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Translation from French:


"While one in two young Greeks are unemployed, 25,000 homeless roam the streets of Athens, 30% of the population below the poverty line, thousands of families have to put their children in institutions in order not to die of hunger and cold ,the newly-poor and refugees are fighting for the right to search in rubbish bins in public places, the "saviors" of Greece, under the pretext that the Greeks "are not doing enough" have imposed a new plan that supposedly doubles the assistance given ,administering a lethal dose to greek economy( not a cent of this goes to Greek people,of course,by law that they have passed it is handed in its entirety to our 'creditors'.. A design that eliminates the rights of legal employment  and condemns the poor to extreme poverty, while practically eliminating the middle class.

The goal is not in any case the "salvation" of Greece: all economists who are worthy of their name agree on that. The goal is to win time in order to save the creditors while the country is driven to a controlled default. Primarily, the aim is to transform Greece into a laboratory of social transformation that is going to be generalized when the time is ripe-very soon,believe me- across Europe. The model that is tested over the Greeks is that of a society without public services, in which schools, hospitals and medical centers are demolished, health becomes a privilege of the rich, vulnerable populations are planned towards a gradual extermination, while those who remain are being sentenced to job working conditions similar to slavery in sweat factories ,resulting in extreme forms of poverty and economic deprivation for the entire population.

But in order for the offensive forces to achieve their goal ,they have to establish a system that removes the most basic democratic rights. By order of the rescuers, national sovereignty is abolished. This is a turning point in the parliamentary systems in which we see the "representatives of the people" ,the very own Greel members of parliament that were elected to defend the right of their people,give full power to foreign bankers to do as they please, denying the alleged power of the Greeks to decide for themselves. A kind of parliamentary coup, which among other things will constitutionally deny to its people any form of public protests. So, dictated by the Troika (European Union, European Central Bank, International Monetary Fund), a parliamentary power lacking democratic legitimacy is mortgaging the future of the country for the next thirty or forty years.

The artificial and forced deterioration of the debt issue was used as a weapon of assault for the capture of a society as a whole.And the spoils that the financial system expects to elicit from "the enemy" are the social and democratic rights of the Greeks, but what is ultimately at stake is the ability for a decent human life. And the life of those who do not produce or consume enough should not be maintained. Thus, the inability of a country caught in the snares of speculators is the secret door that will violently impose a new,orwelian,new world order model of society MODEL SOON TO BE IMPOSED THROUGHOUT EUROPE AND NEXT THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. This is the real challenge, and therefore the defense of the Greek people is not simply a gesture of solidarity or abstract humanity.The future of democracy and the fate of European nations,of the entire world is at stake. Everywhere the "urgent necessity" for "painful but life-saving" austerity measures is presented as the means to avoid the fate of Greece, and leads directly to it.

We are at a point of no return. It is urgent to fight the battle of numbers and the war of words to stop the rhetoric of fear and misinformation. It is urgent to deconstruct the moral lessons that obscures the real process that takes place in OUR society. It is more than urgent to demystify the racist myth about greeks that aims to elevate the supposed national character of a people ( laziness or slyness) to the root cause of a crisis that is global in effect. What counts today is not the specifics, real or imaginary, but common: the fate of a people that will influence the fate of all others.''

My two cents: Yes,it is happening. Yes,it is not only about Greece. And no,Greek people were not chosen at random.Before dismissing this as plain nationalism,please consider the following: if you are planning for decades this whole thing,you are of course likely to have planned and thought over every f@cking little detail of how it is going to unfold.

So when attacking a group,targeting their freedom on all levels,you begin with the ones more deemed as likely to oppose you and not tolerate your oppression, tyrants and dictators throughout history have been doing so for ever .The Greeks have proved throughout their history with their obstinent refusal to accept any form of tyrany that they value freedom more than anything else.And if you dont believe in traits shared by whole demographics and nations,please do your homework first.

Here is what Henry Kissinger said about Greece in 1974: ''The Greek people are anarchic and difficult to tame. For this reason we must strike deep into their cultural roots: Perhaps then we can force them to conform. I mean, of course, to strike at their language, their religion, their cultural and historical reserves, so that we can neutralize their ability to develop, to distinguish themselves, or to prevail; thereby removing them as an obstacle to our strategically vital plans in the Balkans, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East.''

So what you do is test-drive the whole model in the most resistant-prone of people and at the same time eliminate them because they are the ones most likely not to accept it. Its called killing two birds with one stone.

Do I like this? Of course not. Do I become desperate and scared shitless like I have seen many do? Hell no! Bullies and tyrants are in existernce since the dawn of humanity. Both in everyday life and at a global level..

Let me share a secret with you:THE SECRET TO RENDER A BULLY OF ANY KIND USELESS IS NEVER EVER TO BE AFRAID OF ONE. Because only the fear their victims feel keeps bullies and tyrants afloat. Once you are prepared to lose anything and everything,including your life,if necessary,noone can do anything to you. In a group of people at national or even global level, once the mass of unafraid people reaches a critical point,the scale begins to tip...and that's when real fun begins.

Also,here's another secret,straight from ancient Greek tradition,the concept of ΥΒΡΙΣ,hybris,meaning excessive arrogance. Excessive arrogance of all and any form brings down upon it its own fall and doom,like the two sides of the same coin. It has always been so throughout history. And the more cruel and inhumane the arrogance involved,the more spectacular the fall of the Goliath...

I am really excited about our times. We are all part of such an interesting turning point in human history. I am told I am a good communicator,so I am using my God-given talents to inform and liberate minds,because the tipping point begins with the freedom of the mind. It has always been so,it has aways been the battle for dominance of the mind.You can do that too,I am sure.

Be free,be fearless,be awsome. Inform and liberate

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  1. thank you eirini for your awakening and forseeing lines. i am with you. as long as we resist something, that something has impotance and prevails. in the moment we turn around and go otherways, the somethings falls to dust.
    i am enjoying this time of huge change enormously. it´s fun to be here on the planet. i send you my love and to your readers too.