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Liberation is only possible when things fall apart

I loved this post. It resonated so deeply with me that a designed a whole post of mine around it. It is from this website.Go have a look,it's worth it.


Consider what would happen if security were not the point of our existence. That we find freedom, aliveness, and power not from what contains, locates, or protects us, but from what dissolves, reveals and expands us.
~Eve Ensler

''The world can be a scary place these days. It all seems quite apocalyptic.
And in fact, the world as we know it is ending.

What could possibly be good about this?

Liberation is only possible when things fall apart. Only when we are completely willing to let go of where we are can we grow into something else. This is just as true for us as a society as it is for each of us, personally.

So here are 5 reasons why this falling apart is actually a doorway to possibility… if we choose to act in that way. For every challenge, there is an invitation.

1. Stock markets are crashing, corporations are collapsing. Our economy, built on a house of cards and designed to function on greed, is yielding to something different.

The invitation: The financial crisis is reminding us of the necessity to exchange goods with each other in a system that’s based on trust and relationship. The social phenomenon that is known as the Occupy Movement is all about moving toward a different way of relating to each other and to money.''

My take on this:
Like almost every small business owner in a country that is going bankrupt,hell,like every small business owner in the whole world at the mopment,I am struggling to make ends meet. The dire reality of a mother of 4 trying her best to keep the wolf from the door has taken its toll on me. But instead of giving up or falling into despar mode,I am forced to 
a/ become more resourceful and inventive with my business practices
b/ swallow my pride and ask for help from whenever it is available
c/ learn to be a real fighter and never ever quit,in spite of almost insurmountable  difficulties.

''2. Our schools and the whole education system is being battered by a multitude of problems. Test scores and literacy rates are dropping, students face violence both in and outside of the classrooms, teachers are burning out.
The invitation: Real learning is a transformative process that takes place person-to-person and has almost nothing to do with well-designed curriculums, textbooks, and fancy school buildings (though these things are of course helpful). Organizations like the Academy for the Love of Learning and the Montessori Foundation are showing us the way back to the true meaning of “education” — to bring forth what is within (from the Latin word educere).

My take on this:
My kids hate school.Just like I hated school,just like most people I know,in fact. You probably hated school too. Why? Because you and I  and all kids in the world are lazy shirkers incapable of realising what's good for them? I f that's what you think,please reconsider. Kids are innately clever and capable of judging fairly accurately how soul-destructive is the practice of subjecting them to ''one-size-fits-all'' outdated notions of useless hours in school that we call education.

 Nobody benefits from it. Except it appeases everyone's sense of 'duty'.Parents feel they've done their duty sending off kids to said schools,teachers go 'blah-blah' for hours to justify their salaries,the politicians feek proud of themselves for funding this meaningless day-care fascility and kids tolerate several hours or extreme boredom and/or soul-crushing humiliatuon a day,waiting patiently until it's time to be finally released from their prison,to go home and complete their own education-the only real education there is- via the Internet,their interactions with  friends or via other afterschool classes that are more to their liking.

All schooling should be homeschooling. Exept homeschooling is illegal in my country for my kids because they have no special disabilities. So they have to go through with it. There is something I can do though: instead of going with the stupid system that created this,I try my best to instil a sense of distrust for it and teach them the value of self-education. Sometimes just seeding an idea is enough. No laborious tending to it needed. If the soil is rich,it will eventual grow and bloom and bear fruit. I hope.

''3. Technology is exploding faster than our consciousness can keep up with it. Our lives our speeding up, and for some of us, our connection to our computers has become more important than to the real people in our lives.
The invitation: There is a growing movement toward simplicity and a desire to find ways to use technology in service of the greater good. The annual Wisdom 2.0 conference is a wonderful example of how people are practicing and creating more mindful ways to use technology in our lives. Writers like Sandra Pawula offer excellent guidance on overcoming digital overwhelm.''

My take on this:
There is nothing wrong with technology. It is just a tool. And all tools need a crafty handiman. I'm trying to provide my kids -and me,because I'm still learning and I will continue to do so until I die- with all those necessary tools. But at the same times I'm trying to teach them-and me- the value of being a good,conscientious handyman that can use those tools to create their own mastwerpiece. Whatever 'masterpiece' might mean to each one of us individually.

''4. The very nature of work is changing. The unemployment rate in the U.S. continues to soar, and millions of people are struggling to find conventional jobs with decent pay. The days when people stayed with the same company for years have come to an end, most likely to never return.
The invitation: We can create innovative approaches to work. We don’t have to depend on someone else to hire us, we can draw on our own talents and passions to create livelihood that matters and that sustains us.''

My take on this:
''Arbeit Macht Frei=Work gives Freedom''. That's wise words,right? Well,they were written on the main gate of Auschwitz,one of the biggest Nazi concentration camps in Germany... It was the very first thing that all prisoners couuld see upon entering the camp...You do know how free they got once they started working there,don't you?The morale here: Work gives you freedom only and if it is not used in the hands of the establishment to enslave you...How can you crfate more freedom for you regarding the work you do?If you feel like you are the equivalent of a prisoner in a concentration trap,don't you think it's time for you to escape before it's too late for you?

''5. Our environment is polluted, our climate is on the verge of spinning dangerously out of balance.'
The invitation: We are being invited to live on the planet in kinder and simpler ways. More people are coming forward to give examples of how to do this in creative and bold ways.''

My take on this:
This is  plain b@llshit . ALL PLAIN PROPAGANDA.Stop buying into it.

''The bottom line in all this: Cooperation and Community lead to sustainability and  gentleness… greed and ignorance lead to destruction and harm.
Liberation is at our fingertips, if we choose it.
The world is offering us a chance to take responsibility, to be creative. This also requires us to be willing to let go of old habits and step courageously into new ways of living and relating to each other. What we thought of as “security” is actually not what will keep us truly safe.
How will we choose? How do you choose? And what invitations to transform our way of living are you taking full advantage of these days?''

My take on this:
We are living in great times! It's true! We;re standing on the verge of something big,ral real big! Can't you feel it? But in order for us to experience and take part it,we have to get rid of the shacles of fear and dependence that keep us tied down to the dire physical reality the whole world is experiencing at the moment....Let's declare our freedom from fear! It's a decision first and foremost, a decision renewed each and every day we go on living on this beautiful planet. Let's go on chosing Love!

Love,peace and Enlightenment


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