The Cube represents yourself. The size of the cube represents your ego. A small cube represents a small ego. Medium cube represents an average ego. And a large cube means you think you're "The Sh!t!
If the cube is on the floor, that means you are grounded and down to earth. If it's floating..that means your life is unstable and unpredictable. Lastly...if your cube is colored, that means you put on a front,not necessarily that you're fake or pretentious,but the colour/colours of it represent how you'd like others to see you,or how you view yourself.(See here for the symbolism of colours). But if the cube is clear,it means what others see is what they get from you.

Flowers represent family and friends. If your flowers are close to your cube, that means you keep them close to you. If there are a lot,that means you have alot of friends. And of course if there aren't many it means either you are picky with people you let get close to you..or you just don't have that many friends.Note how you describe they make you feel:this is what you get out of your fsamily and circle of friends.

The ladder represents ambition. A small ladder means you have small goals. A medium ladder means you have reachable goals. And a large ladder means, "I'm the next big time".
If your ladder is on your cube, that means you are working on your goals right now. If it is away from the cube, it might mean you have them on hold, or you are not working that hard to achieve them.

The horse represents your romantic partner and what type you would like. Example...Smart,Funny,Relaxed were the words you chose. Those are the characteristics you want in a spouse.What your horse is doing might say a lot about what you'd like your partner to be like.

The thunderstorm represents your problems. If the thunderstorm is all over the cube that means your problems effects your whole life. It it's over the horse, that means your problems stem from your spouse...and etc. Pay attention to the symbolism of how the storm unfolds and what happens in the end.