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Sliding through dimensions

Two days ago I woke up with the worst case of pink eye ever!I looked at myself in the mirror and was appaled!A red,itchy,swollen,half-closed eye that has instantly transformed me into the Quasimodo of my nightmares!Not a pretty sight,I must tell you.My oldest son was like''Mum,go away,I can't bear to even look at you like this!''I couldn't blame him,I couldn't bear to look at my own face!

Cursing my bad luck for having to go to the hospital when I had so much to do already,I started getting myself and my youngest dressed,only to find out that all money had somehow disappeared from my purse,where I clearly remember having last seen it the night before.I asked my kids about it,they had no idea of what I was talking about.OK,it wasn't that much money,just enough for the grocery shopping.Maybe I lost it or misplaced it somehow.Things like that happen to everyone all the time.So,I add yet another chore in my to-do list:Post office,hospital,bank.This is gonna take for ever!

When I stopped by at my mom's to drop my youngest son,she suggested checking my purse again,in case the money was somehow still tucked in there.I did that,still no money.Then off to the post office to receive a special delivery packet containing all the brand new certificates of our students.When I was asked for my ID card by the staff,I instinctively took a look inside my purse yet again.Apart from some change and my credit cards,nothing else in there.

All this time I'd been wearing those really huge sunglasses,to hide my disfigured face.Even my mum agreed earlier that it was a necessary precaution to save innocent passersby the shock,that's how bad it was.Here's a little secret of mine:whenever I feel bad or unhappy or just sorry for myself,I really make an effort to dress up;nice clothes,great shoes,carefully applied make-up,fancy accessories.Yes,it does help.A lot.Puts me back in a good mood.Most of the times.

So I was walking down the street,all dolled up,behind my Jackie O shades and despite my disfigured face I started feeling fine,happy to be alive in this beautiful world of ours.I noticed the patterns of the clouds in a cobalt-blue sky,the smells coming from confectionery shops,the buzz of traffic,everything that reminded me how beautiful and vibrant life on this planet is.I even started humming a tune to myself (another habit of mine).After some time I began to notice that my eye wasn't bothering me anymore.At first this went unnoticed,but the relief was so huge that I started wondering whether fresh air had worked wonders for my eye.So I had to stop and check myself in a mirror.

What I saw next left me speechless:no more pink eye!Gone!Everything back to normal!At first,of course,I couldn't believed my eyes.I checked my eye again and again in that mirror.How could that be?It wasn't a mild case,it was the worst case scenario!Eye almost closed shut!What happened to the swelling,the redness,the disfigurement?And in such a short time?Not to mention without any medication?

As I was wondering what the heck was going on,suddenly hit by another outrageous idea,I was compelled to open my purse and,sure enough,there it was,all the missing money!Remember how I had already checked in there three times before ?How nobody had access to my purse ever since I left home?One miraculous healing is already too much for a rational mind to fathom,but hey,our brains can do amazing things manipulating energy (like cloud busting,for example).So I would just accept it as such if it wasn't combined with the simultaneous reappearance out of thin air of my lost money.Two such things occuring together goes beyond the realm of coincidence,it plainly becomes science fiction material! 

To cut a long story short,I did spent that money on groceries as soon as I could,in case it decided to disappear again,and headed for work.Once in my office,I had to obsessively check my eye in the mirror every five minutes or so,because I just couldn't wrap my mind around it.But there was no mistaking it,that eye stayed normal and swollen-free for an hour or so.Then my doubts got the better of me-plus I started processing my bills- and,almost imperceptibly,pink eye came back with a vengeance.

When I checked into the emergencies at the hospital later,the doctor in charge patiently listened to my story,examined my eye and assured me that I was wrong,got things mixed up (or had been hallucinating,though he didn't dare say that to my face),no such miraculous-cure-for-an-hour had happened or could have happened to me,considering the gravity of my case.  

But it did happen to me.I had physical proof of it.Seeing that neither the help of any benevolent saint was evoked,nor any kind of willpower on my part was harnessed,I seriously suspect that I accidentally slipped through another dimension .

Here's what I mean by that.

Most of us are familiar with or at least have heard of the parallel universes or parallel worlds theory (realities coexisting with our own,ranging from slightly different ones to totally different and bizarre versions of our world). Quantum physics and Einstein have proven that time is not fixed,that there are many lanes of time running vertically/simultaneously with our own.If that is true,theoritically one can change lanes,beginning in one timeline/parallel reality,then changing into another and so broducing a different outcome from the originally expected one.

I believe that this was my experience with instant (if only temporary) healing of my eye and the recovering of lost money.When I started walking down that road I somehow was able to access another 'thread' of time or parallel reality where I was already healed or never suffered from pink eye and where the money was never lost.

How do you do that?Aren't laws of our physical reality binding and forbidding us from doing so?Well,every reality vibrates at a certain frequency.Different realities equal just different frequencies.

How do you access a certain frequency?You access it with your feelings.Each feeling or rather each combination of feelings at any given moment,corresponds to a certain reality that vibrates at that particular frequency.In other words,having the feelings of a certain experience puts you in vibrational harmony with it and so the experience becomes a reality in your physical world.

Exactly how did I access my miraculous reality?I have no idea,though I do have a few hints.Being all dressed up and feeling fine,certainly helped put me in touch with the vibrations of that reality.Also,I was heading for work,where I feel happy and fulfilled,this never fails to raise my vibrations.

Lastly,there is this little make-believe game I frequently play when I walk to my school :whenever I feel a little down,I pretend I have access to another dimension where,say,I am a gypsy roaming the world,or a multi-mollionaire or whatever would help put me in a good mood at the moment.This invariably raises my vibration too!

But here's the interesting part: whatever we do consistently for a long time,even if it starts out as make-believe,it first becomes a habit and then a permanent reality.(This is how I begun my astral travel  experiences as well,by the way).If you want to learn how to do something you've never done before,pretend you've already mastered it.Then keep pretending,until you master it for real.

If you want to achieve an important goal or get rid of something in your reality,the fastest,no,almost the only way to go about it is to access the feelings that you'd have once your goal is accomplished.A very useful tool for this is Jessica Mullen's downloadable problem-buster report.It's as simple as that: access the feeling,vibrate in the right frequeny,get the right results.

Go practice now.Remember,practice makes perfect.And occasionally,it can cure you of pink eye as well!Or help you retrieve lost money!

Love,peace and magic


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