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How to unlock your potential

My area of expertise is not unlocking potentials or unlocking anything else for that matter.

In fact my area of expertise is quite the opposite.I am an expert at locking myself into (and out of) every possible place you can imagine.

I am not exaggerating.Family,friends,employees and just about any locksmith in town can attest to that.I am an expert at accidentally locking myself into and out of places.

I guess it has something to do with my deep dislike for keys.Ever since I can remember myself as a kid I just couldn't get keys.Try as I might,I couldn't unlock the door to our new appartment for the first year after our moving there.I tried and tried and fumbled and frantically twisted and turned the key in every possible direction,but to no avail.Locks and keys seemed to sense my frustration and incompetence and conspired to deny me access to my own home.

I coped by developing my parkour skills.I've always been a daredevil as a child,so climbing over the railings of the terrace of the building next door and jumping into our balcony wasn't a big deal.Considering the fact that we lived on the fifth floor,I guess I can now understand why neighbours and family alike were horrified each time I did it.(Little did they appreciate the fact that I was paving the way for future parkour artists)! They made me promise never ever to try this again.I nodded in agreement.Until the next time I couldn't unlock our door,that is.

Things haven't improved much since then.For example,after I had a new lock installed in the small secretarial office at work I was the last one to master the art of unlocking it.Mortified,I'd watch how almost every single one of my employees could effortlessly turn the key and open the door while I just couldn't! We're talking about the competence and efficiency of a true leader here!

And of course there are all those times that I managed to get myself locked into my own school.Like when I asked my secretary to lock the door behind her after she left at night because I wanted to stay in and work late.It was midnight when I realised I had no keys with me.Our head teacher Panos was urgently summoned (in his sleepers,poor guy!) to get me out of there.

Or those times when students,teachers and I were repeatedly locked in the school premises.We cater for adult students mostly,some of our lessons finish at 10 o'clock in the evening or even later and so we're the last to leave the building.Now the policy of the building states that whoever of the owners leaves the premises after 9 o'clock has to lock the entrance door behind them.That's because the elevator,being made of transparent glass,offers a unique view over the entire town and so has become a great attraction to kids,young lovers and generally all kinds of mischief.

my youngest honing his parkour skills in LEXIS elevator

I somehow keep misplacing (or giving it,upon request,to teachers,secretaries or cleaning ladies) my own key to the building entrance door.Imagine the astonishment of passers-by watching a group of people climbing out of a side window of a building,right in the center of the town,that late at night!Or a bunch of students in front of a locked entrance door with me frantically calling everyone I could think of that might have a spare key to come and get us out!

Same thing with the keys to our appartment.Locksmiths in my town know me by my first name,that's how good a customer I am to them.Whenever they are called in,instead of a greeting I get a ''Oh,it's you again'' grin.I even get discounts on account of my being a regular.Redardless of the amount of spare keys I keep or hide around,I always end up running out of them! Having four kids who keep losing theirs doesn't help much,either. 

But the question you want answered here and the reason why you are reading this post is,how do you get to unlock your true potential,right?

You see,everything physical in this life acts as a subtle (or sometimes blatant) metaphor for everything else that is happening within ourselves.''As within,so without''.Look for patterns in your life.They'll reveal to you similar thought patterns which,in their turn,compel you to act accordingly.

 Here's how it works:

-You need the right key to unlock a door.

-You also need the right attitude
Why the right attitude?Well,consider my incompetence with keys and locks.Inanimate things consist of energy and so they can detect your energy and react accordingly,almost with a will of their own.Objects respond to your intentions and your frustrations.In my case locks did their best to confirm my belief that I was incapable of unlocking them.

Now here's your metaphor:

-To unlock your true potential use a very high,almost (but not quite) unattainable goal as key

-Have the right attitude,or else even the right goal is rendered useless

You cannot unlock your true potential if you are doing the same safe,predictable stuff every day of your life.The more you stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone,the more you expand your identity to achieve things you previously thought were beyond your reach.If you aim higher,you'll get much better results than if you ask and settle for little.

So pick up an outrageous goal.You know which one I mean.A goal so high that takes your breath away and makes you dizzy with excitement and anticipation.The one you've always dreamt of achieving but you brushed off as impossible for you.This is your key.And it's readily available to you.

Each time you set an intention-I repeat,an intention,not a mere wish-you get your hands on a key.That special key that unlocks the treasure chest of your hidden potential.This is where you keep unimaginable reserves of all the willpower,strength and physical abilities you'll ever need to easily achieve your dreams.But you'll have to dream big.Cozy,safe little wishes just won't do.You almost operate on autopilot to achieve small,easily attainable goals.You don't get to use those hidden reserves in those cases simply because they are not needed.And if you don't use 'em,you're gonna lose them.

So here's your key;your outrageous goal.Now don't go about making the same mistake I did with locks.If you believe you can't unlock the door then you won't.A wishy-washy belief like''Maybe I can,I'm not sure though,we'll see...''is the equivalent of my awkward fumbling with keys.It just doesn't work this way.You 'll have to mean business.

Tell yourelf:''I can do that.If anyone ever did it then so can I''. Imagine it clearly,plan it in detail,give thanks for it in advance and do your best not to obsess about it,because it's already on its way to you.

  Make a list of outrageous,awsome goals right now.Start writing them down,don't stop until you are done.Pick up one that feels right,one that attracts you irresistibly.This is your golden key.Now start unlocking your potential.

Even if you can't unlock it the first time around,don't worry!Try again and again.Still nothing?I refuse to let a stupid lock get in my way,so there's always my plan B method:a cool parkour manouvre to get you into every place that your subconscious denies you access to!

photos from here and parkour.com

Love,peace and unlimited potential


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  1. Oh how I see myself in this one. I didn't have the key to unlock my inner feelings. I held everything in for many many years. I unlocked myself from that mentally a few years ago. I would defeat myself without even trying. It still kinda sneaks upon me one in awhile, like starting a blog. First off I said no way can I do this I am a lousy writer, no self confidence, no one will read it, so why waste my time. With your support I have seat my mind to doing this. I am not after hundreds of people to hit my pages, I just think (know) there is at least one person out there who will benefit from my writing. Who knows maybe I could save a life, or get someone into therapy, before they make a fatal mistake.