because you don't feel worthy of it,you'll feel more unworthy if you get your hands on a big sum and you'll lose it quickly and spectacularly
-If you think it would be so nice not to have to worry about money,guess what: more wealth will multiply your worries (how to protect and invest your assets,avoid scammers and all those that will feel entitled to it or will try to extort money from you etc)

More money complicates things more.The only way for us to overcome certain challenges in life,lack of money included,is to evolve to higher levels of consciousness and leave behind us the pettiness of ourselves that created them in the first place.

Any time you move outside your comfort zone with money,this magnifies the circumstances of your life.Period.

What about money as a solution to mandane and practical problems?Like a really serious health problem or disease that requires lots of money for treatment.Or what if you want to go to college and there's no money for that.Wouldn't a  handsome amount of money solve those problems?

Actually,no.For one,all diseases are not just physical in nature.They are a cluster of physical symptoms that stem from deeply seated beliefs and traumas (read this interesting take on why nice people get cancer). Can money cure that?Certainly not.Only the patients themselves can do the inner work required to heal their psyche first and then hopefully their bodies as well.

As for practical matters like tuition fees for college and the like,money is not the solution here either.It may seem so at first but in the long run  it might prove quite the opposite.There is an absolute spiritual law that states that in order for you to receive anything you have to give something first.You always- always-receive in proportion to what and how much you give.

If you receive without giving first,you create an imbalance both in the outside world and in your conscience.This imbalance will have to be corrected sooner or later.The initial euphoria of having received unexpected money will soon be replaced with losing wealth or other things in your life to compensate for what you got for free.Both your subconscious mind and the circumstances in your life will see to that.The more you received without giving anything in return,the greater the corrective measures taken to rectify that anomaly.Now that doesn't sound very fun,does it?

So what's the solution?Do I advocate to seek Nirvana and give up on all our financial and material goals and aspirations?For most of us this wouldn't do!There is a better plan .

First repeat to yourself:

"To have more money in my life I need to tap into the energy of my higher self first".

In other words to become one with the best version of yourself regarding money.Here'the actual plan:

1.Look at your financial situation and mentally give thanks for it

Why would you want to be thankful for your financial problems?Because they are litterally life-saving.Here's another analogy.Suppose your dream is to swim across the Channel but you can't swim or you are horribly out of shape.Would you be able to accomplish this goal if you were somehow thrown right in the middle of the ocean one day?Probably not.You'd end up drowning instead.

Same with money.If more money magnifies everything about you,then it has the potential of drowning you into those very same problems you are trying to escape from.

So thank God/the Universe/your higher self for arranging practice time with less money,until you get better at managing your life and your finances and you can handle more financial abundance.

2.Identify your financial shortcomings and correct them in anticipation for more money to come

Honestly and brutally identify the causes of each and every one of your financial problems or difficulties.What you need to improve in your financial life will come into sharper focus this way.Then take corrective measures.Make a list.Call it your money management plan.It should be something like this:

My Money Management Plan

Problem                        /Cause                              /   Corrective measures  

Hone your money skills now to be able to receive more.An American friend of mine,an ex-soldier, told me about an inscription in his training center that read: "The more you sweat here,the less you'll bleed in the battlefield'.

Likewise,sweat with what money you have now,so that you won't have to bleed when you finally get that big salary/fortune of your dreams.Go ahead and correct your self-sabotaging  money habits.Action is the key.Good intentions alone won't help you here.

3.Provide more value to the world in exchange for more money 

It's simple maths really.The more value you give to the world,the more money you'll get in exchange.You can't take shortcuts.A crappy employee=less value to the world. Business or service that sucks= less value to the world.Providing more value is the only viable way for you to not only achieve your financial goals but also to be able to keep the money you'll get and enjoy it as well.

Don't pray for more money.Pray for more wisdom first.Wisdom to appreciate what you have,wisdom to identify and change the wrong financial patterns in your life,wisdom to expand your ability to create and distribute more value to the world in exchange for more wealth.

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Love,peace and abundance


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