Moreover,I do not buy into the idea of sin,either.Each one of us has their innate,infallible values system than warns us and guides us away from causing harm to others or ourselves.Having said all that,although I do not believe in organised religion,my own soul tells me again and again that there is God,not just impersonal or a certain power permeating everything,(though God IS that,too,obviously),but with a personal aspect as well.I tried many times to refute the idea,but my soul keeps quietly and relentlessly telling me that God does exist.How can I argue with my soul?So I do believe in God,whom I sometimes feel so close that he/she/it/they/we/you/I keeps whispering to me and filling my existence with so much love that I simply cannot deny that existence

I believe in the God of FREEDOM,JOY AND LOVE.THIS IS HOW HE/SHE/IT/WE/YOU /I WAS REVEALED TO ME SO FAR.I believe that this God loves us infinitely and,because of that love,God would rather we had no religion,because he wants us to be free of all fetters and not be enslaved by man-made interpretations of him.I believe that God is 'happier' with that outlook on religion than that of many who claim to be his children.I believe God wants us to decide whether we'd like to find him or not in this world,but either way our meeting and being one with him is bound to happen in afterlife anyway,so what's the big rush?I believe our individual path in this life is always a path leading to God,even if it seems to be the opposite.

I believe in God incarnating as Christ sometime in history to feel the experience of being one of us in every respect and give us a few hints along the way.I believe Christ redeemed every fucking living soul on the face of this or any other existing planet that ever lived or will ever live,and in doing so we are all saved no matter how we're gonna live our lives here.I believe that noone needs to be saved,because we are forever saved,even if we take the wrong turns and destroy ours and other people's lives.I believe we are all Gods in apprenticeship,waiting for the true glory to come once we get rid of the limitations of the physical world when we die.I believe there is no eternal damnation,no stupid notion of hell,just eternal bliss and total and complete communion with God for ever

Love ,peace and real communion with God


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