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Dogs,men,bosses and heroes never cry

                                     Common wisdom has it:

 Dogs,men,bosses and heroes never cry.I'm sure you've heard of that one before.

                                     -Dogs don't cry.

 No,wait,dogs do cry and whine and but they do not shed tears.

 No,wait,they do shed tears,but not real tears.Their eyes just get watery.

                                      -Men don't cry.

                        No,wait,men do cry,but only in private.

 No,wait,if they cry in private,then they are not real men.So real men don't cry,even in private.

                                       -Bosses don't cry.

    Mainly because bosses are notorious for making other people cry.

No,wait,bosses don't cry because crying is considered a sign of weakness and inefficiency.And bosses are supposed to be strong and efficient.

                                   -Heroes don't cry.

 Because crying is reseved for weak people,like not-so-real men and inefficient bosses.

                                      And heroes are neither.

Hell,if not even dogs resort to crying,then you wouldn't expect a mighty hero to cry,would't you?

Do you honestly believe dogs or cats or all animals for that matter don't cry?Think again.If you are lucky enough to have a furry pet call you their own,then you'll agree with the experiernce of most dog owners who can attest to the fact that their dogs cry for the same reason a human does:because they feel lonely,unhappy or plainly in pain.All animals do that.And it is a sign of both arrogance and lack of perception on our part to suggest the opposite.

In fact,even crocodiles cry with real,emotional tears.Do you know how often crocodiles in the wild feed?If you went without food for as long as they do,you too would cry tears of joy when food,any kind of food,would come your way!

Now let's take bosses.Me for example.I cried at work yesterday.Twice.Ι guess that makes me douby weak and inefficient.

The first time I cried was because I was in intense low back pain but my workaholic instincts were too strong for me to stay in bed;I gave in and off I went to work.Bad idea.Once thereI tried sitting down to work.It hurt like hell.Tried reclining on the leather lounge couch.Still hurt.

Then I tried pacing up and down the corridors.It hurt so badly that I first cried out in pain,then locked myself into my office and wept.Because I was not in control.And because I know that every illness or condition in our body indicates a problematic thought pattern,according to Louise Hay's amazing book Heal Your Body.

According to the book,we suffer from low back pain whenever we face financial problems or worry about money.Everything in life works as a subtle metaphor for whatever goes on inside our heads and hearts.Our back represents our support system.When one worries about money,he/she feels ''unsupported'' in life.Hence they experience back pain.So I wept not only because of  the pain but also because after all those years of preaching about an abundant universe to everyone who would listen,my body mortifies me by showing to me how much I still worry about money.

After I was done weeping,I decided to do the sensible thing:go home and lie down.But how was I supposed to walk even the few steps required to get myself out of the building?Every step was torture,notwithstanding the sturdy support of one of my teachers.Still,I had no option.While waiting in the street for the taxi I called,lots of people who knew me passed by and I had to explain why I was doubled in two with pain.When I finally managed to get myself into that taxi I wept once more because it was a most humiliating experience having people see me like this and wonder why on earth I was at work when obviously I needed medical help!

And no,that was not the first time I wept at work.Like five months ago when I heard the news of my sister being diagnosed with cancer.When I left the hospital I couldn't bear it to go home and have my children see their mum like that.So I went to work instead,because there was not a soul there at the time.Then I found some leftover wine from our last Christmas party,got myself drunk on that and cried to my heart's content.

By the time three of my teachers arrived,I was almost delirious with sobbing and they had to lock us all into my office so that students wouldn't catch a glimpse of me in such a state.I remember one of the teachers putting the shutters in my office down,another offering me a cigarette(which I smoked in three puffs and felt sick afterwards,because I had never smoked in my life before) and another put my head in his lap until I stopped crying.When I came to my senses again,I apologised to everyone profusely,but I felt as if I was just doing damage control.

But wait a minute,why is crying considered a sign of weakness anyway?Because here's an interesting fact I found out about life that I'd love to share with you:

Crying is not a sign of weakness.Since birth,it is an indication that you are alive!

And that goes for all creatures on the face of this planet that are in possession of tear ducts.

If you have a pet and you can see tears rolling down their furry faces,find out if they are in pain physically or emotially or both.Most of the times,it's because you,the pet owner,did or did not do something right that it is causing them pain and distress.Find what that is and do everything in your power to rectify it.If you aren't sure what's wrong,pay attention and give lots of love!You can't err this way!

If you are a man or near a man who is crying,consider this as the most normal thing in the world and treat it accordingly.You are/he is a real man because you are/he is real.And real people do cry.If you consider yourself inhuman,go join your supernatural league and leave the rest of us mortals in our tear-ladden lives.

If you are a boss or planning on being one some day,teach yourself some humility by learning to be vulnerable in front of your stuff when the situation asks for is.And by vulnerable I mean crying as well.No,they won't respect you less for it.In fact,they might even respect you more for it.Provided you don't engage in the habit too often,that is.

If you are a hero,or a super hero with special powers or you are aspiring to be one,think of Achilles.Yes,that one,the demi-god,the invincible slaughter-machine hero of Illiad.Not only was he the prototype hero of all times,but he also was notorious for weeping like a sissy.And kill hordes of people of course,but that's another story.So if you are a super hero and for some reason or another you cannot cry,do us and yourself a favour and either move to another universe or add crying into your super powers.Because,you see,in this dimension crying will always be what it has always been:

A sign of emotional strength and empowerment!

Love,peace and emotional healing


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