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How telepathy and truth are linked


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You have experienced telepathy many times in your life.

We all have.Because it is a natural ability you were born with.It is this spontaneous mind-to-mind communicationbetween you and some individuals(or pets) you are spiritually/emotionally close to.You are doing it all the time.You almost can't help it.

Yet there is a barrier that prevents you from either receiving other people's messages or blocks your own messages from being received:deception and lies.
Here is why.

The definition of telepathy is the direct transference of feelings and thoughts from one person to another by only the use of mind.The word comes from the ancient greek word telepatheia,tele=far away and pathos=perception or feeling,being affected by.It has been hailed as both a supernatural ability(it clearly isn't since everyone possesses it) or avoided as an evil tool used by exeptionally talent individuals for mind manipulation. 

One can clearly see why telepathy is deemed evil.After all it is a sort of hacking mechanism past the security system of a person's mind that protects their privacy,in order for the hacker to receive information,thoughts,memories,feelings or such relevant 'data' that their  rightful owner may or may not wish to share with others.

Such power over another individual,even if it is mutually agreed upon,has the potential of being very seductive and/or abusive.As in all things,it is not the ability itself that is inherently evil or even sinnful for some people,but its potential abuse.Power in all its various forms can become highly addictive and intoxicating when used for pressure and personal gain.

No wonder it is a skill that either works erratically or only with certain people.Why?Because we tend to mistrust other people's motives,so every effort on their part to invade the privacy of our mind is meant to meet with tremendous resistance from our subconscious mind.

In other words,we have all put up subconscious shields that bar the way to our mental software.

It is no coincidence that we tend to share telepathic moments with those that we love and share some kind of mental or spiritual connection.When two people are spiritually close they trust each other enough to mutually lower or put down their mental shields.When this happens,sharing of thoughts and feelings flows naturally and effortlessly,as it was always meant to be,without the interference of words.

Why do we trust those people enough to appear before them mentally naked,so to speak,and give them access to our brains?Trust is always based on truth and authenticity.The more truthful I am with you,the more I share myself with you openly and innocently,the more you trust me back and start opening up to me(provided of course you are not so emotionally disabled or abused that you have too many issues with trusting).

This is the one and only reason too many people have blocked out or stopped using this natural,God-given gift.And what a gift it is!

More often than not,words are misleading or simply lacking the ability to convey our true intention.Words mean too many things for too many people.We have all felt misunderstood and frustrated because words are simply inadequate tools to convey feelings.They are only good  for us to exchange certain  information.

To me the Bible's account of the tower of Babel and the introduction of all the different languages clearly means this:people used to communicate through telepathy or ενδιαθετος λογος(=inwardly put word) that was given to them as a natural ability by God.But then,because deception and hypocricy and lies came into play,people lost this natural ability and had to resort to the use of an inferior substitute:all different kinds of languages that separate us more than help us understand each other.

Truth and honesty between two individuals is the absolute prerequisite for any kind of telepathy to exist.That's why our pets can sense our feelings and moods so well;their very existence is truth expressed in physical form.But with people it is so much more complicated.

I was first introduced to the idea of telepathy not working without the virtue of truth through a stunning book that was recommended to me a few yers ago,Mutant Message from Down Under by Marlo Morgan.She is an American woman(supposedly) summoned by a remote tribe of Aborigines to accompany them on a four-month walkabout through outback Australia.She recounts many experiences with the natural telepathic abilities of those people. Here is an excerpt:

"The reason,according to Oota,that Real People can use telepathy is because above all they never tell a lie,not a small fabrication,not a partial truth nor any gross unreal statement.No lies at all,so they have nothing to hide.They are a group of people who are not afraid to have their minds open to receive and are willing to give one another information(...)

It would never work in my world,I reasoned,where people steal from each other,cheat taxes,have affairs(...)There is too much deception,too much hurt,too much bitterness to hide.(..)Later during our journey.....I learnt that as long as I had anything in my heart or my head I still felt necessary to hide,it would not work."

Go read this(controversial admittedly) book when you have the time.Whether it really was an actual life experience she narrates in her book or a purely fictional account written for just the enjoyment of the reader(as all novels are,anyway),it is a reading packed with spiritual life lessons and truths,the least of which is about telepathy.You can read it for free here: Mutant Message  Down Under by Marlo Morgan.

     Be more authentic and truthful.Share your truth freely and joyfully.Let us all demolish the walls of mistrust and deceit that have isolated us from each other! (so nicely said in The Walls)

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                                                     Love peace and truth


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